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Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 (Comic-Book Review)

Title: Steve Rogers: Captain America  
Issue Number: 2
Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Jesus Saiz
Editor: Tom Brevdort
Publisher: Marvel
Genre: Action/ Superhero
Cover Price: $3.99 (US) 

After last month's shocking revelation where Captain America pushed his backup, Jack Flag, out of a plane and uttered the words, "Hail Hydra!" the Internet went insane, so much as sending death threats to those involved with the issue. Though to be honest, if you only know Capt from the movies and have never read a single comic in your life, you need to just shut the fuck up.

Anyway, the year's most controversial and talked about superhero comicbook storyline continues. I know some sites have already talked about/ revealed what happens inthis second issue, but, that's not my style of doing reviews. As such my synopsis of this issue will be short and to the point, but honestly you can probably figure out the reveal with just reading the following. 

The Red Skull is visited by a little girl , Kubik, who is a sentient embodiment of the cosmic cube that he once possessed. She tells him of her adoration for him and Hydra, as well as her ability to manipulate and add new thoughts/ memories (along with other reality shaping abilities as the cosmic cube would have) lile she's done wth the scientist that SHIELD had hired to study her. This inspires the Skull to have one of his most nefarious plans, ever. 

Stop bitching and read this amazing and bold comic! This is slowing shaping up to be one of the most intriguing superhero stories of the year! Spencer is in top form slowly unweaving plot points and story. It is instantly captavating and enthralling, you'll wanna keep reading and turning the pages. Even though I could quickly figure out where the story was heading, it didn't deter or take away anything from the entertainment value or quality of the story.  Plus, he really knows how to write for the Skull, perhaps Marvel's most purely evil and vile villain. That this issue is told through his voice and perspective is particularly good. 

The art by Jesus Saiz is gorgeous. He's so apt at drawing people, especially catching their emotions. His style works great with this comic and story. 

In short, this is the must read and most enthralling superhero story running in a comic this summer. Buy it now! 

* * * * out of * * * *