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Random Hotness XI: Art of the Hotness

I'm give you two hotness posts this month!! Why? Well for the following three reasons:
1. I have some cool stuff to report on a couple of these babes.
2. I love you guys and know how much you love these.
3. It's an excuse to post pics and vids of beautiful women. In other words, as if you needed another reason!


Alison Haislip- Few blondes get as much love or coverage here as Attack of the Show's mega-cutie. While, I still wish they used her more often, one of my dreams has become a reality: She's appearing in Maxim!!! Now, I figured she would never do nudity, so unlike that horrible Olivia Munn Playboy, she went to where what she is willing to do, would fit well. The issue is next month's (I hope/ believe), but I already can't wait for it to come to my mailbox!!! Here is a video behind the scene of her photo-shoot:

Miko Lee- But, if you want much naughtier videos then you need not look an further than the beautiful Miko Lee. Miko's production company is busy with some really exiting projects. One of them being the vampire project that I interviewed Misti Dawn about a few months ago: Forbitten Lust. Here is the SFW trailer. I think it looks fucking awesome!

If you want to see the hardcore, NSFW trailer, go here: http://www.mikoleeproductions.com/index2.html
She also has Spartacus XXX which I been following online. They recently finished production on that, and it looks phenomenal, as well! It's directed by Marcus London and is not a parody! It is reported that they are taking it very seriously. Throw in an amazing cast and you have a porno that will surely be a winner. Both of these movies are two of my most hotly anticipated adult movies.

Grace Helbig- Getting back to Attack of the Show babes, I would like to declare my love for the beautiful and funny as hell Ms. Helbig. She's only recently begun doing reports for them, and she is fucking awesome!! She's also real fucking funny and sexy.
I love her youtube channel, and you best subscribe to it!!! Actually, it was after I saw one of the vids of her that she posted this week, that I officially declared my love for her (although, it is very possible that I had, in fact already done that, before!). Here is today's vid, as she puts up an Ikea kid shelf:

Mariah Milano- I have been on a Mariah Milano kick as of late? Why? Wait your really asking me that?! Seriously?! Just look at her!! She's PERFECT!!!
Mariah has such a sexy skin tone, beautiful and stunning eyes, gorgeous long black hair, sexy lips, great tits, and an ass that is a gift from heaven!!!
Anything I ever seen from her is hot as hell. According to her Twitter, she is showing a desire to go mainstream. Regardless, of where she goes or what she does, she will always be one of the most beautiful women, ever!
Ms. Milano, I love you!!!! Do you think you could do me the honor of being my wife? :)