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Throwback Thursday: Keeani Lei

I have decided to add a new regular segment to this blog: Throwback Thursday!! Basically, every Thursday, or at least every Thursday that I can actually write one of these, I will focus on an old-school crush. I'm going to begin with one of my all time personal favorites, a porn star by the name of Keeani Lei!!

In the early days of this blog I wrote quite a bit of posts about this gorgeous and
sexy Panamanian and Chinese goddess. I don't really think my writing was as good back then, but damn did I ever post some nice pics of her! Actually, that's not really hard to do, since she was photogenic and looked smoldering in any and all shoots, I ever saw of her.

Of course, she is a former porn star, so it's not just about the pics, but her work in front of a movie camera, as well. She was so sexy in her performances! A great dirty talker, she also made the cutest faces while talking about naughty things like wanting to get fucked in the ass! Seriously, it was easy to fall in love with her! She has a bunch of real good scenes, including her stellar anal scene in one of my fave anal films of all time: Asian Fever: Tails of the Orient. But, with an ass like that how could she not be perfect for some hot anal action?! And, on top of that she could squirt!!!

Of course, if you have read this blog for a long time, you know my love for lesbian action, and Keeani was great at this, too!! I LOVED seeing her with other girls!!
But, it wasn't just her hot looks that made me love her. No, she seemed cool as fuck, as well. She was a
skater and was into some cool music like Rob Zombie. And, she was a gamer, too!! Dear God, did this woman just go threw my check list of things I find attractive in woman? Is there any wonder why I was a such a fan of hers?! The conclusion on her is she was perfect!!!!

Sadly, she did retire from the skin biz a couple of years ago. I miss seeing her sexy ass, but hey we still got all those movies she shot and, she did right?

And now a bunch of pics I found that I think you and your pants will enjoy:
 That's her and another fave of mine Tia Ling!
 The following is from what might be my favorite shoot she ever did. Asian + cheerleader = WINNING!!!
Well, I hope this has made your Thursday more pleasureful! I have to say writing this post and doing a search for these pics (most of which, if not all, came from links on Freeones.com) was a total pleasure and reminds me why I loved her so! Not that I needed much, cause I already revisit her stuff quite happily and often! And, with a cute face like hers, her awesome little boobs, great ass, hot legs, sexy body, and overall hotness, it is doubtful that I ever will stop doing so!