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NYCC 2012- The Best Cosplay!

All photography comes courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

As always there was a ton of coplay all four days. The following pics are some of the very best I saw that day. They include the coolest, sexiest, most original, funny, and just plain awesome. Enjoy!

 Hot vampire babes are always appreciated! Part of an Abraham Lincoln cosplay crew.
 Roger Rabbit gets all the hot chicks!
 Asian AJ!! Dear God!! Now I wish I was C.M. Punk (minus the whole straight-edge thing, of course!)
 Beautiful cosplay costumes!
 Diva Deadpool was the coolest variation of the character at NYCC!
 This cute kitty had a live butterfly in her jar.
 There were lots of Black Widows, but this babe was my personal favorite.
 Magneto kicks Wolvie's ass, while Batman looks on and does nothing! That asshole! :P
Perhaps my fav pic my friend and photog, Negative Pop, took that wkend: the Ghostbusters and the Quick Bunny!!!
 Batman has never looked hotter!
 Remember what I said about hot vampires, before? :)
Remember that issue where Spidey got Thor's powers? No. I don't either. But, still cool as fuck!!
 My bro Nelson D. Martinez as the Mad Hatter.
And, here is Nelson as his most famous cosplay, Deadpool (X-Force) and yours truly.


Jim said...

Man, Batman ain't stupid, he knows Magneto would fuck his world up lol

Giovanni Deldio said...

LMAO! Good point, bro! :P