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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Bingbing Li

April is here! That means April showers! It also means time to pick the Hot Asian of the Month, this time it is the questionably beautiful Bingbing Li!

Li was born in Wuchang, Heilongjang, China on Feb. 27, 1970. That makes her 40 years old! And, I have to say, I couldn't believe it! Even now, as I type this I STILL can't believe it! I thought she was much younger!! What a stunner!!!

She never planned to be an actress until a friend convinced her in 1993. Well, she soon caught the acting bug and started in many Hong Kong Movies. I, though, first became aware of her with her role as the White-Haired Witch in the entertaining Jet Li and Jackie Chan flick, The Forbidden Kingdom. It's here that she worked her magic on me, and I became enchanted with her. I was in love from the instant she was onscreen! I think playing a bad witch definitely added to her appeal to me. Bad girls are hot! Bad, beautiful witches are hotter!

The next time she came under my radar was in the godawful Resident Evil: Retribution. She played Ada Wong (but was dubbed by Sally Cahill). Personally, I think she is a great choice for Wong, she looks the part and kicked ass, but despite her presence and other hotties, as well, the movie sucked zombie cock. She will be appearing in Michael Bay's Transformers: Extinction this summer. Will, this sequel suck like the other sequels in the Transformers series? Will it be better than the RE movie she did? Who the fuck knows. My expectations are low, but I am glad to see that she is in it. 

Here she is at the LA premiere of the aforementioned RE flick:

Bingbing Li is so amazingly beautiful. She has a flawless face, sexy legs, a hot body, and beautiful Asian eyes. I am completely enchanted by her, utterly captivated by her beauty, basically, I am in love with the April 2014 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. And, I am sure that so are you!