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Pornstar Superheroes (Blu-Ray)

Title: Pornstar Superheroes
Studio: Elegant Angel
Cast: Kristina Rose, Asa Akira, Tori Black, Sadie West

This fun superhero/ porno flick tells the tale of different superheroine babes that battle the forces of evil. All the stories are connected.

The first scene introduces us to the Silhouette (Tori Black), who is vigilante (like a sexy female Punisher, I guess). A cop is looking for her. He blames her for the death of his partner. He interrogates a dude who tells the tale of how he got saved by her.

First off, Tori looks delicious in skin tight leather! Our sexy heroine rips a hole in her pants; so that she can get fucked and licked. She rides his cock like the true pro that she is. Her BJ skills are just awesome! And, that ass of hers is a godsend! He actually gets to eat it after, the lucky fuck! Which leads to nuclear hot ass fucking, which is exactly what I had been dying to see! After that she sits on his face. I, then, precede to ask, myself: can this dude get any luckier? He then goes back to fucking her ass more! Shit! This has to be one of the sexiest scenes, ever! This leads her to do some ATM, then back to anal, and back to more ATM!!! He blows his load in her mouth. I wish the camera had held longer on this point, but regardless with this I have a new favorite scene!

Dragon Belle (Asa Akira) is next introduced, through an AMAZING shot of the beautiful Asa in a school girl outfit. Her ass is that of a true goddess!!! No doubt about it, Asa is one of the hottest women in the world! When she walks into and sits at a bar, a dude is talking to the yakuza. They try to kill him. But, she tries to save him with a Kill Bill Volume 1 GoGo style ball and chain weapon. She also has the power of pyrokinesis (like Stephen King's Firestarter). She kills the baddies, then fucks the dude.

It starts with a GREAT blow-job and some nice POV shots. He then bends her over, which drove me insane! He fucks her doggie style. But, it hits an even hotter note, when he makes her squirt!!! They go through more positions, but it's the reverse cowgirl, that I really liked, in fact I was waiting for it! Later on, as they continue to fuck, she asks him to keep it in, as he keeps sticking in and out of her. So hot!!! She takes a load in the mouth and lets some drip on her tits. She sucks the finger with cum on it.

Next comes the White Menace (Kristina Rose), who uses telekinesis to save a mob snitch. Rose has a GREAT ass! She kills the bad guys before escaping with the dude. She sucks his cock, which leads to some good sex. Still, the scene does not get really hot until it gets into anal action. There is some ATM and more hot anal. He finishes off by shooting a load on her ass.

The last heroine introduced is The Renegade (Sadie West). She is chilling in her car. She too has a great ass (lots of great asses in this movie!). Her power is she can control people to do anything. She flashbacks to her escape. She runs into a guy that she fucks. It begins with a nice sloppy BJ. She then gets an energetic doggie-style fucking. It's a good scene that ends with him cumming in her mouth, and she swallowing the load.

Asa and Kristina's characters see that they most team-up in order to defeat the villains. It flashes back to them fucking the main baddie. They start off wearing masks, which is kind of lame. But, once they take the masks off, its HOT!!! Asa sucks him off first, then Kristina, while Asa sits on this lucky bastard's face. He gets a double BJ, and he ties their hands. Fucking AWESOME! I also love it when the girls kiss each other. Another sexy moment is when Kristina sucks on Asa's tit! Afterwards, he has them suck on his toes. They take turns fucking him. We get more toe sucking, as Kristina sucks Asa's toes (which is waaay hotter, I think). He eats Asa's pussy and plays with her butt-hole, yummy! When Asa eats Kristina's ass, it's freaking AMAZING! They take turns sucking his dick and eating his asshole. He blows his load on both their pretty faces. Great stuff!!!

These two gorgeous heroines then kick some bad guy ass, and they set it up for the sequel. This is a good, fun, and cheesy porn flick with some really hot sex! I really enjoyed it!!! It's another awesome flick from William H. (who has become one of my favorite porn directors).

The blu-ray disc looks jaw droppingly beautiful! It looks better than some regular movies I own on blu-ray! So good is the pic quality, that you can see every pore on a girl's face. The stereo sound is fucking killer, too!!!

On disc 2 we get lots of extras.

The behind the scenes is fun. While, mythology has cool revelations on the villains, that further the mythos.

There is a good interview with Kristina Rose. She is just so pretty! And, I love her beautiful, brown eyes! The director, William H., and the editor talk in an audio only special feature over the Elegant Angel logo. They discuss the idea for the movie and the shoot.

The hot extra scenes are as follows: Kristina Rose in an OK scene from Sporty Girls. Asa Akira in an AWESOME scene from Bootylicious. Tori Black and Jenna Haze in a fucking HOT threesome from Pornstar Workout. And, finally a sexy and hot scene from Glamour Girls 2 with Sadie West. Last but not least, we get some amusing bloopers.

In all, this is a MUST BUY blu-ray disc. You must add this to your collection! An extremely strong

***1/2 Woodies out of ****