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The 10 Best Kaijus (Giant Monsters) from Toho Studios

As a lifelong monster fan, I have loved Godzilla and his friends and foes ever since I was a kid. And, with the latest in Legendary Films Monsterverse movie, the long awaited Godzilla Vs. Kong, coming out to theaters and HBO Max on March 31, 2021, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about the best of the best. Here then are the 10 best of Toho Studio's giant monsters.

Honorable Mentions:
Mechgodzilla versions 2&3

Special Honorable Mention:
King Kong isn't a Toho creation, but he appeared in two Toho films, King Kong Vs. Godzilla and King Kong Escapes. He also appeared in the Legandary Monsterverse movie Kong: Skull Island, and, of course, in the aforementioned, Godzilla Vs. Kong. But, while he's one of the greatest monsters, ever (giant or otherwise), he isn't really appropriate for this list, being an American creation leant to Toho. But, I would be wrong to not mention him and given him his much deserved respect.

10. Biollante- One of the biggest of all of Godzilla's foes, Biollante is an awesome and highly original sight to behold. Extremely powerful and neither truly good nor bad. she is a kick ass monster that should've been used more than once. As, she only appeared in her own movie, Godzilla Vs. Biollante. Also, she is the first to use Godzilla's DNA (along with plants and a dead chick), a trend that would reappear many times afterwards. 

9. Anguirus- Godzilla's bestie has been in many flicks in the franchise. He has only fought the big G, twice, and its kinda odd when he does. He doesn't have any energy blasts, but he is tough, loyal, and lovable. 
8. Hedorah- Also, known as the Smog Monster, Hedorah is a monster with three forms that is made of sludge and waste. With various powers, including an eye beam, shooting acidic sludge, the ability to drown its enemy in toxic liquid, and flying to spread his smog which turns people into skeletons. Evil and gross, he has made only two appearances in the franchise but needs to make more!
7. Destroyah- Born from mutations caused by the Oxygen Destroyer, which killed the first Big G, Destoryah looks satanic and is purely evil. He starts off as a group of deadly man-killing monsters, they join to form this extremely powerful beast. While, he only appeared once, it was in one of the best in the franchise, Godzilla Vs. Destroyah. And, he fucking KILLS Godzilla! I don't think any other monster can make that claim. 

6. Rodan- One of Toho's big five (Mothra, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, and Godzilla being the other four, obviously), Rodan is essentially a giant pterodactyl. But, alas his super sonic speed causes massive destruction. Sometimes he is born of fire (which totally makes me think of the Slayer song!) and sometimes has a beam attack. He is usually a Godzilla alley, but has on occasion, been his foe. 

5. Mothra- Always a force of good, unless her larva are controlled by evil aliens like in the classic Destroy All Monsters, she is a protector of the Earth. She has powerful attacks including her hurricane causing wings, energy blasts, and her final poison attack from her wings (or stinger like in Legendry's Godzilla: King of the Monsters). Mothra has defeated Godzilla various times (more than any other monster actually) and helped him in other occasions. She has beaten many other monsters, as well and is the undisputed Queen of the Monsters!

4. Gigan- This evil cyborg alien is one of Godzilla's coolest looking foes. He has hooks for hands and a buzzsaw on his chest. as well as his energy blast. And, in Final Wars, he gets fucking chainsaw hands! How can one love monsters and horror not love that?! Plus, he is the first monster to ever make Godzilla bleed! That has to be worth some extra points right there!
3. Mechagodzilla- You could argue that good guy Mechagodzilla is more powerful, but the heel version has the better and cooler movies, in my humble opinion. In this iteration he is a weapon used by two different sets of evil aliens. He has various beam attacks, shoots rockets, has energy force field, and can disguise himself as Godzilla. He really fucks up the Big G in the awesome Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla. He does this at a degree that is worse so than any other monster had up until point. As, he makes him bleed via arterial sprays! He is set to return in Godzilla Vs. Kong, probably as a baddie, which will only further solidify his legendary status. 
2. King Ghidorah- Godzilla's number one for, he is the Joker to his Batman. As such, no one else could have had the silver medal. He has always been evil, save for his single babyface turn for the amazing GMK. His powers include his hurricane causing wings and his gravity beams. Also think of this point, Godzilla, almost always needs help to defeat him. 

