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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Camille Chen

It's June! Which means summer is finally going to start!! Which, of course, it means it's getting hot as fuck. And, we need a woman who is hot as fuck to be the June 2013 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. And, we most definitely have that in Camille Chen!!

This beauty was born on September 1, 1979 in Taiwan. She was, however, raised in the US.

She began her career doing the English dubbing for anime TV series like Lost Universe and Devil Lady.

She has been in lots of movies and TV shows. Though, I haven't seen any of them. That is until she was on American Horror Story: Asylum. I vaguely remember her, I think. I really only recognized her when she was on a much better horror TV show: Grimm, for the second season. She was in a episode dealing with a killer video game. She played Jenna and looked HOT!!!

But, it turns out that in reality, I already knew her from the State Farm commercial, where she looks sooooo beautiful!! Seriously, I fell in love with her and didn't even know who  she was until just now!!!

Obviously, despite only having seen her a few times on TV, she is a stunning beauty and one that needs to be more TV shows that I watch. And, definitely be in movies I care to see!!!   


Natalie said...

I like her mature personality yet youthful charisma. She's a beautiful, independent woman which is really sexy for most of us.

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Giovanni Deldio said...

I agree, with what you said, Natalie!