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Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 (Comic-Book Review)

Title: Steve Rogers: Captain America  
Issue Number: 2
Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Jesus Saiz
Editor: Tom Brevdort
Publisher: Marvel
Genre: Action/ Superhero
Cover Price: $3.99 (US) 

After last month's shocking revelation where Captain America pushed his backup, Jack Flag, out of a plane and uttered the words, "Hail Hydra!" the Internet went insane, so much as sending death threats to those involved with the issue. Though to be honest, if you only know Capt from the movies and have never read a single comic in your life, you need to just shut the fuck up.

Anyway, the year's most controversial and talked about superhero comicbook storyline continues. I know some sites have already talked about/ revealed what happens inthis second issue, but, that's not my style of doing reviews. As such my synopsis of this issue will be short and to the point, but honestly you can probably figure out the reveal with just reading the following. 

The Red Skull is visited by a little girl , Kubik, who is a sentient embodiment of the cosmic cube that he once possessed. She tells him of her adoration for him and Hydra, as well as her ability to manipulate and add new thoughts/ memories (along with other reality shaping abilities as the cosmic cube would have) lile she's done wth the scientist that SHIELD had hired to study her. This inspires the Skull to have one of his most nefarious plans, ever. 

Stop bitching and read this amazing and bold comic! This is slowing shaping up to be one of the most intriguing superhero stories of the year! Spencer is in top form slowly unweaving plot points and story. It is instantly captavating and enthralling, you'll wanna keep reading and turning the pages. Even though I could quickly figure out where the story was heading, it didn't deter or take away anything from the entertainment value or quality of the story.  Plus, he really knows how to write for the Skull, perhaps Marvel's most purely evil and vile villain. That this issue is told through his voice and perspective is particularly good. 

The art by Jesus Saiz is gorgeous. He's so apt at drawing people, especially catching their emotions. His style works great with this comic and story. 

In short, this is the must read and most enthralling superhero story running in a comic this summer. Buy it now! 

* * * * out of * * * *


You Will Believe a Girl Can Fly: Wicked Comix Releases ‘Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody’

All pictures come courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

Finally! My most hotly anticipated adult film, so far this year, has just been released! We all know Axel Braun is the master of comic-book porn flicks. Add to that the fact that I am a huge fan of Supergirl, and that she is being played by someone who I been signing the praises of here for seemingly ever: the gorgeous Carter Cruise! What you get is a movie that looks to be a sure winner!

From the Wicked Pictures press release:

Carter Cruise Returns as the Maid of Might in Legendary Director’s First Mega-Release of 2016!​

LOS ANGELES, CA — (JUNE 27, 2016) —Wicked Pictures is pleased to announce it is releasing the anxiously awaited two-disc set Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. Directed by legendary six-consecutive-time Best Parody AVN winner Axel Braun, the high-budget film follows the same blueprint as his heavily acclaimed award winner Batman v Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. Carter Cruise, the film’s dynamic Supergirl and the latest addition to Axel Braun Productions’ award-winning team of contract stars, dons her iconic cape once more to reprise her role as Kara Zor-El, the “Maid of Might.”

Shot over a four-month period, the dramatic story finds Metropolis facing its biggest threat ever. Adding to the suspense, Clark Kent has forgotten that he is Superman. The clock is ticking…can Supergirl defeat the evil Brainiac? Will Batman help her? And most importantly…is she going to get laid? Thankfully for audiences around the world, the answer to all three questions is a resounding YES.

In addition to featuring Carter as the Last Daughter of Krypton, Ryan Driller and Derrick Pierce reprise their award-winning roles as Superman and Lex Luthor, while Wicked Pictures contract superstar jessica drake portrays gossip columnist and business woman Cat Grant. Rising starlet Katrina Jade delivers a delicious turn as Mercy Graves and APB contract star Riley Steele essays the coveted role of the Enchantress, the sultry villain to be portrayed on the big screen later this year by Cara Delevingne in Suicide Squad.

In addition to Driller and Pierce, the male cast features Van Wylde as Jimmy Olsen, Charles Dera as Batman, and Damon Dice, who shaved his head and was painted green to play the villainous Brainiac.