1. Godzilla- Come on did you really think anyone else could or should top this list? He has been mine and many others favorite since childhood. Sometimes evil, sometimes good, sometimes a neutral force of nature, he is always the King of the Monsters. The big G is one of the most iconic characters in genre history. All hail Godzilla! 

Who are your favorite Kaijus from Toho Studios? Let me know in the comments section below.


One:12 Collective Zack Snyder’s Justice League Deluxe Steel Boxed Set (Preview)

One:12 Collective Zack Snyder’s Justice League Deluxe Steel Boxed Set

“He’s never fought us. Not us united”

Honoring director Zack Snyder’s opus vision of his film the Justice League, Mezco Toyz proudly presents Batman, Superman, and The Flash in this Deluxe Steel Boxed collector's set!

All three heroes are newly outfitted as they are seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. 

After being resurrected, Superman wears his Kryptonian recovery suit in black with metal tones, allowing him to regain his strength and energy. His outfit features a integrated posing wire in his cape for maximum display options. 

Batman is outfitted in an upgraded Batsuit with protection enhancements and energy absorbing gauntlets. The leather like cape has a posing wire built into it as well. 

The Flash is protected in a a specialy-made suit allowing the speedster to move at superhuman speeds without harm. 

Each member features multiple new head portraits including a heat vision head for Superman and an unmasked Bruce Wayne portrait with the likeness of Ben Affleck.

The Justice League DSB set comes complete with character-specific accessories including a Mother Box with light-up function and much more.


  • Batman
    • One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation
    • Three (3) head portraits
    • Hand painted authentic detailing
    • Approximately 17cm tall
    • Seven (7) interchangeable hands including:
      • One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R) 
      • One (1) gun holding hand (R) 
      • One (1) pair of fists (L & R) 
      • One (1) pair of Batarang holding hands (L & R)
  • Superman
    • One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation
    • Three (3) head portraits
    • Hand painted authentic detailing
    • Approximately 17cm tall
    • Six (6) interchangeable hands including:
      • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
      • One (1) pair of flying hands (L & R)
      • One (1) pair of grabbing hands (L & R)
  • Flash
    • One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation
    • Two (2) head portrait
    • Hand painted authentic detailing
    • Approximately 15cm tall
    • Seven (7) interchangeable hands including 
      • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
      • One (1) pair of posing hands (L & R)
      • One (1) pair of running hands (L & R)
      • One (1) pointing hand (R)



  • Batman
    • Cowl (affixed to head portraits)
    • Leather-like cape with integrated posing wire
    • Batsuit with insignia
    • Wrist gauntlets
    • Utility belt
    • Knee-high boots
  • Superman
    • Fitted body suit with ‘House of El’ family crest
    • Cape with integrated posing wire
    • Mid-calf boots
  • Flash
    • Fitted protection suit with integrated soft goods 
    • Lightning bolt insignia  



  • Batman
    • Three (3) Batarangs
    • One (1) Parademon rifle
    • One (1) grapping gun
    • One (1) grappling closed hook
    • One (1) grappling open hook
    • One (1) grappling hook with posing wire
    • Three (3) disc grenades
    • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
    • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post
  • Superman
    • One (1) Mother Box with light-up function
    • One (1) heat vision blast FX
    • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
    • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post
  • Flash
    • Five (5) Speed Force lightning FX
    • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
    • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each One:12 Collective Zack Snyder’s Justice League DSB set is packaged in a collectable tin box, designed with collectors in mind.

The One:12 Collective Zack Snyder’s Justice League Deluxe Steel Boxed Set is available for preorder at https://www.mezcotoyz.com/zack-snyders-justice-league-deluxe-steel-boxed-set.


Violation (Review)

Writers/ Directors: Dusty Mancinelli, Madeline Sims- Fewer
Cast: Madeline Sims-Fewer, Anna Maguire, Jesse LeVercombe, Obi Abili, Jasmin Geljo
Year: 2020
Min: 107

Miriam (co-writer/ co-director Madeline Sims-Fewer) and her hubby, Caleb (Obi Abili), are on the verge of a divorce. But, they go together to her sister, Greta's (Anna Maguire), house, after years of being apart. Greta's husband, Dylan (Jesse LeVercombe), is actually a long time friend of Miriam. That night, after Miriam falls asleep, Dylan rapes her. She tries to tell her Greta, but she doesn't believe her accusation of rape. Rather, she takes it as Miriam has willfully slept with her husband. Completely on her own and broken, Miriam takes revenge on Dylan for the vile act he committed on her.

