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Alex Sim-Wise Tries on Some Latex for SDCC!

San Diego Comic Con, the biggest geek gathering in the world, is going on this weekend. There is so much exclusive swag, panels, celebs, artists, and other stuff that make it heaven for those like us. There is also a shit load of hot babes. As always some of the hottest are from G4, including one of my current personal favs the sexy and voluptuous Alex Sim-Wise!

Now sadly, I, myself, am not there (but I promise I will be covering NYCC for the Gorezone). Thankfully, G4's coverage kind of makes up for it. Moreso, clips like this of the aforementioned Ms. Sim-Wise in latex. By the way, on Thursday she was dressed as Phoenix. HOT! Anyways, here is the amazing clip with her amazing rack!!!