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The 50 Most Beautiful Asian Porn Stars Ever, pt. 5: 10-1

10. Tera Patrick- Alongside of Jenna Jameson, she is one of THE two biggest porn stars, in the history of the industry. She is also without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful women, on God's Earth. Tera, in fact, is a vision of perfection. While, she is retired from the industry, her mark on the biz cannot be denied. And, I have to admit having a crush on her from the first time I ever saw her. But, aside from her beauty she is also extremely smart. In fact, before her work in the skin industry, she had a degree in nursing and biology. God, if all nurses looked like her, I would not hate going to the doctor, at all!

9. Tia Ling- She is one of the current porn stars, I most enjoy seeing work from. Anything and everything she does is smoldering! This Korean goddess is not only absolutely stunning and mesmerizing, but she is also a dynamo when it comes to her fuck scenes. Tia is sexy, yummy, and awesome! She is also extremely fan friendly. She's fucking awesome! And, that's the bottom line cause, the Master said so!


8. Miko Lee- The word beautiful is far to easy a word to throw around. But, some women more than live up to that word, in fact, as in Miko's case, they far exceed it. Miko beautiful face will take your breath away, and her killer body will leave you awe-struck. Tall, beautiful, and smart Lee is one of my personal favorites. But, my fandom of hers is just not based on her beauty, or even her hot sex scenes. Though, those are big contributors. It's also cause she is very fan friendly. Plus, she is running her own production company Miko Lee Productions, which I must admit has some of my most hotly anticipated upcoming releases.

7. Kianna Dior- The following words best describe Kianna. Beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, scorching hot, sultry, seductive, MILF, and perfect. Kianna has been awesome since she first started in the biz, and you know what? She has only gotten better. She is hotter than ever, and considering who we are talking that means that she makes a volcano feel like Antarctica!!!

6. Keeani Lei- Latinas and Asians are two of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. Combine them and you get amazing results. And, to see just how amazing they can be, look no further than the lovely Ms. Keeani Lei. While, she is retired from the industry, during her working period, she was one of this blog's preferred girls having earned herself multiple mentions in it. Aside, from sexiness, she was totally hot and nasty, when it came to fucking. Just hearing her talk was enough to get me horny (she was a great dirty talker). On top of her beautiful face, cute, little boobs, sexy, round ass, and nice legs, she squirts!!! But, she is also legitimately cool. Back in the myspace days, she was one of the few girls who commented me, before I ever had begun to interview or interact with other porn stars. She also enjoys surfing, skating, smoking pot (I don't smoke, but I have zero issue with it [so light one up!]), video games, and Rob Zombie. All this adds up to PERFECT girlfriend material!!!

5. Kaylani Lei- The hottest and most beautiful current contract star, Kaylani always shines in any production she is in. She is tiny and naturally beautiful. And, in person, not only is she captivating but also sweet and down-to-earth. Plus, she can actually act well enough to carry a role beyond the sex requirements. Is there any wonder why she is one of Wicked's shining stars?

4. Katsuni- Formerly known as Katsumi, she is the sexiest and most beautiful contract star ever. This French/ Vietnamese beauty also happens to have the world's sexiest accent. Katsuni also is not afraid to get nasty. She takes facials and anal like few can. Whether it's an early scene of hers, one of her Digital Playground movies, or her current post-DG scenes, you can always bank on the fact that a Katuni scene will be fantastic!!

3. Mika Tan- Mika ranks as one of the stars whose scenes I have most often revisited. Everything about Mika is sexy and yummy. She has gorgeous eyes, a beautiful face, long, sexy, black hair, hot legs, a curvy body to die for, and one of the most amazing asses on God's green Earth. She really knows how to play up to the camera and many of her scenes are personal favs of mine. Mika was, from March 2009-November 2010, a legal prostitute at the Bunny Ranch. She is one of the best girls to follow on Twitter, as she post witty, smart, and sexy tweets, and is a legit geek herself.

