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Heroes and Villains NY 2016

Yesterday, July 2, 2016 (a Saturday), I attended Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey. It was my first time attending this relatively new con. It was originally going to be held in Jan, but alas there was a snow storm (I wasn't in the east coast, as you loyal readers may know I was in Vegas for AEE) and had to be canceled.

Anyways, though smaller in size to other cons, this autographed driven event was still a lot of fun. There were lots of celebrities on hand signing autographs and posing for pics with fans, as well as doing panels. All of them were from popular superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, etc.

The above two is from the Arrow panel. If you are wondering where Steven Amell is, well he had his own panel with his opponent from last year's edition of WWE Summerslam Cody Rhodes, AKA Stardust (below).
I only got on line to meet one celebrity and that was the absolutely gorgeous Katrina Law. Law plays my favorite character in the entire DC TV Universe, Nyssa al Ghoul. She irst appeared on Arrow as the daughter of Raas al Ghoul and the lover of Caity Lotz' Sara Lance, AKA the first Black Canary/ current White Canary. I actually told Law that she was my favorite, as she "is such a badass!" To which, she smiled and replied jokingly that she "just wakes up that way". We both laughed. She posed for two pics, something she did with all her fans. Her price for an autograph and pic was probably the best at the show, being a total of 50 (autograph 30, pic 30 if you didn't want both).
She was so sweet and down to earth and really took her time to talk each and all her fans. It was definitely worth the time and the price I paid. Plus, the pics I got with her were awesome! Law is just the sweetest in person!
A fan drew this beautiful drawing of her, that she graciously signed. She also, rightfully, sang the praises of his amazing talent.

Of course, there were lots of cosplayers, on hand. Here are some of my favorites:
 The best Punisher cosplay that I have ever seen!!

 This is one of the coolest Huntress cosplays that I have ever seen!
I hope this White Canary (who can also be seen at the top with her equally awesome and beautiful friend) met the lovely Katie Cassidy at the con.
 Fucking AWESOME Mirror Master!!!
 This dude is totally Chris Hemsworth's long lost brother! Or stunt double.
 Awesome cutie from Horror Show Jack Fangsmith
 Yes, this lovely Hawkgirl's wings could open and close. Very cool!
 Sharkpool! Or Shark Week Deadpool. Your choice.
I also got some cool swag, which you can see below. Aside from Law's autograph, they also included two Funko Pops: Punisher (Nemesis) and Travis Bickle of Martin Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver and four Funko Mystery Minis, which were no mystery cause I bought them out of the box. They were: the Predator, the Gill-Man from Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Alien Queen, and Spike from Joe Dante's classic Gremlins,
In all, Heroes and Villains was a lot of fun! I hope to be back for a future edition.