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The Top 10 Opening Themes or Intros To TV Shows

Back in the 80s opening themes to TV series were at their best. These days aside from a few, like True Blood (which barely missed out from making it on this list), are pretty forgettable. These ten represent the very best, whether through their song, the narrating, or both I always fondly remember these. Enjoy and give me your favs, I would love to know what they are!

10. Tales from the Darkside- From the creepy music to the awesome and unforgettable narration this one has long been one of my favs. I find myself always, ever since I was a child, reciting it. I simply LOVE it!

9. Thundarr the Barbarian- I've discussed the awesomeness of the show, before. And, this intro with it's driving score and awesome narration freaked me out, as a kid!

8. The X-Files- This classic sci-fi/ horror show had a theme I loved humming too. The final words, like "Trust No One" and others were cool as hell. Season finales, many times had a new phrase. Even my mom would tell me how much she liked this song.
BONUS POINTS: I once heard about a stripper dancing to a remix of this song. Considering Mulder's (and David Duchovny's, the actor who played him) love for porn, that totally fits!

7. Monday Night Raw 2007- Out of all the openings for Raw this one remains the best. It summed up what was the earliest part of the the great Attitude Era. Fitting with the more aggressive violence, ampped up cursing, and in your face sexual content this Biohazard type metal song intro gets you pumped up and lets you know what you are in for.

6. Aqua Teen Hunger Force- The catchiest of all intros of the last fews years, this is one I love signing to. They have changed it as the they renamed the show. And, while that one is good, this one is still the best! By the way, a lot of the videos posted are different variations or edits of the song on youtube, so this is the best I could come up with:

5. ECW- There is no doubt in my mind that WCW & WWF/E (& TNA, currently) ripped off a great deal from the late, great ECW. Failed attempts at them bringing them back and all, nothing touches this organization. Their opening theme was hard and driving and the clips showcased the violence, wildness, technicality (of the wrestling, I mean), and sexuality of the show. I love this song so much it's on my fucking I-Pod, so that should tell you everything.

4. The Twilight Zone- Much like the aforementioned Tales from the Darkside, I knew this one's narration since I was a kid. Also, the music to me, was something I always hummed whenever something weird occurred. I think, it will always be synonymous with weirdness. And, of course, the greatness of this classic sci-fi show.

3. Batman: The Animated Series- This is one of the greatest cartoon series of all time. And, from the intro you knew it would be dark and not campy. Plus, it had the great score from Burton's Batman, whose driving and powerful sound I loved since I first heard it as a kid. Awesome.

2. Transformers (Generation 1, Season 3)- This seasons featured some of the best and worst episodes of the show. But, it also featured THE best version of the classic theme song. I simply LOVE this song!! I fucking always sing along to it, to this very day!

1. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors- And, for the very best song. Note, I said song, NOT TV show or toon. As as show it's probably OK, at best (well now looking at it as an adult, anyway), but this song still kicks ass. It's a wonderful 80s rock tune, that you sing along and rock out to. The narration is OK, as well, I suppose. By the way, as a kid, I liked this song so much I recorded it off of the TV and on to tape. Not a joke!


Korefest pt. 2: Kore Rozzik

As headliners and the band who held Korefest, Kore Rozzik more than lived up to the task, as they kicked some major ass onstage. From the opening song to the very last one, they owned it!

It also happened to be lead signer Kore's birthday and considering how good a show they put on, you know it just had to have been a good for him. I know it was a good party for us, the audience!

From the opening song and on the band teared it up. They provided us with a driving and rocking metal/ hard rock sound that fans of bands like Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses will most definitely appreciate.

The band have a great stage presence, which makes for a lively show that makes you wanna bang your head and throw up the devil horns. Couple that with the band's amazing talent, and you have a total winner.

Every band member owns their instrument. They have an immense amount of talent, and the acoustics of the places sounded great. It should also be noted that one of the guys in the band was Dennis Lars Torrent of the awesome Gods Green Earth. When they broke into playing solos, I and everyone else was just blown away!

Meanwhile, Kore is a highly talented and charismatic signer with a great sounding voice. He demands your total attention, and quite frankly, totally gets it from us.
He paid tribute to one of his heroes, the late, great Jani Lane of Warrant with what I believe to have been the second to last song. After, the last song the band bid us farewell after having given us a fucking awesome show! Horns up!!!


