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Funko at Toy Fair 2014

As some of my loyal readers, into toy and geeky posts, may know, I am HUGELY into Funko's Pop! toys, so I was most pumped to see their booth. Not only were their Pop toys awesome but so were there other lines of toys. No shocker that THIS was my favorite booth in the entire expo.

The newest line from them are these ubber-cute plushies called Fabrikations. I really need these!!

Hikari TMNT!!!!! I want Raphael (my favorite turtle)

 Pulp Fiction Pop! These just came out, by the way.
 Kill Bill Pop! Will we ever see Reservoir Dog ones?
 Buffy: The Vampire Slayer = one of  THE best idea ever for Pop toys!!!
Ghostbusters!! I LOVE that Stay Puft is bigger than the rest, though he still ain't in scale. Still cool. I preordered him, by the way. Maybe, I'll review him here. Would you guys like that? I want/ need Slimer!! These will be out next month.
 Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.
The Teen Titans are out right now.
The Captain America: The Winter Soldier series came out recently. I own Black Widow, and she is awesome!

The new ReAction line has many franchises done in old school style, like old Star Wars figures. Some of these are already out, some will be out soon! 

The phenomenal Game of Thrones Legacy collection is out already!
 Wacky Woblers

 Boxos, Tinastic, and Collictable Figural Tins