Violation is a Canadian, rape/ revenge movie that mixes horror with drama. It marks the directorial debut of Madeline Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli, who also wrote script together. In the past, they had already collaborated on several short films. This flick played at several film festivals last year. It will be making its wide release debut this Thursday, March 25, 2021, when it begins to stream exclusively on Shudder

This film is told in a non-linear manner, which helps to highlight the excellent editing by Rhiannon Cluff and Alex Lyon. And, from very start the movie has clearly a very somber feel to it. It also has beautiful cinematography by Adam Crosby. These include gorgeous shots of the woods and its wildlife. Among them are the allegorical images of a wolf eating a bunny. It is seriously one of the most gorgeous looking movies I have seen in recent memory. Mingling well with the aforementioned non-linear manner of the movie, as it adds to an overall artful beauty and soulful depth.

The rape, itself, is thankfully, never clearly shown, shot, instead, in an unfocused manner. And, yet it remains a scene that is utterly disturbing and uncomfortable. When something explicit does happen, it is absolutely shocking. The first and most jaw-dropping of these is Dylan's erect penis, as Miriam lures him to his comeuppance. I have never seen a real, honest-to-God hardon in a movie that isn't pornographic in nature. It adds a level of realism that has is honestly unequaled, to anything before it. Another potent example is the suffocation via plastic bag scene which feels very real. As a matter of fact once the revenge part starts the film becomes very intense and fervently uncompromising. 

As such, the film is emotionally crushing. It shows the way that Dylan, and men like him, will defend their disgusting actions against a woman to her very face! He is an all to real visualization of the worst of male toxicity. The script also shows the way even family can turn against against a victim such her and defend the assailant. And, it also serves as a psychological study showcasing the mental implications and moral weight of taking revenge has on one.

All of this is done in ways that aren't present in most, if any of its subgenre predecessors, including other feminist takes. It makes it feel removed from the more cheer on revenge of movies like I Spit on Your Grave or this movie's more comparable contemporary, the excellent Revenge, which was also directed by a woman. This isn't to say that it condemns her for taking out her fully deserved vengeance. Far from it, as it is clear that this rapist piece of shit, gets what is coming to him. What the film does is make you understand in a very real world sort of way, the long term implications doing this will take on Miriam. That it is that very realistic feeling that makes this film all the more disturbing on top of being deeply heart-wrenching.

It is all bought to life by Sims-Fewer, who does an absolutely flawless job as our protagonist, and remember she is also co-directing this flick! Her performance is heartbreaking. And, I felt it not only when she is onscreen, but long after the movie was over it still haunted me. The rest of the cast is top notch, as well, with Jesse LeVercombe making for a particularly repulsive and vile, villain. One that never like an over the top caricature but instead one that is completely believable and all the more uncomfortable for it. 

This all couples beautifully with the emotional score by Andrea Boccadoro. Right off the bat, I fell in love with the classical sounding music. I have to say that it is one of my favorite scores, I have heard in a genre film in quite some time. There is a haunting feel to it that is especially powerful, when taken in the context of everything that happens in this film. 

Violation is a searing and heart-wrenching take on the rape-revenge movie. Its grounded reality adds to its haunting and depressing feel. The directing duo of Sims-Fewer and Mancinelli present us with a truly beautifully shot, artistic flick. Their non-linear script is presented through some excellent editing and arthouse like visuals of nature. The cast is phenomenal, but it is co-writer/ co-director Sim-Fewer who truly shines giving us a powerful and emotional performance. It's a breakthrough role that ranks among the finest in the genre in recent times. By overthrowing the tropes and expectations of this subgenre, while staying very true to its feminist heart, we are given one of the best examples of this type of film. Uncompromising and shocking, when it needs to be, this movie is simply unforgettable staying you well past its final second. 


One:12 Collective G.I. Joe: Destro (Preview)

One:12 Collective G.I. Joe: Destro

Enter Destro, the weapons supplier to COBRA and leader of M.A.R.S. joins the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Destro is presented in his classic tactical outfit with tech enhancements, gauntlets with missile blasters, interchangeable thigh holsters, and combat boots. Destro features three masked head portraits, sporting his iconic beryllium steel mask and includes his necklace with amulet.