Korefest pt. 1: Fashion Show & Models

Korefest had everything you could want: kick ass rock and metal music, hot babes, and booze. It was a kick ass and fun event that I had the pleasure of attending.

Early on in the night a bunch of different bands came on and rocked the house. I manage to catch a couple here and there and liked what I saw.

Before headliners and festival holders Kore Rozzik came on and blew the roof off, the beautiful Miz Katastrophe and her stunning models.

I would like to point out that the DJ was spinning some some kick ass music all night long between band sets: Ratt, Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden, The Runaways, etc. When the models came out, the kick ass music continued albeit with very appropriate music by bands like Whitesnake and Def Leppard. The jewelry was by Kid Sister and clothing by Natasha NYC. Words won't really do these beautiful models: Mika Kenyah, Naomi the Siren, Envy, Alexa Nicole, Aardvark, Grace Wendroff, Forest of Gotham, and Niazja Blessed Rios, any justice, so I'm gonna let a few pics of them I took do all the talking.

All of the lovely models eventually got on stage to further heat the place up. Clearly with all this hotness there had to be some fire hazard! OK, OK, I admit it's corny joke, but they're gorgeous, what else can I say?
As a bouns, photogs got an impromptu photot shoot in front of the joint with these stunning beauties. I think this will cement the fact that if you were not there, you are now regretting it. Regardless, thanks to my pics, you will can still enjoy it!
This is a line of jewelry they were promoting that night.

And, now more shots of the models posing outside!

To be concluded with Kore Rozznik taking the stage!


My Blog's First Award!

Woohoo! I just got the Liebster Blog award! The word liebster means "beloved" or "dearest". This is my blog's first award, and it's bestowed upon me by Son of Celluloid's blog. Coming from a blog that I love and find so fun to read, I find to be quite an honor and feel very humbled by it. He's got a great sense of humor and is a talented writer, who is a fellow fan of horror and pro-wrestling, making him an all around cool guy, in my book.

Now, I'm gonna bestow this one upon five blogs that you should be reading. Since this blog is for the little guy, IE those with less than 200 followers I won't be handing it out to any porn star that I maybe friends with or fans of, cause, they don't fit the requirements for the award. Anyway, check 'em all out, enjoy, and tell 'em the Master sent ya!

Fully Jointed Play Figures
Written by Kim Dubuisson, who runs the Gorezone.net, it's all about his son and he and their love for collecting action figures, including superhero, horror, Master of the Universe, Star Wars, and other cool toy lines geeks like myself always love. He always posts awesome pics of his kid and their kick ass toys. As a fellow action figured collector, I simply love it!

Written by Junhax, himself, this blog has great musings on gaming, movies, and life. I met him through his Twitter, when he started following me, and I followed him back. I'm a huge supporter of all those fellow writers just starting. That he's a cool dude with a great knowledge of what he writes about and does it with such talent, only makes it all that much better.

Covered by Saintilus
Photographer Baldwin Saintilus' blog is a pleasure to read especially if you are into going to cons. He covers cosplay, anime, adult, and comic book cons, as well as conducting really good interviews. Plus, he's a great and truly amazing photog and as such, he posts some truly eye popping pics.

Through Glass Eyes
Alan Camuto, recently interviewed by yours truly, has another great blog for fans of excellent photography. Alan has a distinct eye for taking pictures and his blog shows it. You'll find words and pics on cosplay, conventions, music, and all the great pictures that he takes.

The Scene of Screen 13
Raleigh Bronkowski's excellent blog on obscure horror and cult movies is one of the finest on the net. I admire his knowledge of awesome movies, some of which I never even heard of! The man is an encyclopedia of knowledge and his blog shows it! Some of the pics he posts get a little, as he puts it, "saucy", but in my book that just adds to the appeal! Go and check it out, I know I've learned about a great deal about the movies he covers just from reading this fellow Gorezoner's words.

So, there you have it. Congrats to the winners! You all deserve, and I hope I have helped my fellow readers to check out some wonderful writers in the blogosphere.


The Bellisima Maria Bello

I'm going to say it flat out, Maria Bello is one of the most stunning and goregous MILFs on God's green Earth. She also happens to be a very talented actress. A sexy one at that, that has no problem baring her amazing body onscreen. With ads for her new TV series Prime Suspect coming out this Fall on NBC all over my TV (note, being it's her, I am NOT complaining but i do wish they didn't feature her beautiful face bruised up), I felt now is the perfect time to post a profile on this goddess.