Both shot and edited in 16x9 HD, this all-new Wicked Comix two-disc release comes packed with added-value bonus content. Disc One includes the 112 minute feature presentation and trailer, while Disc Two contains exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a SFW non-sex version of the movie, three bonus sex scenes and more.  

Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is now in stores.

The SFW trailer came out on June 24, 2016. It looks awesome! The cast is fucking gorgeous and Brianiac looks cool as fuck! You can see for yourself, below:


Horror Crush: Blake Lively

This is a first ever for this site's horror crushes: a new movie's actress gets featured in it, having only done that one horror movie, one that is also currently out. The film is The Shallows and the babe is, one of my long time personal favorites, Blake Lively!
The absolutely breathtaking blonde was born on Aug. 25, 1987 in Los Angeles, CA. She has been acting since the age of 10. But, she found fame on Gossip Girl, of course. While, I have never seen a single episode of that show, I always thought she and her co-star Leighton Meester were impossibly gorgeous. She would star in some movies as well, including the truly godawful Green Lantern, where she starred with her hubby to be Ryan Reynolds. She had never done horror, though (unlike Meester), but The Shallows changes that. And, thank God the movie is awesome!
The Shallows a nail-biting, white-knuckle, crowd-pleaser of a horror-thriller, and the best killer shark flick since Open Water. Lively gives an excellent preformance, one that's full of emotion, strength, heart, pathos, and toughness. It's one of my favorite from a lead actress in a horror flick, this year. She also looks breathtaking, making her a beautiful compliment to the stunning look of the film (I should add that this movie is the most beautiful looking big studio horror movie, I've seen this year). Plus, she spends the whole movie in a bikini, so yum! Something the shark clearly agrees with me on!
Blake is an absolute vision of beauty. With long, flowing, blonde hair, an exceptional body, amazing ass, impossibly long legs, gorgeous face, and beautiful, blue eyes, she's the living embodiment of the perfect California girl. She's also a damn good actress. Glad to see her in such a good horror flick, let's hope she does more! And, go see The Shallows, especially week it being Shark Week!


Horror Crush: Odette Yustman

Two horror crushes in one month, and it ain't even Women in Horror Month or October?! Yup. And, you can thank me later. But, right now let's get right to her. It's the absolutely breathtaking Odette Yustman!
She was born Odette Juliette Yustman, circa 1985, in Los Angeles, CA. She's been acting since she was a little kid. But, she wouldn't grace the horror genre till 2008's masterful Cloverfield. In this modern classic, a giant monster (and the parasites attached to him) attack New York City. She plays Elizabeth McIntyre, one of a group of young friends who get caught up in the middle of all the mayhem, as they were at a party. She gets separated from the group, and her friend, who is in love with her, goes off to look for/ save her. 
She gives a good performance, and quite frankly, looks drop dead gorgeous. I would go through fucking hell to save her, too! Cloverfield is genuinely frightening and nail-biting horror. It is easily one of the finest found footage horror flicks, ever. And, this is coming from someone who hates that subgenre. It also ranks among the best giant monster flicks. I recently rewatched it and still love it. Oh and Lizzy Caplan, one of her costars, is a stunner, too!
A year later, she appeared in her next horror flick, The Unborn. This godawful possession flick is the fucking pits. it could have been an interesting and a fresh take by focusing on the Jewish religion for the exorcism, but instead it is boring, stupid, and by the numbers. As such is is instantly forgettable, save for one thing: Yustman! Particularly, she in her panties. Clearly the movie reps agreed, after all that got on the poster (right). In the end, I recall her amazing ass and little else about this cinematic turd.

Her next genre flick is And, Soon the Darkness (2010). Never seen, and up and until now, I hadn't even heard of it. But, it has her and another horror crush, Amber Heard, in bikinis! Woohoo!! Anyone of you ever seen it? Any thoughts?
Odette Yustman is absolutely captivating beauty. And, her butt is truly incredible, enough so that it was used to sell a crappy horror flick. Here is hoping she does more horror and soon!


Another Lost Year- Alien Architect (Album Review)

Musician: Another Lost Year
Album Title: Alien Architect
Genre/ Subgenre: Hard rock
Label: Mirage M'hal Records/EMP/eOne
Release Date: June 10, 2016

The latest album from Charlotte, NC's Another Lost Year Alien Architect is a catchy and hook filled rocker. The music has a really good driving feel to it and is guaranteed to stick to your head, from the very first listen.

