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Torrid, Tight & Sexy Fashion & Concert Show- NYC

This fashion show and rock concert combined two of my fav things: beautiful women and rock music for an awesome time!!

The night of July 27th, 2011 began with alt rock band Transgenered Jesus kicking things off. Fronted by sexy, and topless (!), Anne Hanavan (who was "dressed" as a nun!), a self confessed former drug addict and prostitute, the band was fun and got things right off by rocking hard!

One of the highlights had the band doing a song dedicated to serial killer hooker Aileen Wuornos. It's was a cool song and the performance onstage was freaking awesome!

The band has a good sound to them mixing elements of rock. punk, and alt with the signer's voice reminding me of Gen of the Genitorturers, which, to me, is a very good thing!

I also enjoyed the images that flashed on the large, round balls.
In all this was a great way to start off the show!

Two hotties then, came out with hoola hoops! They were gonna go-go dance for the next part of the show, which was...
a band playing for the fashion section of it! They played a cover of Rehab by the recently passed away Amy Whinehouse.

The models soon came out, and they were really sexy, pretty, and sassy. Check out just some of the pics I took of them, that night.

They even went onstage and rocked out!!
After that we were treated to Gods Green Earth putting on a motherfucking, kick ass metal set. I never heard of them before this night, but they fucking rocked it!!!

They even did a cover of Billy Idol's classic track Rebel Yell (which happens to be my all time fav Idol song) with a cool as fuck guest vocalist.

While the band played, two sexy go-go dancers, one of them being the beautiful blonde that we saw before and the other being all around metal babe Forest of Gotham, danced their sexy butts off!

They had a good, hard sound to them. Their lyrics and stage presence was that of a fun, kick ass band. I really enjoyed seeing them perform and were one of the night's true highlights.

I got to talk a little to two of then guys in the band, and they are really cool down-to-earth dudes. I hope to see them again, in the near future. And, you totally should, as well!

In all, this was an awesome and fun night. I had a blast being there and covering it!


Kore Rozzik said...

the kool as fuck guest vocalist's name is Kore Rozzik
Check him out on facebook