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The Top 10 Films of 1972

Before getting to this list, I know what you are thinking, "Boy, that is a very random year for the Master to pick and do a top ten list. It came out of nowhere." Well yes, I get that, but it really didn't. Over on my personal Facebook profile, my friend Jim, who runs the awesome blog Shootin' Straighter than a Stormtrooper (which you should totally be reading and following) assigned a year for me to pick my top ten form after I liked his own list.

And, thus this little post was given birth. After, I posted the list on my above mentioned profile, as my status update, I decided to write it out and make into an actual write-up here. I'm a huge fan of 70s cinema, since during this time, they pushed the limits of what could be done in terms of sex and violence. There will never be another period in cinema quite like the 70s. Anyway, 1972 was a really good year and as always, it's my list, so I don't think too many sites will have a list quite like it. Enjoy!

10. Godzilla Vs. Gigan- Introducing one of my favorite Godzilla villains, Gigan, and teaming him up with my favorite one, Ghidorah, to battle the Big G and his pal Anguirus, this installment has been one that I have loved since I was a little kid. Lots of fun, destruction, fighting, and monsters. And, really that's all you need in life!

9. Tombs of the Blind Dead- This Euor-horror cult classic introduced one of the coolest looking horror villain groups ever in the form of the living dead Knights Templar. These blind, horse-riding zombies hear their victims and that's how they find them to kill them. The movie bookends itself awesomely with a hot lesbian tryst at the beginning and a kick ass slaughter on a train at the climax! It spawned lots of sequels, but this arguably the best installment in the series.

8. Rica- This kick ass, sexy, and violent entry in the pinky violence cycle has all the graphic violence and nudity you expect from this type of film. Moving in at a quick pace and featuring a gorgeous, nude female cast, this one of the most fun movies in the sub-genre.

 7. The Blood Spattered Bride- Cult classic, lesbian vampire flick has two stunning beauties in the lead and some good gore. I been a big fan of this one since I bought it on DVD ages ago. Well acted, beautiful to look at, bloody, and highly recommended.

6. The Last House on the Left- If not for the silly and unneeded humor, provided by the two stupid cops, I would like this disturbing and nasty Wes Craven rape-revenge classic even more. Regardless, this savage film ranks as one of his best films, with great acting by the villains and victims and a rousing, gory climax.

5. Deliverance- You can thank this movie for all the hillbilly horror flicks that came since its release. A film that could only be made in the 70s, this one has a legacy that never dies. "Squeal like a pig!"

4. Horror Express- One of the finest Spanish horror movies ever this sci-fi/ horror hybrid has long been a favorite of mine. It combines a cool concept, alien terror, zombies, a GREAT cast (Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Telly Savalas), beautiful women, a cool monster, and a kick ass climax, if you have never seen this one you are doing yourself a disservice!

3. Don't Torture a Duckling- My second favorite Lucio Fulci film this giallo this an awesome story with solid acting and a smashing climax. The whipping scene with chains ranks among the master's best. Also, nice is the nudity in the film, as the picture to the left can attest to.

2. Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan- One of my absolute favorite martial arts movies this is probably the sexiest movie the Shaw Brothers ever made. Featuring hot lesbian action and two of the most stunning women you will ever see in the leads, this one will make your pants very happy. But the film also looks gorgeous and has some real kick ass karate and sword fighting, plus lots of bloody violence. The climax ranks among the best you will ever see in in this genre.

1. The Godfather- What more can be said of one of the greatest movies ever made? I seen it countless of times, owned it on VHS, LD, DVD, and now blu-ray. A cinematic masterpiece and a rare example of a perfect movie. Priceless!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my picks. What are your favorite movies from this year? And, is there a year that you would like to see me pick my top ten from? Please, be realistic when picking a year. Don't give me a year before 1970, as I haven't seen enough films from the preceding years to give a fair judgement. Don't get me wrong there are lots of movies I liked from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, but I would never consider myself an expert in those eras of film. Also the years 2009- present are covered here, so need to pick them.


Unknown said...

Love this list! Godzilla rules as far as I am concerned. :)

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you, Melissa! Glad you enjoyed my list! And, yes Godzilla does, indeed, rule! Godzilla movies were among the ones to start my love for horror and monsters! :)