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Ghoul- Dungeon Bastards (Album Review)

Musician: Ghoul
Album Title: Dungeon Bastards
Genre/ Subgenre: Death/ Thrash metal
Label: Tankcrimes 
Release Date: July 29, 2016

Ghoul have just unleashed their fifth studio, and it ranks as one of the year's most genuinely fun and enjoyable metal albums. Fast, heavy, and filled with music that will make you bang your head till it bleeds out of every orifice and ignite the pit in a fury of moshing and thrashing madness. Composed of four "mysterious" men this death-thrash metal monster will satisfy all your skateboarding, thrashing, headbanging, moshing, beer drinking, and horror and Dungeons and Dragons obsessed needs.

The album opens up with "Ghetto Blasters" which starts with spoken words centered around a tale of dark fantasy then goes right into a speedy instrumental. It pretty much sets up the thrash metal tempo and the lyrical content of fantasy, horror, gore, and pure metal love. From there we get the blast beat opening to the full sledged speed metal assault of "Bringer of War". "Shred the Dead" recalls early Slayer and Metallica by way of early Sepultura, Death, and Morbid Angel. "Ghoulunatics" features an awesome drumming assault accompanied by slicing and shredding guitar riffs. "Blood and Guts" had me banging my head so hard that I was worried that it was gonna fall right fucking off. I really love how it slows down just a bit to let the growled vocals come in. The sum of all these parts leads to it being my favorite track. By the time the awesome "Abominox" closes off this album, you will wanna put on a hood and swear you allegiance to Ghoul (if you haven't done so already)!

Dungeon Bastards (great title, by the way!) is such a thoroughly rocking after riff after riff assault that there is no way that you won't fucking love every inch of it. Dripping with blood and violence, this is real metal through and through from the awesome album artwork, to the sound, the look, the feel, the lyrics, every fucking thing. And, that further solidifies this as the album that has all the death, thrash, with bit of crossover, thrown in for good measure, sound that you could ever hope to ask for.  

4 out of 5