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Director: Tony Giglio
Writer: Dan Kay
Year: 2007
Cast: Josh Randall, Briana Brown, Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick, T.W. Leshner

Mike (Josh Randall) and his beautiful girlfriend Sheryl (Briana Brown) decide to go camping in the woods. They are soon kidnapped by a trio of religious nut-jobs. They make the couple get married so that Sheryl can get knocked up and have the kid that crazy-ass Ida (Beth Broderick) can't. When, they choose not to comply they get totured, meanwhile the deformed looking Deacon (Sascha Rosemann) has his lustful eye on Sheryl. Can they escape these deadly pyschos?

As you would expect this hillbilly horror flick is derivative of movies like The Hills Have Eyes, Deliverance, and Wrong Turn, but it's entertaining nevertheless. This has a lot to do with the solid cast. Everyone does a good job in their role. Particularly good is Borderick, who as Ida might be craziest of the baddies. As far as eye-candy goes the stunning Ms. Brown is delectable as the lead. She also happens to be character you can cheer on, as is Randall's character Mike.

The pacing is fast so you are never bored. There is a good amount of violence, torture, and gore. Squibs, headshot, decapitation, and whippings are just of the fun and well done bloody FX.

So, while no new ground is broken here, it is a fun trip. And, it's infinitely better than The Hills Have Eyes 2 (either one of them!). I definitely recommend a trip to Timber Falls. You're gonna like it there.

*** out of ****