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Horror Crush: Melissa George

Ahh, Melissa Geogre, I been a fan of this babe since my eyes, and my pants, first got captivated by her on Alias. It actually turns out, though, that I have actually been a fan of this Australian babe for far longer, than that, something I only learned from doing research for this post.

The naturally curvy beauty was born in Perth, Western Australia on August 6, 1976. This makes her 35 years old.

She made her acting debut in the excellent cult classic Dark City from Alex (The Crow) Proyas. She played a hooker and got nude. This would actually be the first time that I would be seeing her. She has a really nice rack and a great ass, and I do recall being happy she showed them in the movie. The movie, itself, is an amazing gothic sci-fi movie that is one of my favorites. It's visually captivating and simply breath-taking, not unlike her! Of course, it's a small role, but you won't be forgetting it anytime soon!

Her next role of interest to genre fans is from another favorite movie of mine: Mulholland Drive. A smart, sexy, and dark mystery movie, this is, in my book, David Lynch's best film. It might also be her sexiest role. She even shares a yummy lesbian kiss with the beautiful Laura Harring!

After being on Alias, she moved on to her next project: the remake of The Amityville Horror. While, the other two movies had elements that horror fans could appreciate, this was her first true terror film. It ain't no where near the level of the aforementioned movies, though. But, it ain't that bad, I don't think. Her acting and Ryan Reynolds is good. Besides, she looks fucking hot. I really like her ass in those jeans and her boobs in the tight sweaters that she wears, in it. And, hey when you compare this one to something like Amityville 3D or Amityville: The New Generation it looks like a masterpiece. Of, course that ain't saying much, but...

And, it is certainly light years ahead of Saw wanna-be Turistas, which despite having her (topless) and Olivia Wylde in bikinis and some gore and torture; it's really quite boring. Again, I have seen worse than this, but with better movies out there, why waste your time with this dreck? For George completionists only.30

George finally did an actual quality horror movie in the form of the awesome and ass kicking 30 Days of Night. A fast paced and violent good time, this adaptation of the best selling comic is a welcome change from pussy vampires. George looks beautiful as a snow bunny. Plus, this role allows her to kick some ass.

I am sad to say that I have yet to see her next horror film, Triangle, which I have heard nothing but good things about. Especially when you take into account just how much I enjoyed director Christopher Smith's Severance.

Melissa George is simply stunning, so much so that she does help to distract you from some the lesser stuff she has been in. She has beautiful, big blue eyes and luscious, kissable lips. As, I said before I really love her tits and her butt. No less an expert, than Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth, called her one of his fav horror babes. Here's hoping she does more genre work and hopefully with as little clothing as possible.


Anonymous said...

She just has an amazing pair of funbags .

Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes, she most definitely does!