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The Top 10 Opening Themes or Intros To TV Shows

Back in the 80s opening themes to TV series were at their best. These days aside from a few, like True Blood (which barely missed out from making it on this list), are pretty forgettable. These ten represent the very best, whether through their song, the narrating, or both I always fondly remember these. Enjoy and give me your favs, I would love to know what they are!

10. Tales from the Darkside- From the creepy music to the awesome and unforgettable narration this one has long been one of my favs. I find myself always, ever since I was a child, reciting it. I simply LOVE it!

9. Thundarr the Barbarian- I've discussed the awesomeness of the show, before. And, this intro with it's driving score and awesome narration freaked me out, as a kid!

8. The X-Files- This classic sci-fi/ horror show had a theme I loved humming too. The final words, like "Trust No One" and others were cool as hell. Season finales, many times had a new phrase. Even my mom would tell me how much she liked this song.
BONUS POINTS: I once heard about a stripper dancing to a remix of this song. Considering Mulder's (and David Duchovny's, the actor who played him) love for porn, that totally fits!

7. Monday Night Raw 2007- Out of all the openings for Raw this one remains the best. It summed up what was the earliest part of the the great Attitude Era. Fitting with the more aggressive violence, ampped up cursing, and in your face sexual content this Biohazard type metal song intro gets you pumped up and lets you know what you are in for.

6. Aqua Teen Hunger Force- The catchiest of all intros of the last fews years, this is one I love signing to. They have changed it as the they renamed the show. And, while that one is good, this one is still the best! By the way, a lot of the videos posted are different variations or edits of the song on youtube, so this is the best I could come up with:

5. ECW- There is no doubt in my mind that WCW & WWF/E (& TNA, currently) ripped off a great deal from the late, great ECW. Failed attempts at them bringing them back and all, nothing touches this organization. Their opening theme was hard and driving and the clips showcased the violence, wildness, technicality (of the wrestling, I mean), and sexuality of the show. I love this song so much it's on my fucking I-Pod, so that should tell you everything.

4. The Twilight Zone- Much like the aforementioned Tales from the Darkside, I knew this one's narration since I was a kid. Also, the music to me, was something I always hummed whenever something weird occurred. I think, it will always be synonymous with weirdness. And, of course, the greatness of this classic sci-fi show.

3. Batman: The Animated Series- This is one of the greatest cartoon series of all time. And, from the intro you knew it would be dark and not campy. Plus, it had the great score from Burton's Batman, whose driving and powerful sound I loved since I first heard it as a kid. Awesome.

2. Transformers (Generation 1, Season 3)- This seasons featured some of the best and worst episodes of the show. But, it also featured THE best version of the classic theme song. I simply LOVE this song!! I fucking always sing along to it, to this very day!

1. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors- And, for the very best song. Note, I said song, NOT TV show or toon. As as show it's probably OK, at best (well now looking at it as an adult, anyway), but this song still kicks ass. It's a wonderful 80s rock tune, that you sing along and rock out to. The narration is OK, as well, I suppose. By the way, as a kid, I liked this song so much I recorded it off of the TV and on to tape. Not a joke!