2. Asa Akira- Make no bones about it. There is no hotter or more beautiful porn star currently doing smut. She has perfect looks. Her face is that of an angel and her body of a goddess. On camera she fucks like no one can. Her scenes are nasty, sexy, and hot. There is a reason for her current and much deserved popularity. In person, she is sweet and fan friendly and always cute and sexy. Anything she is in, is to me, a must have. I am so glad for all the success she is having and think, that we have a legend in the making, here.

1. Gianna Lynn- She maybe retired and done with biz, but remember, this is the list of the most beautiful Asian porn stars EVER, and, to me, she is just that. In fact, if you look up Gianna in my blog, you'll see that I have called her the most beautiful woman ever, on many occasion. She is the first porn star I ever interviewed and for multiple reasons, that interview remains one of my personal favorites, if not in fact, my favorite that I have conducted. A perfect face, sexy, long, black, hair, large, beautiful, almond eyes, amazing boobs, and a killer ass give her psychical perfection. Her sweet and friendly personality made her instantly likable. And, her on camera fucking was as hot as the pit of fucking hell. She fucking ruled, end of story!!!

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Death Sentence

Director: James Wan
Writer: Ian Mackenzie Jeffers (based on the novel of the same name by Brian Garfield)
Cast: Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, Kelly Preston, Jordan Garrett, Stuart Lafferty, Aisha Tyler
Min: 105
Year: 2007

Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) is an executive with a good family life. One night he and his oldest son, a hokey playing teen, stop a gas station. The son goes in and a gang come in and rob and kill the man behind the register. Then son then gets gets throat slashed by a machete wielding member, as part of his initiation. When, the district attorney tells Hume that he can give the scumbag a guaranteed sentence of 2 to 3 yrs, if he agrees to a lower charge, Hume decides to take manner into his own hands. When he kills him, the gang leader, brother to the deceased swears war on Hume and his family. But, the gang may soon learn that they have fucked with the wrong man.

James (Saw) Wan's ultra-violent revenge thriller works well as a throwback to the 70s movies of this type. The script is very (and I do mean very) loosely based on the novel of the same written by Brian Garfield. Garfield wrote this book as a sequel to his classic Death Wish (which is the book the masterpiece starring Charles Bronson was based on). There is little to nothing to do with that book, but this film works regardless of that.

There is little new or original material that the film adds to the sub-genre, but it is in the handling of the subject-matter that makes it work so well. First and foremost, Bacon gives one of my favorite performances I have ever seen him do. He is loving as a father and badass as a scum-killing motherfucker. His decent into vigilantism is well done,as he is disgusted at first, but by the end becomes a cold-blooded killing machine. I enjoyed the rest of the cast, as well, with Goodman coming off as a suitably sleazy gun-dealer and higher-up to the gang.

Wan gives the movie a washed out look that fits the proceedings. The pacing is fast and furious and the movie never fails to grab your interest. The violence is bloody and exceptionally well handled. Gory squibs, head shots, throat slashing, stabbing, and, best of all, a shotgun amputation manage to give the type of blood-letting that I so like to see in this type of movie and something made by Wan.

It should be noted that the DVD has a director's unrated cut, but there is no extra gore. Instead it is all exposition, which somewhat slow the film down. Though, they don't hurt the movie, it's the theatrical cut that is the superior version.

This is actually my favorite Wan movie. While, Saw might be the better movie; this one holds up much better to repeated viewings. It's ultimately a solid, bloody, and kick-ass movie, with one hell of a climax. If you have never seen it, you owe yourself a favor of viewing of it.

**** out of ****


The 50 Most Beautiful Asian Porn Stars Ever, pt. 4: 20-11

20. Charmane Star- Breath-taking beauty. That is one of the best ways to describe this ravishing woman. Of Filipino decent, this lovely goddess has been in many porno films, but has also done some mainstream work, and of course, feature danced. She was in Black Dynamite and in the video for "That's How I Go" by Baby Bash with Lil Jon and Mario. Regardless in what I see her in, Charmane's beauty always manages to captivate me.

