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The Master's Official Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 Report, Pt. 5

I next decided to go by the Fyre TV booth and pay a visit to Joanna Angel. As, is always the case with her, she was a total sweetie and was happy to see me. We talked for a little while, and she asked me my thoughts on the new, redesigned site. I told her I loved it.

She then introduced me to two new BurningAngel girls standing next to her: the sexy Skin and the lovely Asphyxia. Both were mad cool, as BA girls always are!

On the other side of Joanna was the new, well to me anyways, Lucky Starr. Man, I think I fell in love right then and there! She’s such a cutie. I am totally looking forward to seeing this babe’s work!

After that the beautiful Riley Steele was catching the attention of media and fans, as she posed for lots of pics. It’s clear that Ms. Steele was one of the biggest stars at this event, if not, arguably the biggest. She definitely caught the most amount of attention the whole weekend. Steele, who it would turn out, was also shooting materiel for the AEE special on G4TV (she was the host), was the girl to meet. Her breakout role in last year’s awesome Piranha 3D, definitely bought her up to a new level of fame. Congrats to her, as she certainly deserves it!

Stopping by the TITS (Two in the Shirt) booth, I saw that Sara Jay was signing there. I went up to her again, and she remembered me from yesterday! She asked me if I had watched the movie I had bought off of her. Told her nope, no DVD player in my hotel room, and I don’t carry my laptop with me when I travel. She told me a story about her bag being stolen once when she was on a plane. Damn, people just flat out suck! Anyways, getting back to TITS, I sure do hope they actually do do a Sara Jay Tee! That would rule, if they did!

And, speaking of TITS, they had a great deal that day at their booth (2 shirts for 30 bucks!), that day. In fact, Sunday was THE day to get deals and free shit! So freaking awesome, man! I got lots of cool and kick ass swag, this day!

Back, to Riley Steele, the Digital Playground booth had a small line forming, and I asked what it was for. They said that it might be for Riley Steele! Being that I knew a line for her would be crazy long, I decided to wait it out and see if she would sign. And, she did! Not only did she give away a signed poster but a signed Hustler mag with her on the cover, too! Riley was very sweet and down-to-earth. A real pleasure to meet for sure!

Jessica Bangkok was hosting a radio show, with some blonde European chick. It looked like a fun show. I wish I had known about this coming into the event. Honestly, I would love to be on this radio show. Whatever it was called.

I headed back to the Hotmovies.com booth, and I was happy to see the always beautiful and awesome beyond belief Misti Dawn. I thought she looked insanely cute in her geek wear. We talked for a little while, and as is always the case Misti is one of freaking coolest chicks in the world. I totally love her, as she fucking rocks!

I next saw that the beautiful Natasha Nice was pulling in a lot of deserved attention from media and fans. She was so freaking sexy! I joined in and got an interview with her that I posted last month. Nice is so cool AND so fucking HOT in person, that I think I may have fallen in love with her, that afternoon!

Finally, the last person I saw/ went up to was Jenna Haze who was at the Jules Jordan booth. She had a long line, but I had missed multiple chances of meeting her at Exxxotica and the last two days at AEE, that I did it that afternoon. In all honesty, it was well worth it. Jenna has a great personality. She is very fan friendly and personable. She seemed to stay quite some time just for her fans. And, for that she gets a ton of credit from me. She is person whose beauty and sweetness just brightened and shined at the con. Meeting her proved to be a great, no make that perfect way to end an awesome weekend.

Being at the AEEs, for the first time, was a memory I will never forget. To have come in as media, I think, made this experience that much better. I hope to come back here again, maybe next year. And, I suggest all of my friends and readers, to go to at least one AEE show during your lives. It is well worth it, trust me!

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Toy Fair 2011: McFarlane Toys Report

This next part of my Toy Fair 2011 report is all on McFarlane toys. You can find it on the Feb. 25, 2011 news (http://www.gorezone.net/news.html). After that it will go to the archives section, where it will stay for three months, under the same month.

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The Master's Official Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 Report, Pt. 4

Sunday was to be the last day of the Adult Entertainment Expo, and I woke up and felt more than ready to take it on!

My day at the show started off perfectly, when I saw one of my utmost personal favs, Jessica Bangkok, posing for pics. She looked as hot and as gorgeous, as ever. I got my pic taken with her, and knew this day was gonna be AWESOME!

I decided to next stop by one of the biggest fan favs, and rightfully so, babes: the lovely Gianna Michaels. Gianna was so sweet and friendly to her fans that she just lit up the whole convention center.

Next to her was the busty and beautiful Tory Lane. Tory posed for lots of pics for both fans and media.A trip back to the Girlfriends Films booth meant I got to meet the simply gorgeous Jelena Jensen. Seeing her in person is simply awe inspiring! Wow!

Going to the Hustler booth I paid a visit to the very cute Teagan Summers. She was cool to meet, and I actually got a good laugh in reference to what she did about a friend of mine who could not come to the event.

A return visit to the Elegant Angel booth meant more fun for me. I went back up to the absolutely exquisite beauty that is Asa Akira. I got to shoot an interview with her, that I put up earlier here, this month. I think she looked so cute in the Hello Kitty getup! Asa signed more stuff for me, including one for my friend, where she stated that he “missed free blow job day”. Honestly, Asa is just so awesome and hot, that she is a pleasure to go up to and meet, each every time I see her. I hope you guys go up to her when you see her at a show. Cause, Asa fucking rules!

