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The Very Caliente Veronica Rodriguez at Exxxotica AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design 

One of the hottest rising stars in the adult business right now, has to be Venezuelan beauty Veronica Rodriguez. She is rapidly gaining a strong and loyal following, and after meeting her at Exxxotica AC in April, I can see why!! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is very sweet, sexy, and fan friendly.

She was especially nice to the two girls that I came with, my friend and camerawoman Kristin and our friend Erika. She even gave Erika a free DVD of her smoldering performance in lesbian company Filly Films' Crave. I bought that same girl-girl movie from her, and I can tell you that her scene with Stephani Moretti is HOT as fucking hell!!! Aside, from having a friendly and sexy personality, she has a really hot Latin accent, that was killing me! Not, to mention her amazing body and beautiful looks, as she has great legs, a truly amazing ass, an all natural body, and a beautiful face.
And, proof that she is a huge fan favorite, is the fact that at the first annual fan chosen Exxxotica Award show, the Fanny's, the young beauty won Non-White Chick of the Year (Ethnic Performer of the Year)! I say congratulations to her, and I very much look forward to following this beauty's career!


Stoya and James Deen at Exxxotica AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design  

One of the hottest couples in porn, James Deen and Stoya, were both in attendance at Exxxotica AC 2013. And, both were very happy to meet and greet fans, at their respective booths.

Stoya was her usual friendly and sweet self. Few women are as captivatingly beautiful as she is. Stoya has such a naturally gorgeous look to her, that takes your breath away. And, while she remains a Digital Playground contract star, she remains sweet and down to earth. You gotta love her for that!
We saw and met James Deen later in the day. He has been getting a lot of mainstream press recently due to his role in the upcoming Lindsey Lohan movie, The Canyons written by American Psycho writer Brett Easton Ellis. 

James was having some Starbucks coffee when we caught him, which was perfect as a pic for a Facebook page that I run with three of my friends dedicated to one of the greatest drinks on God's green earth: Cawwwfee!!!!! You should be following that page of course, as well as my own

But, enough of my own personal shameless plugging, the actual point here is that James is a real nice and down to earth guy. He greeted our crew and got in a picture with us as well as giving us all free autographs. Again proof that you don't need to let success go to your head. He is also very intelligent and well spoken, as was proven when I saw his onstage interview back in Jan in Vegas for AEE
 From left to right: Your truly, our friend Erika, James Deen, and my camerawoman and friend Kristin


Andy San Dimas at Exxxotica AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design  

It was great to see the always awesome and beautiful Andy San Dimas at Exxxotica AC 2013. The last time I saw her was when I interviewed her in Las Vegas at the Adult Entertainment Expo eariler this year.

Andy looked hot as fuck rocking an awesome shirt of infamous Norwegian black metal act Burzum. We got to talk a little a bit about she has been up to. There is the ATKingdom sci-fi porn film, Saving Humanity, which has gotten some mainstream press, in sites like Topless Robot. It sounds very cool, and I do know that Andy is involved involved in a five-girl orgy scene! Woohoo!!

We also talked about her upcoming horror flick, Lumberjack Man. It's cool, that she's doing a genre film, since she is a fellow fan. I very much look forward to seeing it, when it comes out!

One of the final highlights had to be when she signed my blu-ray copy of Drive. She told me I was the first person to ever ask her to sign a copy of it. She then, jokingly, said that she was gonna call her mom and tell her that Ryan Gosling is sitting next to her, in reference to my blu-ray being on her signing podium! On top of that, she signed it with one of the funniest autographs I have ever gotten! I only noticed when I got home, but it definitely made me laugh!
Andy also posed for a bunch of pics and just proved, again, why she is one of the coolest, most awesome, fun, and fucking kick ass girls in the adult industry, today. As well, as being, you know, hotter than the deepest pit of hell! 



Tera Patrick, Evan Stone, and various Hotties of Exxxoitca AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design

Exxxotica AC was another resounding success. As always, there were many of the industries hottest and most beautiful women, all of them meeting and greeting fans. 

One of the most gracious was the always stunning legend that is Tera Patrick. I got to talk to Tera about her upcoming appearances at various comic-book conventions. She has already been at Phillie Con and promises to be at San Diego and New York Comic Con, all in various cosplays! Tera excitedly talked about them with me. If you hit up her blog (http://blog.terapatrick.com/), you will find pics of her as the awesome Hello Kitty Punisher!!! Others are coming for these future shows, and I promise to be at NYCC to bring you pics and hopefully an interview with her in cosplay! 

Tera is always amazingly down-to-earth and she posed for many pictures, including pics with yours truly and my friend/ cameragirl Kristin. Tera is a perfect example of how success doesn't have to go to your head and how to treat your fans. It is always an utmost pleasure to see her.

Another lady it is always a pleasure to see is the gorgeous and classy Tanya Tate. Intelligent, professional, and beautiful, Tanya is an amazing woman.
Of course, there were babes and stunners all over the floor of the Trump Taj Mahal, where the event was held.
The always sweet and beautiful Joanna Angel shows us the Burning Angel panties! Get some for your girlfriend, or for yourself, here!