19. Kyanna Lee- This Cambodian beauty has a booty to die for. She combines her beautiful face, sexy skin tone, and lovely, long hair with a down-to-earth and sweet personality, Kyanna has been a favorite of mine, ever since the first time that I saw her online. She's quite simply awesome!

18. London Keyes- Sexy. Gorgeous. Stunning. Seductive. These are all words that can be used to describe this popular porn babe. Her naturally curvy body is the stuff wet dreams are made of. And, her scenes are always fucking awesome. In all, she is one of the best porn stars currently working in the biz.

17. Nyomi Marcela- It can be argued for hours on end, which is the hotter Marcela sister. To be honest, either or would be a good answer. For, whatever reason, I slightly prefer Nyomi, but you gotta understand that we are talking about two girls sharing perfect genes. Possessing a beautiful face, perky boobs, and a nice ass, this Indonesian honey was one hell of a sex performer. And, when two the sisters got together. Holy fuck. It was a dream cum true!!!!

16. Asia Carrera- Legend. There is no better way to describe this stunning babe. One of the 90s busiest porn stars, Asia, who is of Japanese and German decent, starred in countless of films with many of the era's biggest and brightest stars. She is also a member of Memsa with an IQ of 156. She did her own site, working on the code and pics, herself. This mix of sex, beauty, and brains will always make her her stand out as one of the greatest stars to ever grace pornography with her presence.

15. Tia Tanaka- Oh my God, this Vietnamese-American woman is so beautiful that words couldn't possibly do her any real honest-to-God justice. She has what has to be one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen anywhere, be it porn or anything else. Her tight, little body and sexy ass will make you go insane from lust.

14. Lily Thai- Lily is this blog's first Hot Asian Girl of the Month, ever. It's an honor she will always hold. From the minute I saw her in a scene with Loni, I was captivated by her. Every single time I have seen her since then, she has always been hot as fucking hell. With a tight, little body, an awesome as hell ass, and one of the most lovely faces she made sure she got your attention. The piercings are an added bonus. And, then she further held your attention, and hard-on, with smoldering sex. The fact that her beautiful pussy could squirted cemented the deal. She is gearing up for a comeback, which I, honest to God, cannot wait for. I wish her the best of luck, but I know she will succeed. Why? Cause, without a shadow of a doubt Lily is one of porn's very best!

13. Jandi Lin- Back when I first mentioned Jandi, in this blog, I mentioned just how big a fan of hers I was. While she in the industry for a very short period of time, I was completely enamored by her. This Hawaiian born babe has such pretty face and those tattoos are hot as fuck!! I also liked her short, hair. Very sexy in my book. As were her scenes. Think about this, she was in the biz for roughly a year, and she ranks this high on this list. That tells you a lot about the impact she made on me, how beautiful she is, and what a great porn star she was.

12. Kobe Tai- This Taiwanese/ Japanese vision of beauty is one of the greatest Vivid girls, EVER. Tiny, sexy, and exotic (in comparison to the other girls she worked with) she stood in a sea of interchangeable, surgically enhanced blonde chicks. She was also a dynamo when it came to fucking. One of the 90s most popular stars she did a brief return to on camera fucking for the classic Jenna Loves Kobe in 2003. She has also sang back-up vocals for Marilyn Manson in the song "New Model No. 15" form Mechanical Animals. Another memorable appearance from her was as the stripper who gets accidentally killed in the awesome, dark comedy Very Bad Things. I actually remember getting all happy as I saw that film in the movies and saw this hottie on the big screen!

11. Jessica Bangkok- This goddess has one of THE sexiest bodies I have ever seen. With curves that will drive you crazy form how amazing they are, Jessica stands as one of THE greatest and hottest porn honeys staring in movies, right now. Any time she is in a scene you know will be nasty and HOT. No wait hot is not good enough a word to describe her scenes. If you know of a word that is stronger than nuclear, then that word would be the optimum word to describe her fuck scenes. She is all natural and completely perfect. Oh, and in person, she is even more amazing. Yes, you read that right, even more amazing, in person. Trust me on this!!


