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Gruesome- Dimensions of Horror (Album Review)

Musician: Gruesome
Album Title: Dimensions Of Horror
Genre/ Subgenre: Death metal
Label: Relapse
Release Date: May 20, 2016

Gruesome sound and play death metal that is a love letter and tribute to the early sound of the fathers of the genre, Death. They made their debut in 2015 with Savage Land. They're back this year with the what is one of the best EPs I have heard thus far in 2016.

They present that Death love right from the get go. The driving and pounding drums by Gus Rios make for a frontal attack you won't soon forget. They're accompanied by Robin Mazen's bass to give the album a thick and heavy sound, throughout. The guitars by Daniel Gonzalez and Matt Harvey (who also does the vocals) are alternately soaring and crunching. It's all played with a ferocity and technicality that old-school death metal fans will eat up. Harvey's aforementioned vocals are the right mix of anger, gruff, and growl, yet clear enough to get at least some of the gory images the band seems to love.

That love of gore, death, and horror imagery abound in the killer songs. The full force attack of "Raped by Darkness" is all about Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead. Other standout tracks include the opener "Forces of Death", the title track "Dimensions of Horror" (the gory video, of which, you can see below) and the crunch and drive of "Hellbound". The finishing touches of old-school Death love is the fucking kick ass cover done by Ed Repka, who has worked on covers for not just just Death but Massacre, Atheist, and Megadeth, as well. By the way, do you realize that the zombie is reading from the Necronomicon?! Ash (Evil Dead hero) might need to find him and kick his ass!

If you love this type of music and long for the days like it, then Dimensions of Horror is for you. It will sedate your hunger for it. They only problem I can see is that you'll want more. Well, we'll just have to eagerly await their next full release for that now, won't we?

* * * * out of  * * * * *