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Random Hotness IV: Deliver Us to Hotness

The first Random Hotness of the year! Yay!

Olivia Munn-- Is it me or is she getting hotter all the time? I mean really, she is amazing! That said, I just totally LOVE her blog and she posted a video that a fan made of her. Now, I hate rap and all, but this is just awesome! Really funny and clever lyrics. Check it out for yourself, and props to the guy who made it!

Hail, the one, true geek goddess!

Janine Sui-- Anytime I get introduced to a hot new babe is a good time. In this case, I am referring to Playboy model Janine Sui. I know I throw out the word gorgeous a lot, but seriously this babe is that and so much more. Ever since I laid my eyes on her I have blown away by her beauty. Really look at her, you cannot tell me this woman is not stunning. She has one of the most flawless, beautiful faces I have ever seen. And of course she has a smoking body! Why can't more women from Playboy look like this?!

Marisa Tomei-- Speaking of nudity, I think we can all agree that one of the greatest moments in 2008 cinema was the nudity provided by the lovely Ms. Marisa Tomei in the excellent movie The Wrestler. One thing, though, there is a scene where she looks for someone to give a lapdance to, and they all refuse her! What the fuck?! If she asked me if I wanted a lapdance from her, I would just blow all my cash! Really! Italian and a MILF, fuck yeah!

Jandi Lin-- Finally, I end with a bit of a downer here. According to one of my fav blogs, Asian Pornstars Blog, the very beautiful, Ms. Jandi Lin is leaving the biz this year. Supposedly she was not even gonna be at the AEE/ AVN show in Vegas held earlier this month. I ain't found any pics of her at this event (I, myself, was unable to make this year but should be there next year), so I fear that this true. If any of you reading this saw her there tell me by all means! Anyway, I definitely wish her the best of luck in all she does, but I will greatly miss her, as she was stunning, a great performer, and in a short period, had become a huge favorite of mine. Being Asian, tattooed, and bisexual, how could she not be?

She has such a beautiful face, gorgeous, smile, and hot, sexy body! Just look at this tribute that someone did for her:

If you don't think she is hot, then I ask you, what the hell is wrong with you?!

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