The 50 Most Beautiful Asian Porn Stars Ever, pt. 3: 30-21

30. Maria Ozawa- She is easily one of the most famous Japanese AV models, ever. As she has a following well outside of her native country. This breath-taking beauty has one of the prettiest faces you will ever gaze upon. She also happens to enjoy playing video games. That all equals = HOT as hell in my book!!

29. Mia Smiles- This tiny and beautiful babe had been in the industry since the 90s. And, while she retired in 2008, I remain a fan of any of her work. For some hot and sexy action from the beautiful Ms. Smiles, be sure to see No Man's Land 24, No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3, and Torn. NML: AE3 is particularly hot, with what is, in my humble opinion her sexiest role. At least it's her sexiest from the roles, that I have seen her play.

28. Michelle Maylene- This ravishing babe is an exotic and exquisite mix of her French father and her Filipino and Hawaiian mom. She always looks stunning onscreen. Her smoldering eyes are captivating and leave you completely enchanted. I am quite the fan of seeing her hosting AVNlive. She has a great personality that makes her perfect for doing this.

27. Kara Tai- From the moment I first saw Kara I was captivated. She is absolutely gorgeous!! This Miami babe has long sexy legs and one of the nicest tans, I have ever. She began doing guys and girls, but then moved on to girl-girl stuff. She even had her own production company Kara Tai Productions. But, even that seems to be over. Ms. Tai is, seemingly, gone from the skin biz. I miss her work quite a bit, but of course I wish her all the best. For quality, girl-girl action see the amazing Love Kara Tai 2 which even has her squirting!!! That only made me fall in love with her more!!

26. Kira Kener- Vivid video is sort of know for their blonde, blue eyed babes (which I am honestly not the biggest fan of), but every so often there is an exotic beauty that stands out among them. One such stunner was the beautiful Ms. Kener who was with them from 1999 to the mid 2000s. While, she is no longer doing movies, she is still feature dancing. A heart-breakingly beautiful mix of Norwegian and Vietnamese, Kener, is to me, one of the most gorgeous women to ever have been under contract to the studio. She also happens to be a fellow fan of metal and hard rock, which makes her that much cooler and hotter, of course!!!

25. Avena Lee- At the half-way mark, we find this sexy and shapely beauty. Lee has one of my favorite bodies around with cute, natural boobs and very nice booty. She also happens to have a truly beautiful face. In her early scenes she can be seen with braces on, which many, myself included, will think only added to her cuteness. Any scene she does tends to be really hot. She is just a great performer. Also, on the plus side, is her twitter account. She interacts with her fans, and I genuinely love seeing her tweets.

24. Roxy Jezel- This British beauty, born of an English mom and a Thai dad, has the face of an angel. Her sexy accent only adds to her attractiveness. I could just listen to her talk! Her seductive eyes seem destined to break hearts just from looking at you. Though, she is now retired, back when she was making porn, you could always count on her presence for great bonerific moments. She appeared in a cameo in the season 3 finale of Entourage. Personally, speaking I would LOVE to see her do more mainstream stuff, as the camera and I severely miss her.

23. Loni- Loni has, hands down, one of my fav pair of boobs, ever. Her ass is pretty amazing, too. Add to that her beautiful, large almond eyes. Then there is that sexy Filipino accent. Oh, man, she is just, too hot! Is there any wonder why she ranks among my most missed porn stars?!

22. Annie Cruz- Annie has everything that counts to make her the perfect woman. She's beautiful. Her ass is amazing, as are her sexy legs. She can be seen sometimes with a sexy bush. She can squirt. She has a cute button nose. I love her lips. Her scenes are hot as fuck!! She is both a porn star and a dom (spank me please, I have been VERY bad!). And, she's bi. But, as if that was not enough, she is also a fellow geek. She loves comic books, video games, and horror movies. Oh my God! Is there any wonder why I am so in love with this awesome beauty?