The state-of-the-art weapons manufacturer totes only the best of the best, complete with a prototype modular sub-machine gun, pistol with removable magazines, rifle with removable magazines, and missiles that attach to his gauntlet.

Destro is always carrying his Cobra-issued, multilayer briefcase with light-up function. The briefcase illuminates via an on/off switch and is complete with a supercomputer and weapon storage. 

James McCullen Destro is a cutthroat and unyielding businessman with a great sense of honor and is always prepared to cause trouble for the Joes. The infamous arms dealer is known for engineering high-tech weaponry and supplying to whoever can meet his price.



  • One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation
  • Three (3) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Twelve (12) interchangeable hands including 
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • Two (2) pairs of posing hands (L & R)
    • Two (2) pairs of gun holding hands (L & R)
    • One (1) pair of briefcase holding hands (L & R)



  • Bodysuit with tech enhancements
  • Necklace with family crest
  • Gauntlets with missile blasters
  • Duty belt
  • Interchange thigh holster
  • Knee-high combat boots




  • One (1) Cobra-issued briefcase
  • One (1) modular sub-machine gun
  • One (1) pistol with two (2) removable magazines
  • One (1) rifle with two (2) removable magazines
  • One (1) group of missiles (attaches to gauntlet)
  • One (1) missile with blast FX (attaches to gauntlet)
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post


Each One:12 Collective G.I. Joe: Destro figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

The One:12 Collective G.I. Joe: Destro is available for preorder at https://mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-gi-joe-destro.


Body Count Wins "Best Metal Performance" at 63rd Grammy Awards!


(Los Angeles, CA – March 15, 2021) – BODY COUNT wins Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” at the 63rdAnnual Grammy Awards for their track “Bum-Rush” off of their latest full-length album Carnivore. This is the band’s first Grammy win for Century Media Records. Watch the music video for “Bum-Rush” HERE and purchase and stream the track HERE.

Carnivore was produced by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose) and features standout tracks such as: “Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta)”, “When I’m Gone (feat. Amy Lee)”, “Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale)”, and Grammy Award winning track Bum-Rush. Carnivore is available to purchase and stream HERE.

The following physical formats are still available for Carnivore:
•           Deluxe 2CD Box Set (incl. bonus tracks, beanie, metallic logo pin, poster & instrumental CD)
•           Ltd. Gatefold LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster (incl. bonus track)
•           CD Digipak

Carnivore Tracklist
  1. Carnivore
  2. Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale)
  3. Bum – Rush
  4. Ace Of Spades
  5. Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta)
  6. Colors – 2020
  7. No Remorse
  8. When I’m Gone (feat. Amy Lee)
  9. Thee Critical Beatdown
  10. The Hate Is Real
  11. 6 In Tha Morning – 2020 – Unreleased Demo*
  12. No Lives Matter - Live in Australia 2017**
  13. Black Hoodie - Live in Australia 2017**
(*) Bonus Track (available on Ltd. LP and Ltd. 2CD Box Set)
(**) Bonus Track (only available on 2CD Box Set)
BODY COUNT is Ice T (vocals), Ernie C. (guitar/backing vocals), Juan Garcia (guitar/backing vocals), Vincent Price(bass/backing vocals), Ill Will (drums) and Sean E. Sean (samples/backing vocals). The band, founded in 1990 by Ice T and Ernie C., made their live debut at the inaugural Lollapalooza tour (1991) and released their controversial, RIAA gold-certified self-titled debut the following year. Over the outfit’s nearly 30 year history they have sold over 1 million albums and released six studio albums Bloodlust (2017), Manslaughter (2014), Murder 4 Hire (2006), Violent Demise: The Last Days (1997), Born Dead (1994) and Body Count (1992).

Purchase/Stream Carnivore:


(Video) Superman '78 Mezco One:12 Collective (Toy Review)

I have a brand new toy review, this time it's Superman '78 One:12 Collective from Mezco Toyz. Based on the classic movie from director Richard Donner, starring the late, great Christopher Reeve as the classic DC Comics character.

I absolutely LOVE this figure and you can see my full review in the video below:


Shudder: April 2021 Will Be Huge with Train to Busan: Peninsula, In Search of Darkness 2, New Seasons of Creepshow, The Last Drive In, & Much More!