The four piece band is comprised by guys with a ton of talent. The drumming by Nathan Walker had me air drumming, ever while writing this review! Dual guitar work by Jorge Sotomarino and lead vocalist Clinton Cunanan gives the music a wonderful melody to it. Cunanan's heartfelt and soulful vocals  add a dose of beauty to it all, as he really brings the music to another level. This all presented with excellent production, which makes the album sound crisp and powerful.

The first song on the album is the driving "Wolves" which has a great almost Disturbed like opening riff. "Run the Tank Out" is damn good rocking song with a little bit of badassary under it that mixes well with the melodic sound to give it an extra bit of bite. "We All Die Alone" will get you moving and signing alone within seconds and maybe my favorite track on the album. The band also does power ballads quite beautifully with songs like the soaring "Best Is Yet to Come" and the powerful, yet super catchy, "He Took Beautiful Away".

"Alien Architect" is a solid rocker throughout it's duration. Soaring, hook filled, and with moments of beauty, Another Lost Year have delivered an album that is a sure bet for fans of bands like Breaking Benjamin. If you are looking for a good rock album look no further, you have found it!

* * * 1/2 out of  * * * * * 


Motley Crue: The End (Review)

Motley Crue, one of the most notorious, popular, biggest, and most influential mainstream metal bands of the 80s played their last live show ever on New Year's Eve of 2015, into New Year's Day this year. It took place at the same place it all started: in Los Angeles! This final concert is captured on Motley Crue: The End, and I was fortunate enough to catch it on the big screen, this past Tuesday.
From the get go this fucker kicks all kinds of ass. The band is on point delivering many of their classics and playing hard as hell. Everyone is playing at their best and giving their all, thus leaving as the rock stars that they are. The set-list plays as close to a greatest hits list as possible and is as follows:

1. Girls, Girls, Girls
2. Wild Side
3. Primal Scream
4. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
5. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
6. Smokin' in the Boys' Room (Brownsville Station cover)
7. Looks That Kill
8. Mutherfucker of the Year (followed by wisdom and… more )
9. Anarchy in the U.K. (Sex Pistols cover)
In the Beginning
10. Shout at the Devil
11. Louder Than Hell
O Fortuna
12. Drum Solo (drum rollercoaster got stuck during the solo)
13. Guitar Solo
14. Saints of Los Angeles
15. Live Wire
T.N.T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown)
16. Dr. Feelgood
17. Kickstart My Heart

Home Sweet Home

The stage is fucking awesome and huge. There are ramps, hydraulics, fire, explosions, pentagrams, two sexy, female backup-signers, and even a roller-coaster for Tommy Lee's drums during his solo. The contraption gets him stuck, but it's things like this that make this a real concert experience. There are just so many badass moments that I couldn't help but being sucked in.
This is further helped by the excellent sound. Aside from the hard hitting music, the explosions and fire sound so fucking loud and huge. The camera-work is phenomenal with awesome close-ups and shots. Mixed in are some slow-mo shots and still shots that are the epitome of cool. Fan reactions are scattered in, too, with some great shots of some of the Crue's beautiful female fans, which adds some nice, eye-candy moments.
There are also insightful and honest words and thoughts, as all four band talk about this final show. These are scattered throughout the concert. Most interesting is the band admitting that they are not friends or anything of the sort, but that does not matter when they are onstage. It's an honest moment that puts a lot into perspective. Yet, as the concert draws to an end with the classic power-ballad, "Home, Sweet Home" there is an emotional and heartfelt feeling throughout that no true Crue fan will not be able to watch without getting teary eyed.
Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best filmed concerts ever, Motely Crue: The End is not just history captured on video; it is destined to become a classic. See it and own it when it hits DVD/ blu-ray!

