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I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2 (2013) Review

I have another review up at best-horror-movies.com today. It's for the highly anticipated and brutal rape-revenge sequel I Spit On Your Grave 2. I know a couple of you guys really wanted to hear my thoughts on it; so if you go to http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=i-spit-on-your-grave-2-2013-review you can read them there.


Forever Evil

Title: Forever Evil
Number: 1
Script: Geoff Johns
Art: David Finch
Covers: David Finch, Richard Friend, and Sonia Oback
Editors: Kate Stewart and Brian Cunningham
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: 3.99

The DC heroes are gone/ dead. The few that remain include Nightwing and others trying to keep order. Meanwhile, the DC Universe's villains are all asked to gather together by the Crime Syndicate. They are an evil alternate universe of the JLA and are lead by the complete opposite of Superman, Ultra-Man, who draws his power from Kryponite but is weakened by the sun. They tell the villains to stand with them in this new world, where they work their evil as they wish to. But if they stand against them; they will be destroyed!

I have been avoiding DC's The New 52 like the fucking plague. But, I had been dying to read this, as it is villain-centered, since it was first announced. The result is a great read! This perfectly sets up what is to come, with a nice script that builds up quite well from Geoff Johns, one of my long time favorite writers. It's nicely complemented by David Finch's artwork, including the very cool cover and the kick ass gate-fold splash page.

So, DC have done something that ain't been able to do in ages: they got me interested in reading something that occurs in their own universe. I am very much looking forward to issue 2! Highly recommended.

**** out of ****



DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe #1

Script: Keith Griffin
Art: Dexter Soy
Covers: Ed Benes and Randy Mayor
Editor: Michael McCallister
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99 (US)

Over on Earth, a beautiful woman is chased by demonic rats. She seeks help from the mystics of the DC Universe, Justice League Dark. Meanwhile, on Eternia, He-Man and three of the Masters of the Universe, Teela, Stratos, and Man-At-Arms, battle the Horde Troopers of Hordak's Evil Horde, who have taken over the planet. They find a captured Evil-Lyn who tell them that Skeletor has fled to Earth.

That's the basic plot of DC's highly awaited crossover event. Back in the early 80s DC did a MOTU and DCU crossover, but with the company recently publishing the franchise's books, it was only a matter of time before this occurred. This first issue is fun and has a nice pace and flow. The art by Soy looks good, and the covers by Benes and Mayor are beautiful.

I quite enjoy the story and plot, but there are issues I have with it. I don't like that everyone seems to know that Prince Adam and He-Man are on in the same. And, I dislike the changes to He-Man and Skeletor's costumes. But, hey DC has been shitting on their own characters with new looks, so this really isn't too shocking. It's really fucking shitty. Just do a Google search for Lobo's new look and tell me you don't wanna punch someone out for making him look like! But, the changes are offensive enough to turn off a die hard MOTU fan, like myself.

This issue has got my interest, and I will keep reading the mini-series. Considering I don't read comics much nowadays (the last thing I fully read was Thunderbolts #1 (the one with the current roster) and Avengers Vs. X-Men, the first couple of issues), that is saying a lot.

*** out of ****

By the way, this is the first time I ever reviewed a comic-book here. I think I will keep it up. Hope you enjoyed this!


Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Tao Okamoto

Summer time is unofficially over and while some of you may be crying over that, or maybe some of you are going back to school, or whatever may make this a crappy time for you.;I need to present to you a stunning beauty. One that will brighten your day no matter what the fuck is wrong with it. And, she is my Hot Asian Girl of the Month for September 2013, the goddess known as Tao Okamoto!!
Okamoto was born on May 22, 1985 in Chiba, Japan. She began her modeling career at 14 in Japan. But, in 2006 she moved to Paris. Then, in 2009 she moved to New York City. She had a successful modeling career having been featured in many major publications like: Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.
But, she has recently made the move to acting. Her debut role was playing Wolverine's love interest, comic-book character Mariko in this summer's The Wolverine. Personally, I was blown away by her beauty. She gave a good performance and looked utterly breathtaking!!! 
Here is she at the movie's premiere:

I really hope we see more of this stunning, amazing, perfect looking beauty in the near future. She has such a beautiful, flawless face, great legs, gorgeous eyes, and porcelain skin. In all a goddess and a perfect choice for the Sept 2013 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. 


Mezco Releases Translucent Creature from the Black Lagoon Figure

All pictures come courtesy of Mezco Toyz.

While my favorite Universal Monster is the Bride of Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is my second favorite and, to me, the coolest looking monster of the old classic era of horror. I been a fan of the movie and the monster since I was a child and saw the classic film, in 3D no less(!), on TV ages ago. Well, now Mezco Toyz has released a limited edition version of him. And, it looks amazing and absolutely kick ass!! I want one, badly at that!

From the Mezco Toyz press release:
Mezco's award-winning design team journeyed deep into the unexplored depths of the Amazon jungle searching for fossils...instead they discovered The Creature! Mezco Toyz brings to life The Creature, from Universal's sci-fi, horror gem, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. 

This Creature variant is cast in Translucent Green material.
The iconic scaled terror from the deep stands 9" tall and captures the intricate detail of the pre-historic gill-man; from his mysterious amphibious eyes, to his claw tipped webbed hands. 

With 11 points of articulation he'll be able to take out any scientist who dares to come between him and his true love.
The Creature is packaged in a full color, collector friendly window box perfect for display.
This Mezco Summer Exclusive is a Limited Edition of 100 pieces and is available online at

as well as at New York Comic Con, October 10-13.

Photo Credit: Dehlia Arce