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Whatever Happened to Lena Ramon?

The beautiful Lena Ramon (aka Lena Ramone/ Leena Morgan) is one of the sexiest, albeit most underrated porn stars around. I was thinking about how much I enjoy her and her scenes, so I began to wonder what she is up to. If you felt the same way, or are simply fan who wants to learn more about her, then this is the post is for you. Of course, I also hope to get fans who don't her to be introduced to this goddess.

Lena was born on July 7, 1976 (yep, that means this Thursday is her b-day!). She began her porn career in 1998 in Open Wide and say Ahh! 6. She ultimately ended up doing 262 films!

Lena is a great performer in that she gets real nasty and slutty in her scenes. Anytime I seen her it's always been very memorable. She does some fetish and S&M movies, as well as the regular fuck flicks.

I first saw her and know her, mostly, from her work with Rodney Moore. I think the actual first time, I viewed her would be on Monster Facials.com the Movie Volume 2. It's actually a clip from Different Strokes 5. Said clip has her give Rodney an awesome blowjob which leads to him blowing a massive load on her gorgeous face. She walks around a good deal more with the splattered cum which, I find to be hot as fuck. She then cleans it off of her face ( she has pigtails, by the way, which make me totally crush on her, even more in this scene!), and she manages to make even this hot! From there I caught her some other Moore vids, including some scenes in a few of his Hairy, Horny Girls, including numbers 19 and 21, where she stars with the voluptuous and delicious Caroline Pierce.

That of course would mean that she has bush. And, what a bush she has! I think this is one of her tastiest features. Pierce's hairy beaver is quite awesome as well, I should say.

Aside from her sexy beaver, she has a very pretty face and stunning, mesmerizing, beautiful eyes. At 5'6", she has killer legs and an ass to die for!

But, beauty can only take you so far in porn, as one has to be a hot fuck. And, as I said before when it comes to performance she is awesome and up for almost anything! She is excellent at taking facials, and I also really like seeing with other girls. I once saw her in a fucking KILLER scene with the even more underrated Latin goddess, Dulce, that involved some huge toy play! I usually am not the biggest fan of toys getting used but in this case, DAMN!! You can find this scene in Muffin Stuffin' Lesbos 3. See this, too! Your penis will thank you!

Sadly, Ms. Ramon retired from porn in 2009. It is interesting to note that she has also done some softcore work in the form of 2001's Voyeur Confessions. While, she no longer makers movies, I highly recommend those unfamiliar with her to look for work, in particular those into natural babes and hairy bushes, as well as MILFs (her later stuff, anyway). Once you see her I think you'll be a fan, too and, you won't ever forget her!


Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Lena is back to doing stills, she just recently resurfaced on ATK http://www.atkhairy.com/tour/model/ang045

Looks like Lena is with child. I actually shot Lena twice, she was very down to earth and fun to work with.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Very cool to hear, that she is that way, and thank you for posting. Nice pics, too. I certainly wish her all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I heard that Lena Ramon gave birth her baby boy in December 2011.
I heard she gave birth her son by a natural home birth and it was so tiring one.
See how brave she was.
After that,no news about her.
All her fans miss her too.

Anonymous said...

Any Update of Lena Pregnant Movies and Photos.

Anonymous said...

i love her. i wish she'd come back.

Giovanni Deldio said...

She is certainly missed. & great to hear from her fellow fans!

Tom said...

Hi all
I miss Lena Ramon. Any body knows about her?

Tom said...

I have some sexy pregnant photos of Lena Ramon.She was so sexy preggo bitch.Now no news about her.Some people says she is already retired as a porn star.

Anonymous said...

She writes or edits books now. She does what her sister does as well. Her sister is an author and editor . She grew up in Little Meadows Pa on an organic farm. Angela Joy Libal is her name . Her brother Nate is a biologist and he lives in Wisconsin now.She went to Sarah Lawrence college and has a graduate degree also.

Tom said...

Hi my friend Anonymous,
Glad to hear about Lena Ramon. How about her baby? Is he grown up? I miss her so much. Please give some more information about her. My email address is tomavo@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving information about Lena Ramon. I miss her so much.Please give me more information if you can. My email address is tomavo@yahoo.com.

Unknown said...

A very natural actress,no fake screaming,just the look on her face says it all.

aaron krohn said...

I've seen two scenes with Lena--both lesbian, and both quite long (57 & 64 minutes), and both among my all-time favorites!
I'm a huge fan of lesbian "porn"--though I don't like to use that term.
Lena's scenes were both as realistic-seeming as could be.
Both made me think she was really in love with these girls (a black woman named Sierra, and a Latina named Justine).
The looks in their eyes as they laid in bed, kissing and cuddling, was so real and filled with love.
When Lena referred to Sierra as her "roommate", I truly believed they were actual roommates (and lovers) in real life.
Same with Justine.
I seek romance and real love making in my "porn".
If I sense it's fake, I stop watching.
With those 2 scenes with Lena, I sensed they were real----nothing fake about them!
I wish all "porn" were like that.

Giovanni Deldio said...

That sounds like a great scene! Do you know what film it was from? I, too, like it When it feels "real", and have always preferred lesbian adult movies or scenes.

Anonymous said...

alguém sabe se ela é casada? se ela namorava quando ingressou no porno? se ela já possuia filhos?

Anonymous said...

Lena was definitely one the sexiest and most beautiful women in porn. Everything about her was incredible, her beautiful hair, her gorgeous eyes, those amazing legs, that perfect pussy with that fantastic bush. She was definitely my dream girl.. and still is

Sean W said...

I know this is an old thread but I was curious about whatever became of her, too.
I first saw Lena in a website scene on RectalRooters.com. She did an anal scene (as the name implies) in order to 'pay for' an expensive plumbing repair. This was in the early days of 'reality porn' and the plumber's van had "Layin' Pipe since 1969" on the side. Anyone remember those?

Giovanni Deldio said...

Oh, I haven't seen that one! But, if it's Lena scene, then it's gotta be hot! I'm always glad to see and hear from her fans. She rules!

Thomas Fouts @daparc said...

I always loved her in the scene “ Lena Ramone Pays Husbands Debt” very well acted as others have started before she is/was excellent

Giovanni Deldio said...

I'm glad to see that Lena has so many fans. She was amazing and I think one of the best performers to ever grace the industry.

geo3 said...

Great interracial stuff!