Featuring a New Season of Hit Series Creepshow, the Return of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and a New Exclusive Movie Every Week


Film Slate Includes Yeon Sang-ho's Highly Anticipated Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula and The Power from BAFTA-Nominated Director Corrina Faith


Live ‘Halfway to Halloween Hotline’ Will Provide Members

With Personalized Horror Movie Recommendations


NEW YORK – March 4, 2021 – April showers bring a packed lineup of new horror films and series to Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, for its annual ‘Halfway to Halloween Month.’ With April marking the halfway point to Halloween, the streamer will celebrate its biggest month of programming yet with a loaded slate of Shudder original films and series, an exclusive documentary, a library of cult classic favorites and the return of ‘Halfway to Halloween Hotline.’


“Some do Christmas in July but at Shudder we celebrate Halloween in April to mark the halfway point to the greatest holiday of the year,” said Craig Engler, general manager of Shudder. “‘Halfway to Halloween Month’ is going to be the biggest month of programming in Shudder history with new movies, series, a killer documentary and more.”


This year’s ‘Halfway to Halloween’ lineup includes two Shudder Original series, five new Shudder Original and Shudder Exclusive premieres, an exclusive documentary, the 2021 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards and more. 


Highlights include:

  • The season premiere of the Shudder Original series Creepshow and the return of the Shudder Original series The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs.
  • The highly anticipated follow up to Yeon Sang-ho's Train to Busan and Seoul Station, Peninsula.
  • The Power starring Rose Williams (Sanditon) and written and directed by BAFTA nominated British filmmaker Corrina Faith, which appeared on 2018’s Brit List of best unproduced scripts.
  • Christopher Smith’s The Banishing starring Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey) and Sean Harris (Mission: Impossible franchise).
  • Boys from County Hell, which /Film called “legendary in its own right” upon its North American premiere at the 2020 Nightstream virtual film festival.
  • Making its US premiere after appearing as a 2020 CANNESERIES Horror Short Form contender, Australian anthology series Deadhouse Dark.
  • An exclusive documentary, In Search of Darkness: Part II, which continues to explore the impact of beloved ‘80s horror films.
  • The 2021 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards, hosted by actor and writer David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man and the Wasp).
  • The Val Lewton Collection: seven classic titles from the 1940s, including Cat PeopleI Walked With A ZombieThe Leopard ManThe Seventh VictimCurse of the Cat PeopleThe Body Snatcher and Isle of the Dead.
  • An Alex de la Iglesia double feature: the mid ‘90s cult classics, Day of the Beast and Dance with the Devil.
  • ‘Halfway to Halloween Hotline’ in which Shudder’s director of programming, Samuel Zimmerman, provides callers with real-time movie recommendations.


Series and film details included below.




Creepshow, Season 2 – Premieres April 1, New Episodes Every Thursday **Shudder Original Series

View Trailer HERE

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

Based on the 1982 horror comedy classic, the anthology Creepshow returns for a second season and is still the most fun you’ll ever have being scared! A comic book comes to life in a series of vignettes, exploring terrors ranging from murder, creatures, monsters, and delusions to the supernatural and unexplainable.  You never know what will be on the next page. Executive produced by showrunner Greg Nicotero, Creepshow’s second season will feature guest stars Kevin Dillon, Iman Benson, Josh McDermitt, Keith David, Molly Ringwald, Barbara Crampton, Justin Long, and D’Arcy Carden, among others. 

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula – Premieres April 1 **Shudder Exclusive Film

View Trailer HERE

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Four years after South Korea’s total decimation in Train to Busan, the zombie thriller that captivated audiences worldwide, acclaimed director Yeon Sang-ho brings us Peninsula, the next nail-biting chapter in his post-apocalyptic world. Jung-seok, a soldier who previously escaped the diseased wasteland, relives the horror when assigned to a covert operation with two simple objectives: retrieve and survive. When his team unexpectedly stumbles upon survivors, their lives will depend on whether the best—or worst—of human nature prevails in the direst of circumstances. Upon Peninsula’s premiere, Shudder will be the only service in which viewers can watch Yeon Sang-ho's complete trilogy, including Train to Busan and Seoul Station, on a single platform.


The Power – Premieres April 8 **Shudder Exclusive Film

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

London, 1974. As Britain prepares for electrical blackouts to sweep across the country, trainee nurse Val (Rose Williams) arrives for her first day at the crumbling East London Royal Infirmary. With most of the patients and staff evacuated to another hospital, Val is forced to work the night shift, finding herself in a dark, near empty building. Within these walls lies a deadly secret, forcing Val to face both her own traumatic past and deepest fears in order to confront the malevolent force that’s intent on destroying everything around her.

