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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kessarin Ektawatkul

Oh, September, you signify the end of summer and the coming of Fall. As such this weekend represent the last official weekend of it. So, let's fucking enjoy it! And, for this month, I give you a fan request, the stunning Kesserin Ektawatkul!

She's from Thailand and is a movie actress.

She also happens to be a former national champion in taekwondo. Gorgeous, Asian, AND she can kick my ass! I'm in love!

She's been in three martial arts films. They are, as follows: Born to Fight, Dangerous Flowers, and Somtum.

I know her from Born to Fight (pictured above, right). This is one hell of a kick ass Thai film. I bought it randomly one day, cause it was cheap, and loved ended up loving it! All of the stunts are done by the stars, themselves. The pacing is fast, the acting good, the fight scenes badass, the choreography perfect, and the violence brutal! She looks great in it, of course. Here is the film's trailer.

Ms. Ektawatkul has a beautiful face, one hell of a body, and can clearly lay the smackdown on your candyass. I certainly hope to see her other films, and hope she is in more. You need to do the same!


Junhax said...


I have yet to see Asian girls like this in my area. I need to get out more.

Giovanni Deldio said...

lol! They're out there trust me, on this! :D