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The Internet's Funniest Woman: Grace Helbig

It's official, I am in love with the beautiful and funny Grace Helbig! She makes me laugh my ass off, and for that I am very grateful. Plus, she's so freaking hot.

This blonde haired and brown-eyed New Jersey native has become my favorite comedian on the internet, no doubt about it. I must admit that I post a lot of her stuff on my Twitter, my Facebook, and here as well, in hopes of getting more of you guys into her and enjoy her brand of humor. And, of course, to ogle at her, as well (come on, would you expect anything less from me?).

One of the videos she posted last week about training your pussy is so fucking awesome and had me laughing hysterically! I played it for a friend last night, who loved it, as well. I am gonna say this right now: this is one of the greatest and most laugh-out-loud videos in the history of youtube.

As I said last time, she has been doing news reports for Attack of the Show, but since then she has been on the show more often. And, that has made me a very happy camper. On yesterday's episode, she covered LA Exxxotica. Now, I've covered their Jersey show many times, but I ain't as cute as she is. Highlights include the lovely Jenna Haze taking her around, Grace coping a feel of Gianna Michaels's amazing, God-given boobs, and Grace in an orgasm contest. Enjoy:

In closing, I would like to rephrase what the title to this post, says. She isn't just the funniest woman on the net. Nope. She's the funniest woman on God's green Earth. Chelsea Handler who?

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to her Youtube channel. You'll love it and her, I guarantee it!