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Mile High Media's "The Stepmother 9" Features Award Winning Beauties Kimberly Kane and Allie Haze

All pics come courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner.

As soon as I saw who was in this latest release from Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner I was like, "Fuck, yes!!!" I mean look at the cast:
Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze, Adrianna Luna, Nick Manning, Marcus London, Richie Deville

And, then I saw the SFW trailer, and all I thought, "This is hot as fucking hell!":

The three women are just gorgeous! Allie Haze is one of my personal favorite girls in the industry. Adrianna Luna is just a total hottie. And, it's official: thanks to this trailer I am in love with Kimberly Kane!! What a beauty!! Want more of the girls? Well here you go:
 Adrianna Luna
 Kimberly Kane
 Allie Haze

From the Mile High Media description:
Emma has a dark secret. Her fiancée--an older, distinguished gentleman--doesn't know anything about her salacious past. But when his son meets his soon-to-be-stepmother, he recognizes her at once: a sultry escort who goes by the online-name of Sabrina. While Emma tries to leave her tainted past behind, her stepson sucks her back into a relationship of deceit, betrayal and sexual intrigue. Starring Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze and Marcus London and featuring Adrianna Luna. Written & Directed by James Avalon.

From the Mile High Media press release:
“To produce an adult movie that is engaging for couples, you must employ performers who are as skilled at acting as they are sex,” states Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt.  “Kimberly and Allie have amazing acting resumes, including Best Actress accolades from the top award shows in our industry.  Consumers are going to be blown away by their performances in ‘The Stepmother 9,’ and we know critics are going to take note as well.”

Kimberly Kane received AVN’s 2010 Best Actress award, followed by XBIZ and XRCO’s 2011 Best Actress awards.  XBIZ and XCritic.com named Allie Haze Best Actress in 2013.  She also received AVN Best Actress nominations in 2012 and 2013.

The high level of acting in ‘The Stepmother’ is what draws critics to the series.  In his review of Volume 4, AdultDVDTalk.com contributor Astroknight wrote, “Even without a cast this impressive, I’d really be looking forward to this one.  It’s a very well done feature…The cast does a very nice job with the story…Definitely worth checking out!”

Having hit stores on Aug. 28, 2013, this definitely seems as the movie to get if you are looking for a great couples' movie!


SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay Causes Controversy

SyFy Channel's latest reality show, Heroes of Cosplay, has been fanning the flames of controversy amongst viewers, since it began airing on the channel just three weeks ago. From the get go the fans have not liked that it focuses so much on the competitive aspect of cosplaying or that it has the drama inherent to most reality shows. They also seem to complain about the fact that it focuses so much on sexy and beautiful women, who cosplay. The flames have been fanned even higher now thanks to a photographer who is threatening to sue the show.

Let's begin with the whole photographer aspect. Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios, the photographer in question. He claims that SyFy used his pics on the show without his permission. SyFy defended their stance at first, but eventually recanted this and pushed the blame on to the cosplayers, something Ardita claims that he never wanted to occur. His words on this:

Very soon after my response, SyFy did the unthinkable. They turned it around and started attacking the cosplayers in question – which was completely not my intention. SyFy threatened to compromise the careers of the cosplayers featured in the show. Reality TV production at its best.
Everyone needs to know this – the VAST MAJORITY of the cosplayers on the show have forwarded all photographer information over to the studio along with the photographs since BEFORE the show aired. Yes, I do have proof of that too. These people are not stupid – I respect them very much and most of them did 100% the right thing.
The people at fault are those who made the decision to not contact the photographers and still proceed with the show.

You can read more of his thoughts here:

Popular cosplayer, Nelson D. Martinez, who has been featured on this blog quite a few times, has this to say on the subject of cosplaying photograph ownership:

 In regards to this whole photographer sueing Heroes of Cosplay, or SyFy, for not crediting him for the photos, I do understand most of what he is saying, but besides stating an actual Law, he is also, stating his style, and how he, personally thinks rights should or shouldn't be, between Cosplayers, and Photographers. What he states, doesn't hold true, to all Models, Cosplayers, and/ or Photographers. I personally wouldn't work with anyone, who tells me, that I have no rights at all to do what I want with the photos, that I myself, have also worked hard on. I always credit my photographers, but they do give me equal rights to do as I wish with the photographs. My advice to Cosplayers and Models, work with people you know, and trust, not someone who your not really sure what their style or intentions are.
Martinez, in his X-Force Deadpool cosplay, and myself at last year's NYCC.
 I have to fully agree with what Martinez says. While, writing is my prime job, I do shoot pics myself, frequently, for this site and my Facebook fan page. I also work with various photographers and video-men and women. All of them get credit here. Just look at my Master's Minions page, for further proof. And, of course all models, cosplayers, etc get their credit, as well. But, like Nelson said work with people you trust and/ or know. This goes for all aspects of the entertainment business. 
Picture I took of Riki, aka Riddle, at the 2011 NYCC. She is one of the cosplayers featured on the show.