The Banishing – Premieres April 15 **Shudder Original Film

View Trailer HERE

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

From acclaimed director Chris Smith (CreepSeveranceTriangle) comes The Banishing, which tells the true story of the most haunted house in England. A young reverend and his wife and daughter move into a manor with a horrifying secret. When a vengeful spirit haunts the little girl and threatens to tear the family apart, the reverend and his wife are forced to confront their beliefs. They must turn to black magic by seeking the help of a famous Occultist...or risk losing their daughter.

The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs – Premieres April 16, New Episodes Every Friday **Shudder Original Series

The hit original series returns with Briggs, the world’s foremost drive-in movie critic, presenting eclectic horror movie double features, interrupting the films to expound upon their merits, histories and significance to genre cinema. The show’s hashtag, #TheLastDriveIn, has trended in the top 10 on Twitter in the US during the premiere of every episode and special, often reaching No. 1.

2021 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards – Premieres April 18 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT **Shudder TV Exclusive Event

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

In April 2021, Shudder partners with FANGORIA to bring the Chainsaw Awards, hosted by actor and writer David Dastmalchian, to fans across the globe. This year’s nominated films include The Invisible ManFreakyRelicColor Out of Space and Possessor as well as actors Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton and Elisabeth Moss. Since 1992, the Chainsaw Awards have honored top achievements in horror film and television, with past recipients including Jonathan Demme, Sam Raimi, Robert Eggers, Toni Collette and George Romero.


Boys from County Hell – Premieres April 22 **Shudder Exclusive Film

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Welcome to Six Mile Hill, a sleepy Irish backwater whose only claim to fame is the somewhat dubious local legend that Bram Stoker once spent a night in the local pub. It’s home to Eugene Moffat, a young man who fills most of his days drinking pints with his friends and pranking tourists who come to visit the gravesite of Abhartach, a legendary Irish vampire some believe to have inspired ‘Dracula.’ When a personal tragedy forces Eugene to go and work for his gruff, no-nonsense father, he finds himself on the site of a controversial new road development that threatens to destroy the town’s livelihood. But strange events unfold when Eugene and the crew tear down a famous cairn believed to be the final resting place of Abhartach, and they soon come under attack from a sinister force that has infected one of their workmates. As the night closes in, The Boys must fight for survival while discovering the true horror of a myth that hits much closer to home than any of them realize.

In Search of Darkness: Part II – Premieres April 26 **Shudder Exclusive Documentary

View Trailer HERE

Building on the hit 2019 superdoc that Forbes called “a scary good magnum opus,” In Search of Darkness: Part II dives deeper into the fabled practical-effects decade of iconic and eclectic ‘80s horror movies that changed the course of film history. Packed with over four hours of brand-new interviews, including such legendary horror icons as Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill), Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead), and special-effects wizard Tom Savini (Friday the 13th), Part II features 15 new faces alongside 40-plus returning members of the original In Search of Darkness cast to delve into more fan-favorite titles of ‘80s horror, year-by-year, expanding its scope to cover more international releases and spotlighting horror-career retrospectives. 

Deadhouse Dark – Premieres April 29 **Shudder Original Series

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

An anthology of six interconnected horror short films, Deadhouse Dark is anchored by a woman who receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, each item within it gradually unveiling a dark and troubling truth. A boxful of dark and chilling tales of terror inspired by frighteningly familiar modern trends including dark web mystery boxes, dash cam footage and Insta-fame hungry vloggers. Deadhouse Dark is a giant mystery box of chocolates – while there is something in there to suit a variety of different tastes, in the end chocolate is still chocolate. And who doesn’t love chocolate?



Every Friday in April from 3pm-4pm ET, members are invited to call Samuel Zimmerman, Shudder’s director of programming, to discuss all things horror: from their favorite genre films of all time to the most highly anticipated horror releases of the year.  From those conversations, Sam will then use his horror expertise to offer customized viewing recommendations from Shudder’s expansive film collection.


A new hotline phone number will be announced each Friday on Shudder’s social media platforms.