21. Jade Marcella- Jade is one half of the gorgeous Marcella sisters, my favorite pair of sisters in porn. Shit, they might be my favorite pair of sisters in the whole entire world. Jade has a sexy as hell tanned skin color. Her long, black hair further enhances her appeal. Jade always gave it her best and her best is pretty fucking awesome. She even did some scenes with her sis, Nyomi. I truly love this Indonesian goddess!


My First Published Article- Fangoria #307

The new issue of horror magazine Fangoria (#307) features my first ever published article. While, I have been featured on various websites, I have never actually been published. So, this is a very exciting occurrence for me. When, I opened up the issue and saw my name in it, I felt very proud of myself. I grew up reading Fango. It was a major influence on me, and started to develop my love for film and deepened my love for horror movies. So, to be in it is a childhood dream come true. That the cover has Alice Cooper, a man I greatly admire and see as a hero, on one cover, while The Howling (my eleventh favorite movie ever, and my fav werewolf film of all time) is on the other cover, are the icing on the bloody cake.

This article is an interview that I conducted with the beautiful Angelina Armani. It was a pleasure to interview her, as it always is. In the interview she discusses her career, her love of horror movies, and, of course, the horror movie that she is in, the recently released, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II.

The rest of the issue has more great articles including some must read interviews with Jessica (Suspiria) Harper, Jenny (Near Dark) Wright, Christina (Thriller) Lindberg, Alice Cooper, stuff on The Howling and so much more. This is really an awesome issue! And, I am not just saying that cause I am in it. Trust me, on this!

I hope you guys pick up a copy, and be sure to let me know what you think. You're ideas and words mean a lot to me. And, to those of you who do or did, thank you, so much. Your support means the world to me.



Title: Damage
Director: Jeff King
Writer: Frank Hannah
Cast: Steve Austin, Walton Goggins, Laura Vandervoort, Donnelly Rhodes, Lynda Boyd
Year: 2009
Min: 102

After serving four out of the seven years that John Brickner (Steve Austin) received for second-degree manslaughter, he ends up working as a construction worker, at day and bar bouncer at night. One day after work he meets up with Veronica Reynolds (Lynda Boyd), the widow of the man he killed. It turns out she petitioned for his releases after all the letters he wrote to her asking for her forgiveness. She tells him that her daughter Sarah, of eight years of age, needs a $250,000 heart transplant. He at first rejects the offer to do underground fighting for fight promoter Reno Paulsaint (Walton Goggins), but then he loses his job (but not before saving a man). He decides to do it, after getting help for finding him via his beautiful assistant and companion Frankie (V's Laura Vandervoort, here a brunette). Brickner begins to whoop some major ass, but Reno has some debts of his own.

I have to say that I was very surprised with how good this movie is. Usually movies starring pro-wrestlers are awful, even worse if they are direct-to-video, like this was. But, despite not being very original, it's a very entertaining and engaging film.

A big part of the appeal comes from the cast, which is quite good. I am a long time of Austin, as he was one of my favorites in the WWF/E. But, I was expecting him to be that good in this film. But, he really is. He comes off as a believable working class hero. He manages to kick some serious ass, but also manages to add some heart to his portrayal of his character. The rest of the cast is good, too. Vandervoort looks even more beautiful as a brunette and really gets to show off her acting chops. The characters are likable, with Reno having a good character arc.

Director King manages to keep the pace moving nicely. The fight scenes are bloody and brutal, and are well off-set by some actually heartfelt moments. I do think the ending wraps up everything to nicely and perfectly, though.

In all, this is a good surprise. If you are a fan of action films or even a good drama, you will definitely enjoy this one. If you are a fellow Austin fan it's a must see.

*** out of ****


The 50 Most Beautiful Asian Porn Stars Ever, pt. 2: 40-31

40. Kina Kai- This Filipino beauty had a couple of good roles in her not long enough porn career. She had some really hot scenes and has such a pretty face that she made a lasting impression in me. Like I said in the earlier ranked Mya Luana, their threesome scene in Asian Fever: Sex Objects is hot as fuck. Plus, she even got on the cover of that one!

