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Random Hotness V: A New Hotness

What two Random Hotness in one month?! Must be your lucky month!

Olivia Munn- Olivia LOVES pie, and we love her. So, she has been asking fans to sign her petition for National Pie Week.

The response has been, no shocker here, huge so she has been upping the ante. Tonight, we will see her (in a sexy French maid outfit!) and Attack of the Show Co-host, Kevin Pereira, jump in a giant pie! Don't care about Kevin, but Olivia in pie is yummy! I proudly signed it and hope you did, too.
She also mentioned that her website, http://www.oliviamunn.com will be launching on Feb. 3rd! More reason for us Olivia fans to celebrate!

Jamie King- The Lovely Ms. King has long been a chick I like. In recent Maxim and Attack of the Show interviews she has revealed herself to be a geek! She is big into comic books. All geeks should look this good:
I recently saw her in the very fun My Bloody Valentine 3D. It's a awesomely enjoyable slasher that really kicks ass in 3D. In fact you NEED to see it in 3D, otherwise, I don't know if you will enjoy it as much. Regardless, she looks awesome, even more so with the darker hair, that she has in the film.

Doris Yeh- - Have you seen her pic and foldout in the new issue of Revolver, with Chuck Liddell and and Atreyu on the cover? If not get your lazy fucking ass out of that chair and go to a newsstand! She looks amazing! I hung the foldout on my wall (no it is NOT the pic that is posted on this blog, it is even hotter!), and I now think that it might melt my wall from the utter hotness! Oh yeah, the black metal band, Chthonic, that she is in kick ass, go check them out, too.

Lisa Ann- - Besides being beautiful Lisa Ann gets a lot of props for continuing to draw a lot of, well deserved, press. She played Sara Palin in Hustler's Who's Nailin' Paylin and while I have yet to see that film, I think she is infinitely hotter than the real Ms. Pailin. Who, thank God is no longer on TV, but my friend Alan sent me a link where they are selling a calender of hers! Why?! Anyways, I think the real Sara is doable, but that is about it. Lisa is stunning and very sexy. I loved seeing her on G4's coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo. I hope to go next year, but for now, I really hope she does Exxxotica NY in September. Regardless, a sequel is coming where she gets porked by a dude playing President Obama! God bless Larry Flynt and Hustler, they fucking rule!
Here is a clip from the original:

Gotta love Nina Hartley as Hilary Clinton!
Lisa Ann will also be in Tera Patrick's American MILF 2. Surely this film will be a masterpiece! Lisa Ann herself is a masterpiece, and women like her make this make this a great country to live in! Lisa Ann, we love you!

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Random Hotness IV: Deliver Us to Hotness

The first Random Hotness of the year! Yay!

Olivia Munn-- Is it me or is she getting hotter all the time? I mean really, she is amazing! That said, I just totally LOVE her blog and she posted a video that a fan made of her. Now, I hate rap and all, but this is just awesome! Really funny and clever lyrics. Check it out for yourself, and props to the guy who made it!

Hail, the one, true geek goddess!

Janine Sui-- Anytime I get introduced to a hot new babe is a good time. In this case, I am referring to Playboy model Janine Sui. I know I throw out the word gorgeous a lot, but seriously this babe is that and so much more. Ever since I laid my eyes on her I have blown away by her beauty. Really look at her, you cannot tell me this woman is not stunning. She has one of the most flawless, beautiful faces I have ever seen. And of course she has a smoking body! Why can't more women from Playboy look like this?!

Marisa Tomei-- Speaking of nudity, I think we can all agree that one of the greatest moments in 2008 cinema was the nudity provided by the lovely Ms. Marisa Tomei in the excellent movie The Wrestler. One thing, though, there is a scene where she looks for someone to give a lapdance to, and they all refuse her! What the fuck?! If she asked me if I wanted a lapdance from her, I would just blow all my cash! Really! Italian and a MILF, fuck yeah!

Jandi Lin-- Finally, I end with a bit of a downer here. According to one of my fav blogs, Asian Pornstars Blog, the very beautiful, Ms. Jandi Lin is leaving the biz this year. Supposedly she was not even gonna be at the AEE/ AVN show in Vegas held earlier this month. I ain't found any pics of her at this event (I, myself, was unable to make this year but should be there next year), so I fear that this true. If any of you reading this saw her there tell me by all means! Anyway, I definitely wish her the best of luck in all she does, but I will greatly miss her, as she was stunning, a great performer, and in a short period, had become a huge favorite of mine. Being Asian, tattooed, and bisexual, how could she not be?

She has such a beautiful face, gorgeous, smile, and hot, sexy body! Just look at this tribute that someone did for her:

If you don't think she is hot, then I ask you, what the hell is wrong with you?!

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Asian Fever: Fortune Cookies

Title: Asian Fever: Fortune Cookies
Studio: Hustler
Cast: Nymoi Marcella, Kiwi Ling, Lana Croft, Lielani, Christina Aguchi

The first scene, of five, has the beautiful Leilani start of by getting all hot and horny, then a dude does her. Leilani has a truly beautiful face and is one of most gorgeous women in this disc. This is a good scene that sets the banner high for the rest of film. She gives the dude a good BJ and the ensuing sex is really hot. He cums on her tongue, and she proceeds to play with it in an ending that will have your Incredible Hulk busting out from your trousers!

