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In Loving Tribute to Dick Smith, The Godfather of Makeup FX

I woke up this morning to some very heartbreaking news: the man known as the godfather of makeup FX, Dick Smith, had passed away. He was 92.

Smith was born Larchmont, NY in 1948. He began his makeup work on TV, and would go to pioneer the world of FX work with the use of small latex pieces on the actor's face, as opposed to one large mask. It gave the actor the ability to show more emotional range in their roles, under the makeup. His work would go on to be be influential. He became a hero to any and all interested in the world of makeup. While, he worked on many films, I'm gonna mention just some of my favorite work of his.

The movie he is most connected to, due to his exemplary work on it, is the film classic, The Exorcist. The fact that his work on this masterpiece still holds up all these years later, is proof that this man was a true master of his craft. The mechanical and makeup work are just extraordinary. This films is one of the reasons why I savagely worshiped what he did.

Having cut his teeth on both Godfather films for Francis Ford Coppola, Smith would work with another master of the crime film, Martin Scorsese in his finest masterpiece the dark and shocking, Taxi Driver. He did the bald cap, as well as the film's ultra-violent climax. His work was so graphic and realistic, that Scorsese had to darken the look of the film to avoid the X-rating.

The Sentinel is an underrated  Satanic horror movie, where Smith got to return to the devil subgenre (he also worked on Exorcist II: The Heretic, by the way), with some impressive gore and old age makeup (a true specialty of his!). I really wish more people would take a look at this creepy and well made film with the beautiful Cristina Raines. The following clip from Bravos' 100 Scariest Movie Moments is truly one of those!

David Cronenberg's Scanners has some of his most jaw dropping work. I actually just picked up the Criterion blu-ray of this sci-fi/ horror classic. The classic exploding head scene and KILLER climax rank among the greatest splatter FX work, ever!!

The final movie, I wanna mention is Ghost Story based on the bestseller by horror author Peter Straub. This one isn't very good despite the solid cast. It is mostly a stupid bore, but two things stand out: the truly beautiful Alice Krige and, of course, Smith's excellent work. He manages to turn this flawless beauty into a truly hideous ghost.

In 2012, he received an Honorary Academy Award for his amazing body of work.

Dick Smith, you were a maekup god and a hero to many, myself included. The world has lost a great artist and amazing talent. God bless, and may he RIP.


The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 11: 70-61

70. Metallica- Ride the Lightning- The second album from the seminal thrash metal band is a true  metal classic. And, the cover with lightning hitting an electric chair (a direct reference to the amazing title track) is just as iconic. 

69. Cattle Decapitation- Humanure- The third album by these deathgrinders had an ultra-controversial cover where a cow shits out human flesh. It was nasty enough that they had to put out a censored cover without the cow and only the wasteland, for some stores. Personally, I love it. It's always good to offend people!

68. Immortal- All Shall Fall- The eighth studio album by this black metal band has a metallic, frozen door with a face and two raven heads. The album, itself, is as cool as it's cover!

67. Autopsy- Severed Survival- This is the alternate cover to the debut album of this death metal band. It's a classic of the genre as crazed, bloodied surgeons loom on to operate. Pretty cool and scary looking, too!

66. Dissection- The Somberlain- Classic debut by this Swedish black metal act has cool artwork of a dark, ghostly figure on a horse drawn carriage that was drawn by Kristian Wahlin.

65. Killswitch Engage- The End of Heartache- The third studio album by this metalcore act is one of the sub-genre's very best! The cover of a heart-shaped pincushion held by blood-covered hands is one of the most beautiful in all of metal.

64. Morbid Angel- Gateways to Annihilation- The sixth studio by this Floridan death metal features an amazing painted cover by Dan Seagrave. It is of some monstrous temple and a gateway opening up right by it. This is the first painted cover that the band used since their classic Blessed Are the Sick.

63. Kiss- Love Gun- The sixth studio album by these hard rockers has a classic cover by Ken Kelly. The band and it's groupies look fucking awesome on it! Of note, is the long standing joke/ rumor/ whatever that Gene says that he invented the devil horns hand gesture on this album. While, I have no idea if he ever said this, I wouldn't put it underneath him. And, to that I say whatever buddy! 

62. KoRn- Issues- For the fourth studio album nu-metal band Korn ran a contest and the first place winner to be used as the cover is the one I picked, here. Drawn by Alfredo Carlos, we see a ripped and abandoned doll. It has a tragic look and feel of possible child abuse or sadness, not an uncommon theme with the band. 

61. Avenged Sevendfold- Nightmare- The fifth studio album by popular Cali metal/ hard rock band A7X has amazing and creepy art by Travis Smith with a little girl terrorized in her nightmares, of course, by the band's mascot looming over a graveyard.

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Banned from Facebook for a Day

So last night, I was watching the extra features from the blu-ray of the 80's action classic, Red Dawn (great flick BTW, with a nice BD transfer). When, I saw that someone had reported a pic from my Facebook business/ fan page, Word from the Master/ Master Gio. It's the picture below and is from last year, when I in Vegas was covering the Adult Entertainment Expo.