Maria Elena Bello was born in Norristown, PA in April 18, 1967 of an Italian, American dad and a Polish. That, of course, makes her a very MILFy 44 years old (yum!!!). She would study political science, but ended up being an actress.

She was on various TV shows, including the lead in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and ER, but I didn't really know about her till she was in the awesome Payback, where she payed Mel Gibson's main love interest. Personally, I love that film and consider it to be a badass revenge film. I do need to see the director's cut, though. It should also be noted that Bello, who plays a call girl, is one of three stunning babes in it. The other two being Deborah (Crash) Kara Unger and Lucy Liu. This also marked the first time that I saw Ms. Liu, who looks delicious, herself, as a leather clad dom.

Now, I been recently told that I should see The Cooler, one of the movies she did post-Payback, by a friend. he said that's her best nude scene! Now that's saying a lot, as I'll discuss a little later. But, hey it deals with Las Vegas and has Bello naked? I'm all over that!

The next film that I saw that I enjoyed of hers (I've tried to watch Coyote Ugly but that film is SHIT!) is the action packed remake to John Carpenter's classic Assault on Precinct 13. While, Carpenter's film is better, obliviously, the remake is admit ably a good, violent time. Bello looks simply delicious in it. Seriously, if I was stuck in a precinct I would wanna be stuck with her!!

It's her next film is my favorite of hers: David Cronenberg's excellent and violent A History of Violence. The scene where she is dressed as a cheerleader (pictured to your left) is FUCKING delicious!! Seriously, you get two fetishes for the price of one!! MILF AND cheerleader!! Fucking amazing!! But, it actually gets hotter after that!! As, she gets fully nude in the film, as well. She has a great body and nice boobs. I also really, really like her bush. Ms. Bello also gets fucked on the stairs, doggie-style. In all, this amounts to one of my true, personal fav nude scenes in the history of movies. But, my friend says that the aforementioned The Cooler has better nudity from her! Better than this??!! Holy fucking shit!! I should also mention that this has my favorite performance from her, as well.

While, the two movies I just mentioned had stuff that would interest horror fans, she did her first straight up horror flick next, The Dark. Unfortunately, despite her excellent performance, the movie itself sucks. As, a big fan of hers, I was disappointed to see her first horror flick suck so much.

Another note worthy movie she did is Downloading Nancy. OK, actually I have never seen this movie. In fact, before today I had never even heard about it. But, it apparently has some AMAZING nudity and sex from her. She's fucking tied up!! My God, I simply LOVE this woman!!!
Sadly, the next movie I saw her in was the horribly mediocre The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. She don't get nude, and the movie is pretty forgettable. Still, taking over for Rachel Weisz' she gets to star with two other gorgeous women: former Hot Asian of Girl of the Month Isabella Leong and Jessey Meng. Honestly, I wish there was a three way lesbian scene between them. I know that wouldn't make sense in this movie but still!

I don't know whether or not I will be watching her new show. But, with her good looks, I just may have to! The lovely Ms. Bello is also a mom in real life, so that makes her a true MILF!

With her drop dead beautiful face, gorgeous body, hot boobs, nice ass, yummy snatch, and delicious legs Bello rules the world of MILFs as one of it's best. That she is a great actress that stars in three movies I genuinely like (with A History of Violence being one of my personal favorite movies) is only the icing on the cake. La bellisima (very beautiful in Italian) Bello is one of my favorite actresses and definitely owns my heart and fandom.


3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

Title: 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
Director: Christopher Suen
Writers: Stephen Shiu, Stephen Shiu, Jr., & Mark Wu
Cast: Hiro Hayama, Saori Hara, Lan Yan, Yonni Lui
Min: 129 min

Wei Yangsheng (Hiro Hayama) falls for the stunning Tie Yuxiang. He wins her hand in marriage, but the sex they have is poor as he cums too fast. He tries to find more sexual gratification, but ends up losing her. He is determined to find the ultimate sexual pleasure, one that he can use on her. But, soon he finds himself in a shitload of trouble from the film's main villain.

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy was a huge hit in it's homeland of China, where it out-grossed Avatar. I have never seen and really have no desire to see that Cameron movie. But, this one I been wanting to see since I first heard about it. I attended a screening, in 3D, last night and greatly enjoyed it.

