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Jessie Lee Talks Porn & Metal at Exxxotica NJ 2012

All photography and video by Negative Pop.

It had been some years since I had last seen Burning Angel's beautiful and awesome Jessie Lee. So, I was quite happy to see this tattooed beauty at Exxxotica NJ in Oct. Even more so cause we got to talk about two of my favorite subjects in the entire world: porn and metal, among other cool shit.



Let's Be Thankful for Jada Stevens' Butt

First and foremost, I would like to say how thankful I am for all of your continued support. I wouldn't be able to do what I do with out you loyal readers and friends. I appreciate it greatly. This year has been great for me (but I'll save that for a possible end of the year blog). Anyway, I am also very thankful for my family, friends, my dog, health, and career.

OK, now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, let's just give thanks to my favorite behind in the world right now: the one belonging to Jada Stevens!!! I truly believe that it's one of the best asses, that I have ever seen!!

Jada is also a great performer. Not only is naturally beautiful but her scenes are hot as fuck. She definitely knows how to screw on camera. And, of course there is that ass of hers.

Here are some of vids of her butt:

Yeah, I definitely wanna give thanks for that! I would also like to add, that I met her at Exxxotica, and she's really cool in person. But, more on that when I post about meeting her in a future Exxxotica blog, for now one more look at her ass:
 Anyway, I want to wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Exclusive Interview with Raylene at Exxxotica 2012 & Plus Kiara Mia pics!

All photography by Negative Pop, BAS Photography, and myself.
Video by Negative Pop

 Over at the Pornstar Tweets booth two of the hottest Latinas, Kiara Mia and Raylene, to ever grace the adult industry were meeting, greeting, and signing autographs for fans.

As someone who has been a huge fan of Raylene since 2000, when she was one of the world famous Vivid girls, it was both an honor and a dream come true to interview this breathtaking, natural beauty.

By the way, for those curious, the lovely blonde in the background in the video is Ash Hollywood. 




Marcus London Talks SPARTACUS at Exxxotica NJ 2012

All photography by Negative Pop and BAS Photography.
Video by Negative Pop. 

There is no doubt about the fact that Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning is one of the most talked about, critically acclaimed, and popular adult movies of the year. Fans and critics are raving about it, and at Exxxotica NJ, I go to talk to it's star, writer, and director, Marcus London, about the epic film.

Marcus is intelligent, gracious, and well spoken, and I truly enjoyed talking to him. I am also even more sold on seeing this movie (a film, that as I have said before here have been excited for since I first heard about it), and I know you will be to.



NYCC 2012- Celebs, Babes, & Hello Kitty!

As always, there were tons of celebs and hotties at NYCC. I've already posted my interviews with Vampy Bit Me, Adrianne Curry, and Tera Patrick and my coverage of The Collection panel, but those weren't the only ones I saw/ met those four days. Here are the rest:

On Thursday Alan (Negative Pop) and I finally met Chris Hardwick! Last year, we couldn't find him on any of the four days! This time we saw on the first! I think the fact that he had his own booth (Nerdist) made it much easier for us. We told him about it. He's a really cool guy in person! We're so happy to have caught him! 

On Friday, I met Playboy Playmate Colleen Marie. She's all natural and very cool in person. She also beautiful! I'm not a fan of the typical Playmate, which is why liked this babe so much.
Also, on that day I met the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. She starred in the awesome Malevolence prequel, Bereavement, among other films. She was there to promote the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D (no the word "Massacre" is not in the title...) movie, which is said to be a sequel to the original and not the remake series. She signed for free including a nice poster from that upcoming flick (it'll be out in Jan). She was also very sweet and stunning in person!! I was very happy to have met her!
 Here are some other stunning beauties:
 One of the greatest booths in the history of booths!
 This gorgeous babe is from the Iron Sky booth.
 I declare my love to this babe! :P
She was there last year as well. Gorgeous!

 True story: This was from Thurs, and the guy working the booth was pissed I took a pic with it, even though Kelly Kelly wasn't there and wouldn't be there till the next day! I ain't a fan of hers really had no desire to meet her. That said, she does look beautiful in person. But, this pic is hilarious. I doubt meeting her would have been as funny or as "law-breaking"!
Is it me, or this does this New-Gen babe look like porn star Alexis Ford's younger sister?

Finally, this might be the coolest/ most hilarious thing I saw all week. Sanrio and Capcom are collaborating on  some tees! I wish it was a game, but alas, whatcha gonna do? Regardless, Chun-Li Hello Kitty rules! And, I gave her a kiss! 


NYCC 2012- The Best Cosplay!

All photography comes courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

As always there was a ton of coplay all four days. The following pics are some of the very best I saw that day. They include the coolest, sexiest, most original, funny, and just plain awesome. Enjoy!

 Hot vampire babes are always appreciated! Part of an Abraham Lincoln cosplay crew.
 Roger Rabbit gets all the hot chicks!
 Asian AJ!! Dear God!! Now I wish I was C.M. Punk (minus the whole straight-edge thing, of course!)
 Beautiful cosplay costumes!
 Diva Deadpool was the coolest variation of the character at NYCC!
 This cute kitty had a live butterfly in her jar.
 There were lots of Black Widows, but this babe was my personal favorite.
 Magneto kicks Wolvie's ass, while Batman looks on and does nothing! That asshole! :P
Perhaps my fav pic my friend and photog, Negative Pop, took that wkend: the Ghostbusters and the Quick Bunny!!!
 Batman has never looked hotter!
 Remember what I said about hot vampires, before? :)
Remember that issue where Spidey got Thor's powers? No. I don't either. But, still cool as fuck!!
 My bro Nelson D. Martinez as the Mad Hatter.
And, here is Nelson as his most famous cosplay, Deadpool (X-Force) and yours truly.