As hot as that scene is the next one is even hotter, if you can believe it! It has Christina Aguchi, a woman I to find to be super sexy and really turns me. She looks hot as the sun dressed in a red corset. A dude porks her on a couch. The scene is sexy and hot through out, and Christina is just an awesome performer. The money shot to her tongue is good and ends this one nicely.

Next we have the stunning Lana Croft, one of my favorites, touching herself by pool and looking delicious. A guy comes in and fucks her. This scene starts off good but never really gets off, so to speak. I have seen much better scene with Lana, but she still looks great. In the end, she gets a load on her boobs.

My fav babe in the film is cover beauty, Nyomi Marcella. I am a HUGE fan of the Marcella sisters, and the cover alone could have sold me on buying this one. It turns out her scene is pretty decent, as well. While, not as hot as the first two scene, the scene still delivers the goods. This is no small part to Ms. Marcella, who not only looks absolutely stunning, but fucks like a winner. She gets a big facial at the awesome end.

The last scene has Kiwi Ling. She is curvy, but I don't like her as much as the other girls in the film. Still, I do find her to be quite attractive, and there is something really slutty and sexy about her that I like. The scene, itself, is good, but, in the end, is not that special. She takes the load on her chest. Maybe, if it had ended up on her face, I would have enjoyed it more.

The disc does look great and is in widescreen. The sound is awesome as well. In extra-land, we get nice behind the scenes interviews with all the lovely ladies. All of the interviews are pretty entertaining. Of note, the girl in the last scene, Kiwi, says she was an escort before going in the porn biz. Nyomi is so fucking beautiful that she turned me on just from laughing and answering questions. Also, a turn on was seeing Christina Auguchi, who is a major tease and knows how to play to the camera. I love that girl! It should be noted that Lielani looks even more beautiful in her interview, as if that could be possible! There is also a good photo slide show and some trailers for other Hustler flicks.

In all this has its' flaws, but thanx to three stellar scenes, it worth checking out. I promise your fortune will be good if you get this film!

3 out of 4 Woodies

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The 10 Best Movies of 2008

This has been an interesting year for movies. Some long awaited films delivered the goods (Rambo) others fucked up royally (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), meanwhile lots of great comic book movies came out (three of which made this list). This list is all comprehensive, so it just horror films, it's all genres. If you are interested in me talking about horror movies, stop by the Gorezone.net messageboards, where I post under Headbanger69. You can always read my reviews for the DVD Crypt, there, too, where I write under my real name: Giovanni Deldio. Anyways, enjoy the list and see any of the movies, you have not yet, seen. By the way, if you are expecting a bunch of boring, whimpy, pussy whipped, pretentious claptrap on this list go read some other lame website or movie rag.

10. - This direct sequel to the amazing Casino Royale is not as good as that film, but is still exciting enough to rank among the best of the Bond film series. While, some of the editing is annoying and intrusive, the climax is really exciting and rousing and Craig is, hands down, one of the best Bonds ever. Olga Kurylenko smokes the screen with her presence, and she is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful Bond girls, ever.

9. - Neil Marshall is THE future of the genre. This movie is an awesome, fast paced, fun, ass kicking, ultra-violent love letter to movies like The Road Warrior, Mad Max, and Escape from New York, with doses of Excalibur and 28 Days Later thrown in for good measure. I would say that it is the greatest post-apocalyptic film that does not have Mel Gibson in it (yes, I like it more than the Italian movies form the sub-genre, that I have seen). Plus, lead actress Rhona Mitra is one of the sexiest heroines the screen has ever seen. Rip-roaring fun from start to finish.

8. - Lighter in tone than the original, Guillermo Del Toro manages to make an even better movie, this time around, with this fun, funny, and fast paced fantasy/ monster flick. Ron Pearlman is good as the horror comic hero and the creatures are just so cool in this one. The FX are excellent, but this movie also has a heart, something many a blockbuster forgets. Del Toro continually proves to be one of the best directors in the horror/ dark fantasy world.

7. - This is the crowning achievement of Pixar, their best film, yet, even better than the wonderful Finding Nemo. The fact that this stunning movie is so great, with such little dialogue is a testament to the creative team behind it. It is funny, sweet, touching, cute, and always breathtaking to look at. I actually cried at parts and laughed at others. Wall-E is one of the most endearing characters in the history of cinema.

6. - With the death of lead star Heath Ledger and all the praise his role as the Joker was getting and the hype revolving around this film, it had a lot to live up. And, boy did it deliver and in spades! Director/ co-writer Christopher Nolan gave us one of the greatest superhero films, ever, a dark, mature, powerful, deep, and realistic take on being a superhero. By not playing it safe or for the kiddies, this movie succeeds where so many have failed. The action set pieces are impressive, the sets breathtaking, and the acting excellent. Leger gives us a terrifying, sick, and evil Joker, one of the best villains the screen has seen in quite some time. That is not to said the rest of cast did not deliver, as they pulled in great work as well. This movie has greatly raised the banner for this franchise, can another film really deliver the goods?

