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I Was a Guest on "The Horror Happens Radio Show"!


On May 13th I was one of several guests on the Horror Happens Radio Show from New Jersey. I got yto talk about exploitation horror films, in particular the list of the 10 best exploitation horror films, that I wrote for Best-Horror-Movies.com.

Go to the May 13th list and play it, I'm second guest, as you will see.

Of course, you should listen to all of them, as there are some really cool guest on the all the shows on there. This is the link to it: http://horrorhappens6.wix.com/show/may-2014-conversations
And, let me know what you thought of what I said on the show. I had a fucking blast, and I have to say it was REALLY cool to be interviewed for once, as opposed to be the one interviewing!