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Reviews of DARK TOUCH and THE NEST

Today I have two reviews up on best-horror-movies.com. First off, there is the latest on from In My Skin's writer/ director Marina de Van, as well as the recently released on blu-ray from Scream Factory killer roach flick, The Nest. 

You can read the Dark Touch review here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=dark-touch-2013-review
And, The Nest here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=the-nest-1988-review



My Interview with the Sexy Mellanie Monroe at Exxxotica AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design
Video shot by Kristin Debenedictis
Video Edited by Negative Pop

At the very first Exxxotica AC held at Trump Taj Mahal Casino & Resort, I had the pleasure of talking to the beautiful and sexy Mellanie Monroe. She was at the Pornstar Tweet booth, and we got to talk about lots of hot and naughty subjects. She even showed us her very sexy and bootilicious ass, to boot. Enjoy!

Mellanie Monroe Interview at Exxxotica AC 2013 from Master Gio on Vimeo.



Frankenstein's Army (2013) Review

My latest review for best-horror-movies.com has me taking on the new Nazi-zombie/ found footage horror flick Frankenstein's Army. Check it out here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=frankensteins-army-2013-review



Asa Akira Stars in Mile High Media's "The Swinger: Volume 2"

All pics come courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner.

My preview today is the latest from Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner, and it stars one of the industry's best and most beautiful women: Asa Akira!! This couple's movie from director James Avalon promises some real hot action and a sexy story.

On the official Mile High Media press release, Avalon said, “With ‘The Swinger,’ we are intent on emphasizing the story as well as the sex.  This gives our actors the opportunity to shine, making the audience care about their characters even more, which in turn makes the sex all the hotter.”

From the Mile High Media description:
John is a regular player in the local swinger scene. It’s an important part of his life that he tries to share with the women he meets. When he meets Jane, he’s head-over-heels, and becomes conflicted whether to introduce her to his swinging lifestyle or give it up for good. Will his innocent younger brother Gary steer him in the right direction or help Jane accept John’s lifestyle choices instead? Sweet Sinner brings you back into the lustful world of swingers, where the passions of the body and the desires of the heart should never cross.

The movie's cast is: Asa Akira, Holly Taylor, Lea Lexis, Tyler Nixon, Dane Cross, Erik Everhard

The movie's SFW trailer:

Holly Taylor
Lea Lexis
Asa Akira

It comes out tomorrow, April 10, 2013, on DVD; so make sure you pick it up!


RIP Jess Franco and Roger Ebert

It's time for the type of post that's always hard for me to do, and certainly never fun, those that pay tribute to people who have tragically left us. This week had two great and very different men, both who contributed to the movie world in very separate and distinct ways: Jess Franco and Roger Ebert.

The passing of Jess Franco, the European cult director who made countless of countless movies, many under the horror and erotic banner, was a shock to me. He was loved by those who got his films; while other saw him as a hack. Me? I liked him. I honestly need to watch more of his work, but I've always had a love for those filmmakers who mix erotica and horror. And, he certainly had a nack for doing just that.

He began his career with We Are Eighteen in 1959, and the last film he worked on, which is incomplete by the way, was Al Pereira Vs. the Alligator Women. He was shooting that movie this year, and at this time it is unknown if someone else will take the reigns to finish it.

Of the Franco flicks, I have seen, I enjoyed A Virgin Among the Living Dead, which while some may
find it slow, I found to be a wonderfully, dream-like horror flick about a beautiful woman who meets her weird family when she goes to be present at her father's will reading. It has a beautiful female cast, some wonderful full frontal female nudity, and some hints of lesbianism. Even better, but lacking in the lesbo action is Faceless, a movie starring Caroline Munro and Bridgette Lahaie that ranks as one of his goriest flicks.

Not everything he made is great, sure. Even with all the lesbianism, nudity, and gore stuff like Lust for Frankenstein and Tender Flesh (which also throws in pissing) are pretty shitty. But, again the man had a passion for his mix of flesh and blood.

He did work with some legends, including Christopher Lee and cult favorites, such as Michelle Bauer (the aforementioned Frankenstein flick)

Christopher Lee in Jess Franco's Count Dracula

As, I said, I need to seriously see more of his work, including one of his most well known and talked about films Vampyros Lesbos.

Franco passed away this Tuesday at age 82. Causes are unknown at this time, but he had lung problems due to his major smoking habit. He is already greatly missed, by fans like me.

Yesterday, Roger Ebert passed away at age 70, tragically succumbing to cancer, which he had been battling for years. I really never agreed with his stance on slasher films or more hardcore horror fare like I Spit on Your Grave. As a matter of fact, during the 80s he and his partner Gene Siskel attacked films like Friday the 13th, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and the aforementioned rape/ revenge flick. To me, it has always one thing to think a movie is crap, it's another to so viciously attack a film that it sounded like they wanted to start a witch-hunt for it. Here is an example of what I mean.
Clips like this always rubbed me the wrong way. This isn't to say Ebert hated all graphic horror. He did praise movies like Last House of the Left, Dawn of the Dead, Re-Animator, and Evil Dead 2. Plus, he wrote Beyond the Valley of the dolls for director Russ Meyer. That truly awesome movie included gore, drugs use, lesbians, full frontal female nudity, and other things that definitely fall out of the safe range, but yet Ebert wrote it! But, all that said, it's very sad, that he has passed on and, even more so, the way he did. Cancer is horrible disease. As I have said before, FUCK CANCER!

And there is no denying that he was the last of the great mainstream critics. And, his, along with, of course, Siskel, thumbs up/ thumbs down, is to day, still used and remembered. There is also no denying that deep down the man loved movies. And, that's something we all do, don't we?

God bless both of these great contributors to the movies and may they RIP.




Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Malana Lea

April brings us showers. And, to be honest with after the fail of March to bring us better weather, I'm hoping this month delivers just that. But, let's heat things up with my pick for April 2013's Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the gorgeous Malana Lea, right now!

This Chinese beauty has a had a few roles, but I was first introduced to her last Saturday when I went to see the awesome, ass-kicking, and ultra-violent Olympus Has Fallen.

In it she plays a terrorist/ computer hacker. She was quite good in her villainous role. As soon as I saw her on the screen I was like, "Damn! She is beautiful!" She was definitely a bad girl in the movie and needed a spanking! I would like to volunteer to deliver it!

Here is a short little interview where she talks about her role:
I am absolutely taken by her stunning beauty! Her gorgeous eyes, beautiful, long, black hair, her flawless face, I mean I could go on and on about this stunner! Here's hoping we get to see more of her and soon!