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Sometimes, there are various thing I want to talk about, but there it's either too many different subjects, or I don't want to dedicate a whole post on certain things. And, so we get these random posts!

First off, yours truly had his birthday on May 29th, but I didn't celebrate for real, till that Saturday, June 1. As has been the tradition for the last couple of years, I celebrated it at Duff's Brooklyn, THE greatest bar on God's green earth. I had a blast with some close friends of mine, and of course, the amazing crew at Duff's. I love this place! At the right, by the way, is the bar's owner, the always awesome Jimmy Duff!

In other news, I got the pro pass for this year's New York Comic Con! So, I shall be back giving you guys the type of coverage that you love to see here, from me and the Master's Minions! Expect LOTS of pics, my words, and hopefully more cool and fun interview, like last year when I interviewed Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le

And, in the last bit of news about me, I recently joined Instagram. I had been very hesitant to join it. I, quite frankly didn't get it, but now that I'm on there, I'm really liking it! If you are on Instagram, and I'm sure many of you are, follow me. I keep adding some older pics, as well as new ones from my crazy and fun life. This is my profile: http://instagram.com/the_master_gio/

And, now on to my thoughts on some TV shows:
First off, a lot of shows had some amazing season finales!! Supernatural, Arrow, Bate's Motel, Grimm, and Orphan Black all had awesome ones!!

And, speaking of Orphan Black, I am so happy that they added a lesbian love story to it! Thanks to this my favorite clone on the show is now, Cosmia! While, I still love Sarah, the hot punk and lead character of the show, Cosmia just rules! Making out with hot French girls is highly approved by yours truly!

And, now even Syfy's Defiance is now in on the HLA (hot lesbian action)! They had two of the show's hottest hotties, played by Dexter's Jaime Murray and The Crow II's Mia Kirshner, hook up!! I've long liked both these babes, especially Mia! I hope things get hotter between them. I am EXTREMELY happy with the trend of more lesbian couples on TV. Please, please, please let this trend continue! It is the hottest trend in the fucking history of TV!!!


Jim said...

Of all the past roles to refer to use to refer to Mia Kirshner, you use the abomination that is The Crow II? So ashamed of you! lol

Giovanni Deldio said...

Lol! Good point! I guess only it cause its a genre film, though the 28 Days Later sequel she is infinitely better than that shit!