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Random Hotness X: Army of Hotness

It's a beautiful day here, in NYC, and to match it's beauty and make the last month of summer more pleasureful for us all, I give some stunning hotties for you to drool all over.

Ann Marie Rios- The beautiful Ms. Rios has been real, real busy! As some of you read last month, I posted an interview with the Latin beauty, that I conducted last last year. The coolest news for me this month concerning her is that GTXXXREME have named her the XXXTREME Starlet of the Month! She also one of the Latina hotties in Escaladies 2 from Digital Playground. It looks muy caliente!
For more on these and other Rios news go to her blog.
Alison Tyler- I only found about this naturally curvy cutie when I saw the KILLER trailer to Big Anal Booties. I'll be damned if this does not look like one of the hottest anal movies of the year!!! Holy fuck!!! I almost exploded just looking at the trailer!!
Tyler is simply delicious. She has a beautiful face and the kind of curves a man would die for! That ass is amazing! Can't wait to see it get fucked in this movie. And, those boobs are most definitely a gift from God. Dudes and dudettes, I might just be in love!!!
Bridgette B.- More Latin spice!!! This blonde goddess from Spain first caught my eyes when she was in the awesome Body Heat form Digital Playground. My God, she is so beautiful! And, very sexy, too!!
I really enjoy her performances and after following her on her Twitter, I see that she is also a sweetheart. A woman that is both beautiful inside and out. This was really proven to me when she tweeted yesterday, that instead of giving her gifts for her fans to donate to an animal charity. Gorgeous and she loves animals? She just completely won my heart.
Oh, and this vid from ZZinsider cemented it all!!!
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Sarah Vandella- I've liked this babe ever since I saw her for the first time on Deeper Throat. She is so cute and sexy! She has a beautiful face and body. I specially love her butt!! It's pretty amazing!
But, I don't she has ever looked hotter than she does in this trailer to another upcoming Reality Junkies release, Big Breasted Nurses Vol. 6.

Honest to God, if I was in the hospital I would LOVE to have her as my nurse!!! As a matter of fact, I am in pain right now. Nurse Vandella, please come and help me!! That said, does insurance cover heartaches caused by hotties?

Alex Sim-Wise- And, now for the only non-porn star in this edition of Random Hotness: Ms. Sim-Wise!!! I know this British red-head from Attack of the Show, of course.
Now, she may not have done porn, but she does cover sexy stuff on AOTS. She even went in an adult shop in Japan once!! She always wears THE hottest outfits on the show! No really. They are some of THE fucking hottest!!! No one on that show comes off as sexy and sassy as she does. I think she is much better than the overrated Sara Jean Underwood.
She has also posed nude and her God-given tits are incredible! And, they look amazing in or out of an outfit!!!