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Udpate for Nov 2015 and Thoughts on Some TV Shows

Aside from the usual reviews, previews, interviews, rants, list, and whatnot, I like to keep you guys updated on what is going on my life pertaining to this site and my writing (freelancing and otherwise). As you may have noticed this site took on a new look last month thanks to amazing help of Negative Pop. We split the site into it's major themes: horror, geek, music (which I based on the hits I have been getting, you guys have been loving!), and adult. Let me know what you think of the new look and features. So far, I have been getting very positive feedback!

I also now have a contributors profile over at Horror Freak News. I have been writing for best-horror-movies for a couple of years now, and they have newly redone site (the aforementioned Horror Freak News), which I think looks amazing. It's pretty exciting to be on their contributors section, section with my real name, mini-bio, and social media links! I am very excited to continue to write for them, and as always, all articles and reviews that I do for them, I will link here!

I have only added four new shows to my already existing viewing habits on TV. Here are their names and my quick thoughts on them.
Blindspot- The best new network show, by far. It's fun, energetic, stylish, and exciting. The gorgeous Jamie Alexander makes for a great and compelling heroine as she tries to solve the meaning of her tattoos. 
Scream Queens- This show is the very definition of uneven. Sorority girls, and other campus people, are terrorized by a brutal mass murder. A combination of humor and horror, many times the jokes don't work and the characters are unlikable. It looks nice though, and sometimes it is funny. But, well, it's best summed by me saying I love some stuff and hate others. On the pretty girl side of things, I will say that my favorite is the beautiful Billie Lourd. She is the daughter of Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher and definitely has her mother's good looks. I will also say one more nice thing about this show: it's waaaaay better than American Horror Story: Hotel, which I stopped watching. Again. Fuck that show.
Supergirl- After a decent first episode, I did enjoy the second one more. I think it will only get better. The FX are pretty damn good, the action and fight scenes are exhilarating, and Melissa Benoist is perfect as Supergirl! I am seriously crushing on her major league!! Not, as good is Calista Flockhart as her bitchy boss. Sorry.
Ash Vs. Evil Dead- We have only had one episode far, but it was great! Bloody and funny as hell, it's really hurt only by bad CGI. Bruce Campbell is, of course, great as Ash, and this is a real treat for fans of the franchise. And, yes it is in continuity. The new best show on all of TV.