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Korefest pt. 1: Fashion Show & Models

Korefest had everything you could want: kick ass rock and metal music, hot babes, and booze. It was a kick ass and fun event that I had the pleasure of attending.

Early on in the night a bunch of different bands came on and rocked the house. I manage to catch a couple here and there and liked what I saw.

Before headliners and festival holders Kore Rozzik came on and blew the roof off, the beautiful Miz Katastrophe and her stunning models.

I would like to point out that the DJ was spinning some some kick ass music all night long between band sets: Ratt, Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden, The Runaways, etc. When the models came out, the kick ass music continued albeit with very appropriate music by bands like Whitesnake and Def Leppard. The jewelry was by Kid Sister and clothing by Natasha NYC. Words won't really do these beautiful models: Mika Kenyah, Naomi the Siren, Envy, Alexa Nicole, Aardvark, Grace Wendroff, Forest of Gotham, and Niazja Blessed Rios, any justice, so I'm gonna let a few pics of them I took do all the talking.

All of the lovely models eventually got on stage to further heat the place up. Clearly with all this hotness there had to be some fire hazard! OK, OK, I admit it's corny joke, but they're gorgeous, what else can I say?
As a bouns, photogs got an impromptu photot shoot in front of the joint with these stunning beauties. I think this will cement the fact that if you were not there, you are now regretting it. Regardless, thanks to my pics, you will can still enjoy it!
This is a line of jewelry they were promoting that night.

And, now more shots of the models posing outside!

To be concluded with Kore Rozznik taking the stage!