I also went back up to Jayden Jaymes. Coincidently, the night before aired her appearance on MTV’s True Life: Addicted to Porn. Anyways, Jayden’s so hot and totally awesome. I love her smile and her hot body!Another, girl at the booth I met was Gracie Glam. Good Lord, is this girl supper cute or what?! And, she’s a natural at getting her pic taken.Having picked up the latest issue of Girls and Corpses, I decided to go back and get cover girl, the ravishing Andy San Dimas, to sign it.

There was a really hot Asian girl walking around handing out fliers. I was definitely captivating by her, and when I was she was getting her pic taken with fans I decided to get mine with her. She didn’t, for whatever reason, allow fans to put their arms on her shoulders or around her at all. Regardless, she sure is beautiful!

There is more of my adventures on Sunday, but that’s for the next and final part.


Offices Need to Hire Girls Like This

Read this new blog of mine from AltPornStar.com: http://mastergio.altpornstar.com/2011/02/25/offices-need-to-hire-girls-like-this/ cause I'm sure working at your office sucks and cause the weather sucks too, here in the eastcoast, anyways. And, cause she's hot and you wanna see more of her!

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Latin Sushi Fiesta

Title: Latin Sushi Fiesta
Studio: Legend
Cast: Jessica Bangkok, Emy Reyes, Annie Cruz, Nikki Nievez, Jayla Starr, Elena Heiress

This simply awesome all-girl flick has an all Asian and Latina cast, which that in of itself is like a wet-dream of mine cum through!

The movie starts off with super sexy Annie Cruz playing with her snatch and talking dirty to the camera. She takes dildo sticks it in her ass, then mouth for some hot ATM action!

Jayla Starr next gives us a sexy and fun tease. We find Elena Heiress is on the stairs, Jayla lick her hot butt. Then, Annie joins in and that makes it that much hotter and nastier! In fact, this is a smoldering, nasty scene, even if I am not so crazy about once the sex toys come into play. But, it's still damn good stuff.

Jessica Bangkok's tease is fucking hot!!! She plays to the camera, and comes off as so beautiful and so very sexy. She has great God-given tits, a nice ass and pussy, and a beautiful face.

Jessica Bangkok then teams with Emy Reyes, which is HOT!!! Jess loves Emy's nice, big ass. As do, I, cause it's hot as hell and very yummy looking! Jessica's boobs are just amazing!! Reyes really knows how to lick ass. I love it when Jess grinds her pussy on Reyes'. Nikki Nievez, in a slutty outfit, looks sexy as she watches on. Nikki's a dirty slut in this scene. She seems to love Jess' pussy and ass, and rightfully so. I just can't blame her! This is the movie's best scene!

Finally, all the girls come down the stairs to fuck! Orgy time, baby! I fucking loved it when Elena and Jess are made to suck on Annie's strap-on. Nikki Nievez also has a strap-on. Lots of fucking and sucking ensues. It's freaking awesome when Annie makes Jayla eat the other girl's wondrous asses. In fact, there is so much hot action going on in this closer, that you might just go insanely horny watching it!!!

This is followed directly, by bonus footage, behind-the-scenes stuff with Emy Reyes, who looks so cute (!), and Elena (and her AMAZING ass!). It's sexy stuff, but none of the other girls are shown. It's also not a separate extra feature on disc (of which there does not seem to be).

This is THE best all-girl porno, I have EVER seen. It is also one of the absolute best pornos, EVER made!! I have a new favorite here, and I will be replaying this one man, many, many times.

The picture quality is really good, with nice colors and the sound qaulity is clear and quite good. In all this is one you HAVE to go BUY right, NOW! Come on! What the fuck are you waiting for? Order it already, damn you! You won't regret it, especailly fellow Latin and Asian women lovers. You have my guarantee!

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The Master's Official Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 Report, Pt. 3

One of the people I was most excited about meeting was the beautiful Vicky Vette, one of the best MILFs in the biz. She was very sweet and friendly. And, I became an official member of the VNA (Vicky Nation Army!) Hells yea! Next to her was the beautiful Bobbi Eden.
Also, there was the always gorgeous and shapely Sara Jay. She’s always such a pleasure to see in person.

I then visited the Girls and Corpses booth. They had a whole photo shoot going, for the fans and media! It was really amazing and cool, as you can see for yourself.
I then went to the Wicked booth. Out of all the lines, I went to n Saturday; this one was the longest and slowest. But, I had to meet Kaylani Lei. I am a long time fan, but above that I had interviewed her over the phone about three years ago in reference to the horror porno The Wicked.

Anyways, after I told her who I was she remembered me and it was really nice to finally get to meet her in person. I even shot a little shout out to X-Ratednews.com with her!

Kaylani was so sweet in person! She is also really cute, sexy, and beautiful. Honestly, meeting her and Vicky were the highlight of Saturday, maybe of the whole show, for me!

Then, came a return to the Girlfriends Films booth. I went up to the stunning Tanya Tate, when she figured out who I was, she was very happy to meet me and talk to me. As, was I! Tanya is a complete sweetie and one of the coolest people there. I think she’s one of the brightest stars in porn, today.

Next, up in the GFF booth was Heather Starlet. This girl is so cute and sexy! Sadly, my camera broke at this point, but Heather was so sweet and nice to me! I even got a hug and kiss on the cheek out of my ordeal! It did, though, mean that I could not get a pic with her, nor could I take any more pics at the event. But, this was towards the end of the day, so I just took a cab to Best Buy. I bought a new camera and was now ready for the final day: Sunday. But, that’s another story for another day!

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