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Horror Crush: Odette Yustman

Two horror crushes in one month, and it ain't even Women in Horror Month or October?! Yup. And, you can thank me later. But, right now let's get right to her. It's the absolutely breathtaking Odette Yustman!
She was born Odette Juliette Yustman, circa 1985, in Los Angeles, CA. She's been acting since she was a little kid. But, she wouldn't grace the horror genre till 2008's masterful Cloverfield. In this modern classic, a giant monster (and the parasites attached to him) attack New York City. She plays Elizabeth McIntyre, one of a group of young friends who get caught up in the middle of all the mayhem, as they were at a party. She gets separated from the group, and her friend, who is in love with her, goes off to look for/ save her. 
She gives a good performance, and quite frankly, looks drop dead gorgeous. I would go through fucking hell to save her, too! Cloverfield is genuinely frightening and nail-biting horror. It is easily one of the finest found footage horror flicks, ever. And, this is coming from someone who hates that subgenre. It also ranks among the best giant monster flicks. I recently rewatched it and still love it. Oh and Lizzy Caplan, one of her costars, is a stunner, too!
A year later, she appeared in her next horror flick, The Unborn. This godawful possession flick is the fucking pits. it could have been an interesting and a fresh take by focusing on the Jewish religion for the exorcism, but instead it is boring, stupid, and by the numbers. As such is is instantly forgettable, save for one thing: Yustman! Particularly, she in her panties. Clearly the movie reps agreed, after all that got on the poster (right). In the end, I recall her amazing ass and little else about this cinematic turd.

Her next genre flick is And, Soon the Darkness (2010). Never seen, and up and until now, I hadn't even heard of it. But, it has her and another horror crush, Amber Heard, in bikinis! Woohoo!! Anyone of you ever seen it? Any thoughts?
Odette Yustman is absolutely captivating beauty. And, her butt is truly incredible, enough so that it was used to sell a crappy horror flick. Here is hoping she does more horror and soon!