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The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 5: 130-121

130. Marduk- Fuck Me Jesus- Ubber-controversial cover to Swedish black metal band Marduk's debut EP features a hot naked chick shoving crucifix up her snatch. Maybe they watched The Exorcist a lot? Whatever the case maybe, I recall the ad for the rerelease of the album in Metal Maniacs ages ago, and it immediately caught my eye. Definitely one of the most shocking looking covers in my entire list.

129. Slayer- Divine Intervention- The Slayer wheel gets a cool redux here with a skeleton and a skull with the image of space in its background. Interestingly the name of the band or album are not on the cover, itself.

128. Iron Maiden- Brave New World- This great album cover has the upper half done by classic Maiden artist Derek Riggs, while the bottom half by Steve Stone, as Bruce Dickinson returned after those two AWFUL albums with Blaze Bayley. A solid album all the way with a beautiful looking cover as a ghostly Eddie looks over a futuristic world.

127. Marduk- Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered- A bunch of orks gather for a battle in the second Marduk cover to make this part of the list.

126. Megadeth- The World Needs a Hero- Vic Rattlehead busts out of a man's chest, ala Alien, as he makes his return to being on Megadeth album covers. The bloody cover and return of their mascot signifies the return towards a heavier sound after the godawful Risk.

125. W.A.S.P.- Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)- One of the most infamous albums is this EP (featuring the equally infamous song of the same name) with the sawblade codpiece/ crotch shot. This one infuriated the PMRC and was used as example of all that was considered wrong by these jackasses in music, in particular metal music, back then. The combination of violence and sexiaulity makes for a classic and iconic cover that sums up the old days of W.A.S.P., quite well.

124. Motley Crue- Dr. Feelgood- The best selling of Motely's albums has what is probably their best looking cover. It's basically a metalizied version of the caduceus, the medical symbol, with a skull, one snake, a dagger, and demon wings. Their ever changing logo also looked the coolest that it EVER has!

123. Kiss- Destroyer- With gorgeous art by fantasy artist Ken Kelly, this one of Kiss' most famous and popular albums. Our face painted heroes stand over rocks as fire and destruction are in the background. Unquestionably one of the most iconic metal/ hard rock album covers of the 70s.

122. Toxic Holocaust- An Overdose of Death...- The third album by American thrash metal Toxic Holocaust is probably their best looking and coolest cover as evil looking wolves are seemingly all that is left after some sort of, well, toxic holocaust.

121. Nervosa- Victim of Yourself- The most recent album in the entire list is the debut from this Brazilian, all female thrash metal act. It looks really old school and cool, as a skull guy stabs his clone/ twin/ himself/ whatever in a cemetery no less!!

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