As to the show, itself, well, I missed the first episode, but I caught the last two. I like the show. Let's start with the competitive aspect of the show: almost all conventions have cosplaying contests nowadays. It's common place. Having it be the focus of the show is obviously done so that it gives the show some drama. It's needed, for the sake of TV, whether we like or not. I admit that some of what is shown might make some of the cosplayers look bad. I have seen Yaya Han, on her Twitter and Facebook fan page, state that the editing is what causes. And, well who is to say that that ain't the case? After all, drama causes people to watch, for better or for worse. Is right or wrong? Well, I don't think that question matters to the channel. As to the sex aspect, hey sex sells. This blog is spawned from that. People like looking at gorgeous women in skimpy outfits. That's the way the world works, more so the entertainment world. Perhaps, a great documentary is needed on cosplayer. This ain't it, though. This is reality TV. And, as it is; it's still light years ahead of shit like the WWE inspired Total Divas or whatever other filth infests E!, MTV, etc.
 Monika Lee, the youngest girl on the show, and the one to wear the skimpiest outfits. The above cosplay is a Poison Ivy one she wore on last week's episode. Oh, and I didn't take the above or bottom pic.

This is Nelson's thoughts on the show and the misconceptions of cosplayers that it may have inspired among viewers:

I would just like to say a few words, and this is for Everyone! Many of us may dislike the Heroes of Cosplay show, for whatever the reason may be, many feel it may not show what many of us are actually capable of, or may not show a certain personality that we either have or don't have. But before you Knock any individuals, you need to know many of them, and us, give back more than you know, and or see. Riddle's Messy Wardrobe, Yaya Han and many others, run a Charitable Calendar, Cosplay for a Cause, they started it awhile back, and it helps many of the Victims in Japan, which I donated to. Some of you think that because some of us don't actually have the time of day to visit a Hospital for Children, means we haven't gave back, that's a misconception. I myself have served a tour in Iraq, and I've been serving in the U.S. Army for over 6 years and still going. There are many Veterans that I personally know that are in the Cosplay Community, but many of you, aren't aware they even exist, like I said, know someone, before you choose to bash or knock them, for doing their thing. We all like to have fun, I don't care who you are or how old you are, so don't act like You, are any better than anyone else.

We shall see where this controversy leads in the coming days and months, but I think, I hope, we can agree, at the very least, that is nice to see cosplayers getting some sort of mention on TV. And not just the random mention of them at a convention.


The Latest from Mile High Media: DP My Wife With Me 2

All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and RealityJunkies.
 Before you ask or wonder, Holly West is not eating two cakes. She is sucking tw dicks. But, I don't post hardcore pics here. 

Mile High Media and Reality Junkies are giving us the second installment in their series where a hubby and some other dude DP a hot chick, DP My Wife with Me 2, from director Mike Quasar! 

Here is the description from Mile High Media:
Mackenzee and John had plans to go hiking, but John blows them off for “The Big Game”. The only way Mackenzee will forgive him is if he can get Billy to join them in a 3-way. India is a clinically diagnosed Nymphomaniac. For her Birthday she turns down a modified kitchen and even a big diamond for her wedding ring. What she really wants is Tommy’s training partner Ramone. Holly is very lonely all the time because Tommy is never home and working all the time. So she decides to start a romance online. Mark shows up all hot and horny, but then Tommy walks through the door. What will he do? John and Veronica get a new house up in the hills and are a little strapped for cash. So they put a room for rent add out online. James answers the ad and likes what he sees, but what James doesn’t know is that John and Veronica are swingers. 

