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Ghoulgotha- To Starve The Cross (Album Review)

Musician: Ghoulgotha
Album Title: To Starve The Cross
Genre/ Subgenre: Doom/ Death metal
Label: Dark Descent Records
Release Date: June 13, 2016

Southern California's Ghoulgotha latest release To Starve the Cross is a dark and slow crunching bit of extreme music. Mixing elements of doom with death metal with solid technical proficiency, this album is crunch after crunch of dark and heavy tunes.

Best described as Immolation by way of an evil Black Sabbath, the band have extreme vocals accompanied by tempo shifting guitars and drumbeat that switches between slow and fast. The slow driving opening of "Pangea Reforms" feels evil, even if you may have no clue what is being sung about. The song then picks up speed adding blast-beats and a dissonant sound to the proceedings. "A Lord in the Shattered Mirror" is another slow bit of discordant heavy chaos, while "Wounds Immaculate" has a cool acoustic intro that leads into a speedy bit of chainsaw guitars. It is probably my favorite track on the album. The album closes off with "A Holy Book Scribed by Wolves" which is not only has a fucking cool title, but is slicing bit of heavy and slowly skull bashing music.

Topped off with cool artwork, To Starve the Cross will please fans of old school death metal who like music that shifts between slow and fast, on top of being evil and crunching.

3 out of 5