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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kt So

Two things to start this off, first off the weather here in the East-coast has been HORRIBLE. I mean we got a little more snow, today, we have more to come, so that just sucks! And, this is also the month of February, IE the month has Valentine's Day in it. So, I had to pick someone who is so hot that she will bring you out of your slump because of the shit weather (to those of you with nice weather, eh, you can enjoy this too!), and also be someone you wish was your Valentine: and so I give to you: model Kt So!!

Kt, of Korean descent, was born on March 25, 1983. Her hometown is Los Angeles, CA.

Kt has a pretty amazing body. Her impressive measurements are 34, 26, 36. While, she does no nude work (though she comes as close as you can without actually being, really nude), she does smoking hot photo shoots. I would say she has become one of my fav non-nude models. In fact, she has sum of THE hottest non-nude pics, I ever seen! Amazing!

Kt So in a bikini = all win!!!

I only "discovered" Kt, last year. It might have been on a search on the net for sexy Asian girls or on Freeones. Not sure, really but it don't matter. Cause I was made into a fan for life!

She also does import car shows. Man, I really need to go to one of those this year! They really have the hottest girls working at them!!!

Apparently, she's so hot that it's illegal!

If you like what you see then you should visit her website: http://www.kt-so.com/. You can also be her friend on Myspace or follow her on Twitter.

Here is one of my fav, if not in fact my fav, vid that I seen of her. She's dressed in a Japanese school girl outfit!!!

So, with her beautiful face, sexy attitude, hot legs, nice butt, and yummy curves, you have what amounts to one of the hottest models around. I hope that now, you see why I am a huge Kt So fan, and hope that now you are, too. Of course, if you already knew who she was this only served to remind you of that. That and how we all wish she really was our Valentine! Well, there's always this blog!

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