The cast is hot as fuck!!! Check them out:
Holly West, Mackenzee Pierce, Veronica Avluv, India Summer, James Deen, John Strong, Tommy Gunn.   
Veronica Avluv
 Holly West
 India Summer
 Mackenzee Pierce

From the Mile High Media press release:
Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt says, “Even before the first volume of ‘DP My Wife with Me’ released, we knew we had a winner based on the great number of pre-orders.  ‘DP My Wife with Me 2’ will live up to the high expectations for this sequel, providing consumers with hours of hardcore action.”

DP My Wife with Me 2 came out on DVD on August 21, 2013, so be sure you pick it up!  



Title: Lovelace
Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman 
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Juno Temple, Chris Noth, Bobby Canavale 
Min: 93

Linda Boreman (Amanda Seyfried) meets and falls for Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard). They get married, and eventually he lands in jail. When, she bails him out, he reminds her to not ask about his work. Later on,
she auditions for and gets the lead role in Deep Throat, the first porno to have a plot. The movie becomes a huge box office sensation, and she, under her porn stage name Linda Lovelace, becomes a superstar. But, soon we see that not all the gold glitters. We learn that Traynor is abusive and controlling. And, that he forced her into the lifestyle and took all her money. It's a tragic and heartbreaking story from here on in.
This bio-pic is based on the life of the first porn superstar, Linda Lovelace, Lovelace is a solid and powerful film. It has it's flaws, which I will get to in a bit, but let me start with it's strong suits. First and foremost, it is the phenomenal acting from the cast, in particular Seyfried and Sarsgaard, that truly drive the movie. I been a fan of the beautiful Ms. Seyfried for a while now, even if she is frequently wasted in awful genre films like Red Riding Hood and Gone. But, she pulls out a star making performance here, that should quite honestly, be looked at by the Academy for Oscar contention. She fills the role of Lovelace with such pathos, vulnerability, and heart.You feel for her and for the horrible ordeal she want through. Meanwhile, Sarsgaard should get an Oscar nod, as well. He is such a truly despicable piece of shit, that he sickens you to the core. You will want to jump into the film and kick his ass yourself. But, early on the film, he does have a sort of sly seductiveness to him, where you can see where he conned this girl into falling for him, in the beginning.

That is combined by her Christian upbringing, from her parents (Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone) to bring her much pain and suffering. In one powerful scene, her mother (Stone is great here and utterly unrecognizable) tells her to do whatever her husband says as she "made a vow". This after Lovelace runs to her, after she is forced to whore herself and beaten by him (the mother doesn't really know how bad the situtation is, and it's not like she lets her talk anyway). This is just one of many soul-crushing moments that take place in the second half, as the film changes tone completely and shows the ugly side of her life. It's masterful and complete 180 that makes the film a truly dark and depressing experience. 

While, you can thank the direction, script, and acting for this, there is one complaint I had. It's the only one, truth be told, but perhaps it's an important one. The movie is just too short. At a little over an hour and half, it
could have covered a lot more, with at least an extra half hour. No mention is made of the "porn loops" (porn scenes, no plot), including a bestiality film where she has sex with a dog. I can see why this subject, in particular, would be avoided, but I think it would've made Traynor even more dispicable in the film. Imagine what you would think, if they at least alluded to it in the film, IE: "What kind of a man forces his wife to fuck a dog, let alone on camera?!" It is also alluded that she made no adult movies after Deep Throat. This is false; she starred in Deep Throat II, though said movie was only rated-R.

Very little too nothing is mentioned about her life after porn. But, it would seem as this movie is really
centered around her life during the fame of Deep Throat, a sort of peak into this part of her life. For that the movie succeeds but again a little more would have been appreciated. Regardless, this is a recommended film, but with the advance warning that you will feel like shit when it is over. It doesn't seem to really condemn the porn industry, as much as it condemns, and rightfully so, the digusting and vile aspect of spousal abuse. It certainly has some of my favorite acting I have seen this year. If you are curious about Lovelace's life, this era of the porn buisness, or just want to see a well acted and potent drama see it. 
Oh, and for further research on Deep Throat and Linda Lovelace, be sure to see the excellent documentary from some years back, Inside Deep Throat.

***1/2 out of ****    


A Fun and Naughty Talk with Paige Little at Exxxotica NJ 2012.

Interview and photography by BAS Photography & Design
Video by Pat Keenan

Baldwin Saintilus, AKA BAS Photography and Design, got to catch up with the very cute and sexy cam-girl Paige Little for a very fun and naughty little interview at last year's Exxxotica NJ. She was at the PornstarTweets booth and was clearly a pleasure to talk to.