In it, the gorgeous Stoya and myself are at the Digital Playground booth. Now, mind you this is on my biz page, which is for eighteen and over only. I realize that you can see Jesse Jane's tits, in the background. But, that is all it is! A fucking background! It's not the actual, real person. Even if it was, it's just fuckin boobs. It's so nice to see that breasts offend people, and are banned on FB. But, some piece of shit model, like Kendell Jones (wanna know more about her? Google her lame ass), who posts pictures of herself and the animals she has hunted and killed, in Africa, are OK. The fact that this is an older pic, means someone went out of their way to find it.

Anyway, I was told, that I am blocked from posting on FB for 24 hours. Since this was around 10, no one will see me on FB till after that. So, thanks to this, I won't be on my profile or my page. Lame. Real fucking lame.

Sadkly, this is not the first time, I have been reported. The other two are even more ridiculous.

Back in January someone reported the following two pictures:

They are of my former camera-girl Kristin, Jacky Joy, and myself at least year's Exxxotica AC. Now, I thought to myself, while both ladies are gorgeous, there is nothing really inappropriate in what they are wearing. So, what then is problem? Well, it's my fucking Asa Akira, t-shirt Two in the Shirt tee. So basically, I'm guessing some asshole got offended by a fuckin t-shirt that I wore covering a porn show at a porn show! Really?! I wondered and posted on my FB (since the above pics are from my personal account), if someone I knew had bitched me out, but I doubt it was from my friend list. Kristin wasn't tagged, but Jacky was, leading me to believe, that maybe it's one of her "friends". But, she's a fuckin porn star! Which makes ratting out one of her pics just as stupid, if not more so.

And, before that, it was another Exxxotica picture (2009 is the year, BTW), this one was reported some years ago but after it had been up for a long time. It is of the beautiful Jada Cheng and myself.

She has pasties on, for crissakes! Even that is offensive? And, seriously, I am sick of people taking offense to this shit and getting me in trouble. If you don't like what I post, do, or write about, don't fuckin follow me. I have no time for people who are too high and mighty, closed minded, and/ or jealous. Haters will hate, but they can go fuck themselves or go join the My Little Pony fanclub. Just fuck off of my shit, for crissakes!

I could go, but I won't bore you any further. So consider this the end of my rant. 



I Was a Guest on "The Horror Happens Radio Show"!


On May 13th I was one of several guests on the Horror Happens Radio Show from New Jersey. I got yto talk about exploitation horror films, in particular the list of the 10 best exploitation horror films, that I wrote for Best-Horror-Movies.com.

Go to the May 13th list and play it, I'm second guest, as you will see.

Of course, you should listen to all of them, as there are some really cool guest on the all the shows on there. This is the link to it: http://horrorhappens6.wix.com/show/may-2014-conversations
And, let me know what you thought of what I said on the show. I had a fucking blast, and I have to say it was REALLY cool to be interviewed for once, as opposed to be the one interviewing!


ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: Looking for a Love that Is “Beyond the Darkness”

Like last year, I got to guest blog on the always awesome DocTerror.com for Italian Horror Week. This year I took on Joe D'Amato's sleazy classick Beyond the Darkness (aka Buio Omega and Buried Alive). You can read my thoughts on this truly romantic and heartwarming flick here: http://www.docterror.com/2014/07/italian-horror-week-looking-for-love.html#.U8boqbFZgmw




  All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:
So I get the email about this one, and title alone I am sold! I mean lesbians and panties from Sweetheart Video and Dana Vespoli, is really enough for me to be happy! I see the cover and cast, and all I can think is, here take my fucking cash, already!!

From the Mile High Media description:
Torrid tribbing continues in the latest edition of Sweetheart's standout Wet Panties series. In this collection, teens experiment with lesbian sex & the pleasure of tribbing. A study session goes wild when Pepper and Casey succumb to sapphic urges. Zoe and Penny find a special way to resolve their conflict. Cheerleaders Belle and Lola put each other through the paces and finally bad school girls Miley and Courtney get caught tribbing after sneaking off to pleasure each other...

Casey Calvert, Pepper Kester, Lola Foxx, Belle Noire, Zoey Monroe, Penny Pax, Miley May, Courtney Shea

From the Mile High Media press release:
Eight young, beautiful girls explore the pleasures of tribbing in Mile High Media’s “Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 6 – White Cotton Panties.”  The new release from all-girl studio Sweetheart Video includes four hardcore scenes of lesbian teen’s adorned in simple, white cotton panties, before removing the underwear to find the treasure beneath.

Dana Vespoli says, “Young, adventurous girls in white cotton panties – it’s every one’s dream!  Having the cotton panties provides an extra element of purity and innocence to the four girl/girl scenes, which I know fans are going to love!”

Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 6 hits DVD tomorrow, and you can get it here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1702640/lesbian-adventures-wet-panties-trib-6-porn-movies.html?partner_id=42272314