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First off, I haven't had internet since that bitch Sandy hit my beloved New York and the rest of the eastcoast. Hence the lack of updates and, ultimately, work for me. That said I realize that this was so minor, and I thank God that I and my family, and for the most part my friends, got off easy. It's not easy to see the suffering people are, still, going through thanks to this horrifying storm. In fact watching it on NY1 is very moving to me, it deeply saddens me. But, I'm happy to see people coming together to help. Sure, there has been the assholes who have been freaking out and coming violent acts thanks to the lack of gas. But, I have no desire to focus on them. My hat's off to all those helping to do something good.
Anyway, my net, and cable, came finally came back this morning. Which means I can post the latest review that I did for best-horror-movies.com here. It's for the amazing American Mary from the Soska Twins. Thank God, I wrote and sent this out Mon morning. And, you can read it here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=american-mary-TBD-review