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Random Hotness V: A New Hotness

What two Random Hotness in one month?! Must be your lucky month!

Olivia Munn- Olivia LOVES pie, and we love her. So, she has been asking fans to sign her petition for National Pie Week.

The response has been, no shocker here, huge so she has been upping the ante. Tonight, we will see her (in a sexy French maid outfit!) and Attack of the Show Co-host, Kevin Pereira, jump in a giant pie! Don't care about Kevin, but Olivia in pie is yummy! I proudly signed it and hope you did, too.
She also mentioned that her website, http://www.oliviamunn.com will be launching on Feb. 3rd! More reason for us Olivia fans to celebrate!

Jamie King- The Lovely Ms. King has long been a chick I like. In recent Maxim and Attack of the Show interviews she has revealed herself to be a geek! She is big into comic books. All geeks should look this good:
I recently saw her in the very fun My Bloody Valentine 3D. It's a awesomely enjoyable slasher that really kicks ass in 3D. In fact you NEED to see it in 3D, otherwise, I don't know if you will enjoy it as much. Regardless, she looks awesome, even more so with the darker hair, that she has in the film.

Doris Yeh- - Have you seen her pic and foldout in the new issue of Revolver, with Chuck Liddell and and Atreyu on the cover? If not get your lazy fucking ass out of that chair and go to a newsstand! She looks amazing! I hung the foldout on my wall (no it is NOT the pic that is posted on this blog, it is even hotter!), and I now think that it might melt my wall from the utter hotness! Oh yeah, the black metal band, Chthonic, that she is in kick ass, go check them out, too.

Lisa Ann- - Besides being beautiful Lisa Ann gets a lot of props for continuing to draw a lot of, well deserved, press. She played Sara Palin in Hustler's Who's Nailin' Paylin and while I have yet to see that film, I think she is infinitely hotter than the real Ms. Pailin. Who, thank God is no longer on TV, but my friend Alan sent me a link where they are selling a calender of hers! Why?! Anyways, I think the real Sara is doable, but that is about it. Lisa is stunning and very sexy. I loved seeing her on G4's coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo. I hope to go next year, but for now, I really hope she does Exxxotica NY in September. Regardless, a sequel is coming where she gets porked by a dude playing President Obama! God bless Larry Flynt and Hustler, they fucking rule!
Here is a clip from the original:

Gotta love Nina Hartley as Hilary Clinton!
Lisa Ann will also be in Tera Patrick's American MILF 2. Surely this film will be a masterpiece! Lisa Ann herself is a masterpiece, and women like her make this make this a great country to live in! Lisa Ann, we love you!

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