**While recommendations are provided for free, please note that normal phone and long-distance charges may apply. Call volume is expected to be high, so please keep trying if a busy signal is received. There are no guarantees that every call will be answered, but Sam will get through as many as he can within the hour.**




April 1

·        Night of the Lepus (1972)

Coming to Shudder just in time for Easter, in this cult classic, an Arizona rancher dealing with massive rabbit overpopulation calls on a local college president, Elgin Clark, to help him. In order to humanely resolve the matter, Elgin brings in researchers who inject the rabbits with chemicals. However, they fail to anticipate the consequences of their actions.


·        The Haunting of Julia (1977)

After her daughter's death, wealthy American homemaker Julia Lofting moves to London to restart her life. All seems well until she is haunted by the ghosts of other children while mourning for her own.


·        The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Chainsaw-wielding maniac Leatherface is up to his cannibalistic ways once again, along with the rest of his twisted clan. This time, the masked killer has set his sights on a pretty disc jockey, who teams up with a Texas lawman to battle the psychopath and his family deep within their lair, a macabre abandoned amusement park.


April 2

·        The Val Lewton Collection

Seven classic films from the influential writer and producer behind a series of atmospheric, psychologically rich horror classics: Cat People (1942), I Walked With A Zombie (1943), The Leopard Man (1943), The Seventh Victim (1943), Curse of the Cat People (1944), The Body Snatcher (1945) and Isle of the Dead (1945)


April 5

·        Don’t Panic (1988)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Best known as Mexico’s homage to A Nightmare on Elm Street, in this film, Michael is gifted a Ouija board from his best friend, Tony, on his seventeenth birthday. Tony unwittingly unlocks the evil forces of the board, unleashing a wave of violent killings, and the chief suspect appears to be Michael.


·        Zombie for Sale (2019)

(Also available on Shudder CA and Shudder UKI)

When the illegal human experiments of a Korean pharmaceutical company go wrong, one of its undead test subjects escapes and ends up in a gas station owned by the Park family. When the Park family uncovers the undead visitor, they hatch a plan to exploit this unexpected fountain of youth.


April 12

·        The McPherson Tape (1989)

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

Known for being a pioneer in the found footage genre, this film centers on a typical fall evening in 1983 when a young man videotapes his niece's 5th birthday party. As the night's strange occurrences take place, he keeps his video camera running, recording the entire event.


·        Alex de la Iglesia Double Feature

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Two cult favorites from the acclaimed Spanish master of horror who most recently directed and co-wrote HBO Max’s 30 CoinsThe Day of the Beast (1995), in which a priest, TV psychic and Death Metal record store clerk team up to beat Satan and prevent the Apocalypse, and Dance with the Devil (a.k.a. Perdita Durango, 1997) starring Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem as a sadistic couple involved with human sacrifices, kidnapping, murder and fetus trafficking.


April 19

·        The Stepfather (1987)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Jerry Blake is a family man, but he happens to have a series of families, with each one on the receiving end of his murderous ways. When Jerry sets his sights on a lovely widow named Susan and her headstrong daughter, Stephanie, it appears that his brutal pattern of killings will continue. However, Stephanie begins to suspect that there's something wrong with the seemingly well-adjusted Jerry, and a violent confrontation is inevitable.


·        Thale (2012)

Leo and Elvis are cleaning up a particularly messy crime scene when Elvis accidentally finds a secret passage that leads to a subterranean living space. He encounters Thale, a beautiful young woman who sings but does not speak. The two are ill-prepared when others tracking Thale finally catch up to her.


·        The Conspiracy (2012)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.


·        Housebound (2014)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

A young woman is forced to return to her childhood home after being placed under house arrest, where she suspects that something evil may be lurking.


April 26

·        The Similiars (2015)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

Eight people experience a strange phenomenon while waiting for a bus at a remote station on a rainy October night.


·        The Diabolical (2015)

A single mother and her children are awoken nightly by an intense presence. She asks her scientist boyfriend to destroy the violent spirit that paranormal experts are too frightened to take on.


·        Attack of the Demons (2019)

(Also available on Shudder CA)

For centuries, a demonic cult has been plotting the destruction of mankind. When a small Colorado town is overrun by a legion of mutating demons, three non-demon hunter friends must use every skill their minds can fathom to stave off the demon apocalypse.


April 29

·        Horror Express (1972)

(Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ)

While travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express, an anthropologist and his rival must contain the threat posed by the former's cargo: a prehistoric ape which is the host for a lifeform that is absorbing the minds of the passengers and crew.




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