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Sinn Sage & Raven Rockette on the Cover of "Girls Kissing Girls 14"

All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

I actually first saw this AMAZING cover last night, when some tweeted it to both of its' beautiful cover-girls. You could sell me on this one merely on the above cover alone, but combine that with everything else in this DVD, and I'm ready to hand in my cash for it right now!!

From the Mile High Media description: 

In this latest volume of Sweetheart's popular series, eight beautiful girls succumb to their innermost desires through long, wet, passionate kissing. Prospective student Alina sleep creeps her new college friend, only to get schooled in the hottest way possible. Serious drama student Claire shows her superficial scene partner Vicky what it means to commit to your craft. Musician Sinn seeks revenge against rival guitarist Raven--their mutual anger evolving into mutual passion. Finally, studious Casey consoles her brother's girlfriend Lily after a bad breakup, leading Lily to realize that very often, girls are more gratifying than boys.
The AMAZING cast:
Raven Rockette, Sinn Sage, Clair Robbins, Vicki Chase, Casey Calvert, Lily Love, Lia Lor, Alina Li. 

From the Mile High Media Press Release:
Director Dana Vespoli says, “I love directing ‘Girls Kissing Girls!’  It’s one of the most acclaimed girl/girl series with a great built-in fan-base.  I find myself constantly challenged to bring even more passion and lesbian sexcapades to each volume, so fans are left incredibly happy.”

Veteran XCritic.com reviewer Apache Warrior calls the 13th volume of “Girls Kissing Girls” “a very good one that has hot kissing scenes…I recommend this very good all-girl film!”



Girls Kissing Girls 14 hit DVD today, April 30, 2014, and it has already hit the very top of my list for most haves!
You can purchase or see it by clicking on the following link: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1696319/girls-kissing-girls-vol-14-porn-videos.html?qs=Girls%20Kissing%20Girls%20Vol.%2014&partner_id=42272314


Chiller Theatre April 2014

After, a two year absence, I made a return to the best horror convention in the world, Chiller Theatre!!! The last time I was there, I went with my friend Alan, and later on, we met up with Kristin and Erika. This was in Oct 2011, the Sunday right before Sandy hit, and we had to leave pretty quickly. This was also the first one at the new place, the Sheraton hotel in Parsipanny, NJ (where it has been held ever since). Since then, I had not gone back till this past Sat, April 26, 2014.

This time around, I was joined by Matt, Pat, and Freddie. We had not bought tickets in advance, so we had to wait in line... to get wristbands... to go on another line to get tickets... so that we finally get inside. We waited four hours to get in!!! It's never been like this, but once we did get in, we had a blast!!

The first person I went up to was the beautiful porn legend and all around MILF Amber Lynn. I had a film for her to sign, Mommy Blows Best 10, which had an Amber Lynn in it, that wasn't her. Needless, to say she wasn't very happy about this! Though, she was angry at the filmmakers, not I. In fact, she was very sweet and pleasant to me. I really wish more classic porn stars would do Chiller. They have had others in the past, but I just wish they would appear more often! Anyway, Amber ended up signing a sexy 8x10 of hers for me. 

From there I met the beautiful Sarah Butler of the awesome I Spit on Your Grave remake. She is so cool and fan friendly, in person. She talked to us for a good amount of time, about being in a remake to a classic movie that has become accepted by the hardcore fans, like ourselves. I admitted to her to being one of those fans who didn't think they could pull it off. She also talked to us about how it was shooting those emotionally difficult scenes and signed my blu-ray of said movie. Finally, she told us to keep an eye open for her upcoming action movie, Free Fall. I would also like to mention that she is even more beautiful in person. Butler is a true stunner.

The last celebrity I went up to is the still breathtakingly gorgeous Megan Ward. The star of movies like Freaked and Amityville: It's About Time, I had THE biggest crush on her as a teen. I was taken by just how beautiful she still is, but even more so by just how sweet she is. She talked to us for a good half-hour or so! We talked about how awesome Freaked is, including how it was meant for to be even more in the film and be longer, but the budget ran out, and about the aforementioned Amityville sequel (she signed the DVD of for me), which definitely ranks among the best in the series. We also talked about the rest of the series and the real town. Ward is so pleasant and friendly in person, that I don't know if I have the words to give her enough compliments. I also may have been in love by the time it was all over!

 Autographs I got from the three beauties mentioned above.

From then on in it was shopping and random fun time!
 This is all swag that I got.

WWF and wrestling classic superstars pose for a killer pic.

After coming back from dinner it was time for the classic Chiller Theatre party, which is one of the things that has always set it apart from other shows and makes it such a great time! 
 My friends and I ready for a kick ass time!

As is the tradition the Dead Elvi rocked the house, along with various guests joining them.
 Zacherley the legend onstage!
 Ronee Blakely, the mom of A Nightmare on Elm Street, belts out a tune with the Dead Elvi.
 The Dead Elvi kick ass!!
This guy was cool as hell!

My favorite Chiller band, Ingrid and the Defectors, were back to rock the house in another awesome performance. They are just so fucking kick ass, and Ingrid is a total hottie, as well as being very sweet in person.


As I said before, we had a fucking blast and hope to back for the next one in Oct!