Babes weren't the only ones present, at the event, though. Porn legend and all around cool guy, Evan Stone, was there, too! He loved our little crew and took pics with all of us. He cracked hilarious jokes and just proved to everyone that he is cool as fucking hell!


The Twisted Twins Sylvia and Jen Soska Talk “American Mary”

My latest assignment for best-horror-movies.com had me interview the always awesome Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska. The result is this awesome interview that you can read over here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/read_interviews?name=interview-the-twisted-twins-sylvia-and-jen-soska-talk-american-mary


The Awesome & Lovely Draven at Exxxotica AC, Pt. 2: The Burlesque Show

All photography by BAS Photography and Design

One of Exxxotica's true highlights was Burning Angel's Draven Star's amazing burlesque show. Set to "Karma Police" by Radiohead, this was just a truly breathtaking performance. She was dressed in prison attire and then stripped to pasties and a thong.

While, I have seen many great burlesque shows, I think this one ranks amungst the very best, if not the best that I have ever seen! Draven is beautiful and incredibly talented. She has an amazing body and her ink is just incredible. The Minions and I, and the friends who joined us, were just blown away by her show! I don't know if my words can do it justice, but perhaps these amazing pictures can give you an idea of the level of hotness at the show. Enjoy!
And, check out the interview (with more pics!) that I conducted with her, on the same day: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-awesome-lovely-draven-at-exxxotica.html


News and Thoughts from the Master

Sometimes, there are various thing I want to talk about, but there it's either too many different subjects, or I don't want to dedicate a whole post on certain things. And, so we get these random posts!

First off, yours truly had his birthday on May 29th, but I didn't celebrate for real, till that Saturday, June 1. As has been the tradition for the last couple of years, I celebrated it at Duff's Brooklyn, THE greatest bar on God's green earth. I had a blast with some close friends of mine, and of course, the amazing crew at Duff's. I love this place! At the right, by the way, is the bar's owner, the always awesome Jimmy Duff!

In other news, I got the pro pass for this year's New York Comic Con! So, I shall be back giving you guys the type of coverage that you love to see here, from me and the Master's Minions! Expect LOTS of pics, my words, and hopefully more cool and fun interview, like last year when I interviewed Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le

And, in the last bit of news about me, I recently joined Instagram. I had been very hesitant to join it. I, quite frankly didn't get it, but now that I'm on there, I'm really liking it! If you are on Instagram, and I'm sure many of you are, follow me. I keep adding some older pics, as well as new ones from my crazy and fun life. This is my profile: http://instagram.com/the_master_gio/

And, now on to my thoughts on some TV shows:
First off, a lot of shows had some amazing season finales!! Supernatural, Arrow, Bate's Motel, Grimm, and Orphan Black all had awesome ones!!

And, speaking of Orphan Black, I am so happy that they added a lesbian love story to it! Thanks to this my favorite clone on the show is now, Cosmia! While, I still love Sarah, the hot punk and lead character of the show, Cosmia just rules! Making out with hot French girls is highly approved by yours truly!

And, now even Syfy's Defiance is now in on the HLA (hot lesbian action)! They had two of the show's hottest hotties, played by Dexter's Jaime Murray and The Crow II's Mia Kirshner, hook up!! I've long liked both these babes, especially Mia! I hope things get hotter between them. I am EXTREMELY happy with the trend of more lesbian couples on TV. Please, please, please let this trend continue! It is the hottest trend in the fucking history of TV!!!



Preview of Lesbian Analingus 2

All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

Some things are just so awesome when they go together. Case in point: hot lesbians, hot asses, and hot ass-eating. It's like an extra-hot combo from heaven, itself! Or in this case from the erotica masterminds at Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video, as they have given us Lesbian Analingus 2! Director and writer Dana Vespoli has gathered a cast of beauties all of which have amazing posteriors, that most definitely are worth eating!!!

Cast: Jada Stevens, Kristina, Karlie Montana, Dani Daniels, Dana DeArmond, Sinn Sage, Alyssa Reece, Ryan Keely.

Kristina Rose & Jada Stevens
 Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana
 Ryan Keely and Aylssa Reese
 Dana DeArmond and Sinn Sage

OK, see what I mean about the cast and their asses? Damn!! 

From the Mile High Media Description:
The second installment of Lesbian Analingus continues with four fun vignettes dedicated to passionate sex and mind-blowing ass worship. Jada Stevens accuses Kristina Rose of stealing her boyfriend, only to end up with a stolen moment with Kristina's ample derriere. Dani Daniels has been paying someone to write her term papers, and must answer to her bossy sorority sister, Karlie Montana. Anal retentive attorney Ryan Keely seeks the help of spiritual healer Alyssa Reece, and newbie lesbian Dana DeArmond needs buddy Sinn Sage's help after Dana's girlfriend freaks her out by wanting analingus! Each scene boils over with the intensity and passion which is Sweetheart Video's trademark, and these beautiful girls deliver the goods one orgasm at a time. Written & Directed by Dana Vespoli. 

Damn!! That is a lot of RED-HOT lesbian ass-eating!! Lesbian Analingus 2 hit DVD yesterday, on Jun 6, 2013, so get your ass to your local adult store or order it online, now! This is definitely a yummy must have!!!