39. Lucy Lee- I have discussed my love for Lucy before. Like I said in an earlier post, not much is known about what she up to right now. But, this legitimate bad girl, who needs a spanking, by the way, remains a personal favorite. She never failed to turn me on. I always hope she makes an on camera return. Oh, and once again, don't confuse her for the European girl of the same name, OK?

38. Sabrine Maui- This Fillipino beauty has over 225 movies. She also no is no longer in the biz, but with her stunning beauty, she remains sorely missed. I'm always happy when I come across an older porn flick and see that she is in the cast.

37. Mia Park- Oh my God, Mia Park is just sooo sexy! Just looking at a simple picture of this Cambodian goddess makes me swoonl. There really isn't a whole lot of her out there, as she was in the biz for too short a period of time. But, I have a ridiculous crush on her regardless. Her cover appearance on on Tight & Asian 4 was enough to make me buy that movie (the cast helped, too, of course). Like I said in that review, her scene ends up being the best! Between, her beautiful face, sexy hair, hot as hell ass, nice set of tits, and sexual performance, she definitely ranks as one of those porn babes, who came and went from the biz much too fast. And, she also deserved more reconigition than she got. I think had she stayed longer, she would have a much bigger name and following, in particular from fellow Asian girl lovers. Go and seek her out, I promise you'll like what you see.

36. Lana Croft- Croft is fucking gorgeous. There is no doubt about that. She has a sexy and exotic look to her, with smoldering eyes and a pretty face. Her butt is damn nice, as you can clearly tell. She also happens to be pretty damn good at fucking. Plus, naming yourself after Lara Croft is fucking cool. In all, she is a winner in my book!

35. Sasha Hollander- I feel lucky to have met Sasha back in 2008 at the first New York Exxxotica. She looked so beautiful in person! I don't think she is shooting porn anymore, which is, of course, a loss to the biz. Because not only is she gorgeous, but when it comes to fucking, she is a very sexy performer. She has one hell of a sexy body, to boot!! A very underrated babe, indeed, I think she's another one, you need to go look up and see what you have been missing!

34. Veronica Lynn- Beautiful. That's the best way to describe this former porno honey. Her gorgeous looks come from an awesome mix of Filipina, Japanese and Brazilian. My God, that mix right there is just too fucking hot. Looking at her is proof of the awesome results that it musters!

33. Evelyn Lin- My God, is Evelyn beautiful or what? Her face is so pretty, her long hair so sexy, her eyes so seductive, and her body so smoking hot, that I know she must break hearts whenever she walks into a room. And, when you see her porn work? Forget it. You'll leave to your significant other for her!

32. Cheryl Lynn Khan (aka Cheryl D.)- Considering the little amount of work there is out there of Cheryl it is impressive just how much of an impact she has had in my pants. With her cute looks, tiny little body, and slutty performances she was the embodiment of all the things that make those of us who have Asian fever, such happy campers. The first time I ever saw this Vietnamese babe was in a Red Light District compilation DVD, in which she talked all slutty to the camera, took a good fucking, and swallowed a load. But, it was her performances in No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3, that sealed the deal for me. She looks so cute in it, and the final scene between her the ravishing Jade Marcella is muff-munching perfection!

31. Christina Aguchi- With a gorgeous face, sexy attitude, and HOT as hell body, Ms. Aguchi has been a favorite of mine, since I first saw her. So sexy is she that even an interview with her (with her clothing on!), has me drooling. She has moved from the world of video to being a full time exotic dancer. She has gained many awards for her feature-dancing. While, I have never had the pleasure of seeing her in person, based simply on the videos I seen of her online and knowing how gorgeous she is, there is not denying that she deserves all of these awards and many, many more. And, she is also cool as hell on Twitter. Get your ass to following hers, if you ain't done so, yet!