5. - The best trailer of 2008 came form this super gory and fun mix of action, splatter, horror, and humor from Japan. It is the goriest movie to hit the screens since Germany's Permutos: Lord of the Living Dead (and while that film was fun, this is light years better). The movie is always light despite some fairly fucked up moments, including off-screen necrophilia! A must for gorehounds, it also has some of the hottest babes to be featured in one film this year. The hottest to me has to be the Japanese beauty who plays the yakuza wife, who wears a fucking drill bra! Amazing and my fav film from the far-East that I saw last year.

4. - As a life long wrestling fan, I was greatly looking forward to this movie. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime in a movie that is touching and humorous, at differnt times. It is also, as anyone with knowledge of the wrestling biz can testify, very realistic. I hope this film gives viewers new found respect for wrestlers, as well as see how hard the fall from fame can be. Lovely Evan Rachel Wood has a small role as the daughter and from here we can see a connection to the life of Jake "The Snake" Roberts (in fact while this film is not based on any single wrestler, it is clearly drawn from many real life experiences they have had). Marisa Tomei is great in her role as the beautiful, MILF stripper with a good heart. I have long been a fan of the lovely Ms. Tomei, but she looks drop-dead beautiful in this one, and at 44 looks better than ever! Plus, she gets topless and wears a g-string! Not only that but with music by Accept, Scorpions, Cinderella, and Guns N' Roses, this is THE soundtrack of the year, perhaps, ever! The scene where Tomei and Rourke sign Ratt's classic "Round and Round" is one of the year's coolest moments.

3. - Though, I been a life long fan of comics, I was never a fan of Iron Man, but this movie changed all of that. Today, he joins, Punisher, Spider-Man, and Batman as my absolute fav heroes. Mature, fun, smart, fast paced, exciting, and ass kicking are all words that can be used to describe this modern masterpiece. The FX are flawless and Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man, and while playing a rich, womanizing, alcoholic is not a stretch for the man, he more gives Tony Stark his due. Director and fanboy John Favreau has given the single greatest superhero film, ever. A perfect movie and I don't say that very often. The ending is fucking classic.

2. - Who would ever have thought that the return of John Rambo would turn out to be not only the best one in the series, but one of the best action films ever made? I have discussed this film before, here, so I will just gone to say that this movie, the bloodiest American action film ever, holds on really well on repeated viewings. It also has a great message to it, and how many shoot 'em ups can say that they have that and are still savagely entertaining?

1. - Inside is, along with The Descent, the best horror film to come out of Europe in years. Brutal, vicious, intense, bloody, I could go on and on with my praising of this film, but since I wrote about it here already, I will avoid repeating myself. But, here is my question, if you ain't seen last years best movie, in any genre, what the hell are you waiting for? Seriously, this movie is a future horror classic and needs to be seen by everyone who is tired of the same boring, predicable tripe that the studios dump on us each and every year and try to pass it on as a horror film.

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Grace Park

Since this January 16 marks the final ten episodes of the greatest sci-fi show ever, I figured that none would be a better choice to be my Hot Asian of the Month, than the show's beautiful star, Grace Park.

Grace was born on March 14, 1974 in Los Angeles, CA, her parents moved to Canada when she was just 22 months old. She grew up in Vancouver. Of Korean descent this beauty speaks both Korean and English; she is currently learning Spanish.

Her first role was a very memorable one. She plays the hottie Asian babe that makes out with another Asian babe in the club at the beginning of the film.

I remember watching this scene, way before anybody had any clue who the hell she was, and feeling, 'er very happy! Hope this brings back nice memories to you, too:

Grace Park in Romeo must die

But of course, most of us know this goddess from her on role Battlestar Galatica. Playing both Sharon "Boomer" Varelii and Sharon "Athena" Agathon, as well all other versions of Number Eight , she is one of my fav characters on the show. It has given her the chance to play both good and evil and develop two characters so complex that they really help to serve as proof as to why I proclaim this to be the greatest sci-fi show in the history of television. Her storyline with her child was both engaging and touching. Beyond all her beauty, Park is a great actress. She makes us care for her or hate her, depending on what character she playing or what she is doing in said scene. And, she manages to stand out on a show full of babes. And, that fellow readers and friends is saying a lot.

Her beauty has been in display in various magazines, including a classic layout in Maxim.

Man, I love Maxim magazine:

As I said in my list of the 70 Hottest Babes of 2008 (where ranked in at number 3!), she appeared in Complex magazine last year. A great spread, I pretty much LOVE this issue! The pics are so sexy.

Complex gets mad props for it!

She is unarguably one of the most beautiful women in the history of television.

Her perfect face, smoking hot body, and stunning smile break the heart of any man alive. And, seriously if Cylons looked like her and enslaved humanity, I would actually not complain about that! She is currently on The Cleaner on A&E and The Border on CBC (that's a Canadian TV station, for my fellow Americans).

I do hope she does more genre work (I would LOVE to see her in a horror movie!). But no matter what she does, you can be assured that she will shine in it.

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