* * * * out of * * * *


Horror Crush: Vera Farmiga

It's time for another horror crush. This time I am picking a woman who is currently appearing in horror material and is a total MILF. I am talking about the exquisitely beautiful Vera Farmiga.
Farmiga was born on Aug. 6, 1972 (making her 43) in Clifton, NJ. She's been acting since 1996, but it wasn't until 2007, when she appeared in her first genre flick. It was Joshua. I have never seen and am not sure I ever even heard of it before, writing this. It's apparently a creepy kid flick. Any of you out there seen it? Any thoughts?
She wouldn't return to straight up horror till Orphan, which coincidentally, is also a creepy kid flick! Orphan is actually chilling, fun, nasty, and even a little sleazy. This is the tale of a couple that adopts a weird, little girl (Isabelle Fuhrman) that turns out to be anything but innocence. It's not scared to go beyond what studio horror deems OK material and features a great performance by the whole cast. Especially Farmiga who brings a lot of heart and depth to her performance. While, Fuhrman is creepy and as fuck. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best flicks of this sub-genre and a favorite of mine that holds up really well to repeated viewings.
2013 saw her in the two roles that would define her genre work: Bates Motel and The Conjuring. Bates Motel is, of course, about the teen life of Psycho's killer Norman Bates. Farmiga plays his mom Norma Bates. This show far exceeded expectations, from the get go, and has gone on to be a fine genre series. It's a great mix of drama and horror. The acting is phenomenal and it manages to be creepy and get under your skin. Farmiga's immense talent and unbelievable beauty are in full display on this show, which recently ended it's fifth season in a spectacular manner.
The Conjuring remains my favorite movie of hers, as well as being one of the finest haunted house/ ghost flicks, ever. I've reviewed it before so need to talk more about it, other than once again mentioning how great she is in her role and how stunning she looks.

She returned to the same role in the recently released The Conjuring 2. This well done sequel may fall under some horror tropes but the talent in front and behind the camera raises it well, well above the average sequel or ghost flick. Like its' predecessor, it is inspired by a "true story". James Wan, again, proves that he is one of the genre's finest filmmakers. Unlike others he understands how to build tension and even manages to use jump scares correctly. The strong acting further helps the story alone. Farmiga again is amazing and, well, looks amazing, too!
Farmiga is as talented an actress as she is gorgeous. Her beauty is so captivating that, at times, I find myself completely taken away by it. She is truly one of the most stunnung MILFs in the history of horror.


Howard the Duck #8 (Comic-Book Review)

Title: Howard the Duck
Issue Number: 8
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Art: Joe Quinones
Cover: Joe Quinones
Publisher: Marvel
Genre: Science Fiction/ Action/ Comedy/ Superhero
Cover Price: $3.99 (US) 

After all the crazy stuff that has been going in Howard the Duck's life, he decides to go visit and talk to Beverly, his beautiful and loyal human partner and friend. He wants her back in his life, but she is over with all the craziness that comes with him. And, as if to prove her right, a sentient Sentinel appears and tries to kill them. The end of the issue sets up the next story arc, as actress Lea Thompson comes in to Howard's PI office looking for help.
First and foremost, this is my first time ever reading a Howard the Duck comic. While, I know the character and have read stories or appearances with him in it; I never read any of his own titles. But, holy crap, am I ever sold on the guy! This comic was priceless!! The writing by Zdarksy is fun, hilarious, and fast paced. His dialogue, especially between Bev and Howard, is spot-on and made me laugh my ass off! The whole story, mostly a one-shot, save for the end, is so wildly imaginative. And, being that it sums up a lot of what has happened in the comic, it's a perfect set-up point for new readers to come in. Especially, since the next arc is gonna revolve around Lea freaking Thompson!

She was my main reason for picking this issue up, and I am happy that I did. I have a life long crush on her (she's still beautiful!), and I especially liked her 80's rocker look in the crappy 80s Howard the Duck movie. Quinones is a great artist, and he really captures her beauty in his art. The comic looks beautiful thanks to him. It's fun and bright looking (also his cover is gorgeous, just look at it at the top!), and his ability to draw superhero stuff in a really cool manner and draw girls really pretty. It all just hits the mark. The flashback stuff is amazing looking like an issue straight from the 70s!!!

Howard the Duck is THE best title that you are not reading. Get off your ass and change that, NOW! Me? I plan on getting some trades to catch up and can't wait for the next issue!

* * * * out of * * * *