Despite being over 2 hours long, you never feel it. Honestly, I was shocked to find out how long it was. The movie is such an honest-to-god good time that it feels much, much shorter. The plot is much more involved than you may think this type of movie would have. I tried to keep the plot details to minimum cause I think it's best not know much about it before going in.

It has quite a bit of action, but it's also really funny. And, it seems to not take itself to seriously. That said, there are moments of rape, torture, and violence, that give the movie the type of edge that only Asian cinema could have. There are amputations, decapitation, castration, and bloody squibs to keep the plasma flowing.

The CGI is OK, but it honestly fits the feel of the movie. While, the 3D isn't as good as as say Final Destination 5 it does add tremendously to the fun of it. Seeing a close-up of jiggling boobs in 3D is quite the happy experience!

Which brings me to the big question: is it sexy? Well, hells yeah, it is! There is a plethora of absolutely beautiful Asian women. All of them get naked at some part in the film. No Asian-genre porno that I have ever seen has this amount of spectacular boobs, all natural, by the way. I'm sure there is some record for that this movie set. Throw in lots of sex and some lesbianism and your dick will be quite happy.

The production value on the movie is beautiful with some gorgeous costumes and stunning sets. The acting ranges from adequate to good. And, the direction and editing is right on key.

Along the way I learned many important things like a chick with a dick (actually played a beautiful, real woman whose voice is hilariously overdubbed by a dude) can have a snake (literally!) like schlong, acupuncture needles can help you have hours upon hours of sex before coming (the girl involved in said scene, at your right, is my fav babe in the movie), and those with small dicks can get a dick transplant!

In the end, it all amounts to one of the year's most rightesouly fun and crazy movies. While, this movie would never be made by the US (a remake of this would be a true epic fail!), it is unquestionably THE best 3D release of the year. See it!

***1/2 out of ****


Random Hotness XI: Art of the Hotness

I'm give you two hotness posts this month!! Why? Well for the following three reasons:
1. I have some cool stuff to report on a couple of these babes.
2. I love you guys and know how much you love these.
3. It's an excuse to post pics and vids of beautiful women. In other words, as if you needed another reason!


Alison Haislip- Few blondes get as much love or coverage here as Attack of the Show's mega-cutie. While, I still wish they used her more often, one of my dreams has become a reality: She's appearing in Maxim!!! Now, I figured she would never do nudity, so unlike that horrible Olivia Munn Playboy, she went to where what she is willing to do, would fit well. The issue is next month's (I hope/ believe), but I already can't wait for it to come to my mailbox!!! Here is a video behind the scene of her photo-shoot:

Miko Lee- But, if you want much naughtier videos then you need not look an further than the beautiful Miko Lee. Miko's production company is busy with some really exiting projects. One of them being the vampire project that I interviewed Misti Dawn about a few months ago: Forbitten Lust. Here is the SFW trailer. I think it looks fucking awesome!

If you want to see the hardcore, NSFW trailer, go here: http://www.mikoleeproductions.com/index2.html
She also has Spartacus XXX which I been following online. They recently finished production on that, and it looks phenomenal, as well! It's directed by Marcus London and is not a parody! It is reported that they are taking it very seriously. Throw in an amazing cast and you have a porno that will surely be a winner. Both of these movies are two of my most hotly anticipated adult movies.

Grace Helbig- Getting back to Attack of the Show babes, I would like to declare my love for the beautiful and funny as hell Ms. Helbig. She's only recently begun doing reports for them, and she is fucking awesome!! She's also real fucking funny and sexy.
I love her youtube channel, and you best subscribe to it!!! Actually, it was after I saw one of the vids of her that she posted this week, that I officially declared my love for her (although, it is very possible that I had, in fact already done that, before!). Here is today's vid, as she puts up an Ikea kid shelf:

Mariah Milano- I have been on a Mariah Milano kick as of late? Why? Wait your really asking me that?! Seriously?! Just look at her!! She's PERFECT!!!
Mariah has such a sexy skin tone, beautiful and stunning eyes, gorgeous long black hair, sexy lips, great tits, and an ass that is a gift from heaven!!!
Anything I ever seen from her is hot as hell. According to her Twitter, she is showing a desire to go mainstream. Regardless, of where she goes or what she does, she will always be one of the most beautiful women, ever!
Ms. Milano, I love you!!!! Do you think you could do me the honor of being my wife? :)