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Title: The Lodge
Directors: Brad Helmink, John Rauschelbach
Writer: Deb Havener
Cast: Kevin McClatchy, Elizabeth Kell, Owen Szabo, Mandi Kreisher

A couple decide to spend a weekend at a mountain ranch. All seems well enough, until they discover that the caretaker is a psychopath, that wants to terrorize, rape the girl, and, ultimately, kill them both.

Once again, a horror film reminds not to go to the woods. This is basically a story with very few characters, and as such, it is a little slow to start. But, once the horror and suspense begin it certainly grabs your interest. In this type of film it is important for all those involved to be good performers, and they most certainly are. Also, key to a movie like this success is that the lead characters are likeable. The couple are, and you want them to get to away. Plus, lead babe Kell is pretty also has a nice rack. She sadly don't show it, but they look great in tight sweaters. The lead villain is suitably evil and sleazy. You want this fucker to get his come up ins.

There is a hard edge to the violence, including an off screen rape. The climax is exciting and suspenseful enough. Sadly, the shock ending is kind of groaner. You'll be rolling your eyes at that one. Still, as uneven as it is, this movie has it's moments and is most certainly not without merit. I say give it a look on one of those days you might not have much to do.

**1/2 out of ****