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The Hottie that Is Courtney Cummz

I been a fan of the lovely Courtney Cummz for a while, now. Like I said in my blog on Exxxotica NY 2009, I was dying to meet her . After I met her, I was solidified as one of her fans. She is so sexy and fun in person. Check her out at Exxxotica Miami 2009:

Courtney, born on December 4, 1981 in Shepardstown, West Virgina. She has been in the biz for a couple of years, now. In October 2005, she became Zero Tolerance's first contract girl. She has an exclusive contract with them. Not only those she star in some of their flicks, but directs for them, too! Multi-talented and beautiful! Oh, and she's bi-sexual, too! Sweet!

The blonde babe has been on TV, being interviewed and even appeared in an episode of The Unit where she appeared in a strip club.

But, aside from all of that her presence on the net is just awesome. She is one of my fav people on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CourtneyCummz Her tweets fucking rule, besides she is also always posting pics of herself. And, who doesn't want more pics of this beauty?! She, of course, has her own paysite. You can check it out over here: http://www.courtneycummz.com/

As I said before, in person, she is so awesome. And, it is her wonderful personality that real comes through on her blog. She has a naughty one and a cute one. That blog has become one of my fav blogs to read. She has a great positive attitude about her that just makes it such a pleasure to read. I left her a comment about just that, as I had been having sort of a crappy Monday. And, reading her blog made me feel better, by making me smile.

Courtney is a combination of a hot, smoking body , beauitful face, friendly and personable way of dealing with her fans, and HOT AS HELL porn scenes that make her one of the best porn stars in the biz. She definitely deserves her success and more! Courtney Cummz fucking rox!!!!!

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Music Mix: Cover Up

Time for a new mix kiddies! This time around, my mix is all cover songs. Most of them are of metal bands covering other metal bands, but a couple of them are of metal bands taking on more pop oriented music. In parenthesis, after each song title, you will find the name of the original band that played that song, in case you wanna know who it was, or you wanna look for the original (which you really should do). I tried to pick some cover songs you might have not have not heard, but I think all the songs are fucking awesome takes on them and kick ass. Anyways, you can download the mix from here: http://www.4shared.com/file/154795549/43818394/Cover_Up.html

And, for the horndogs, or the simply curious, amongst you, the girl on the cover is the lovely Christian Serratos, who stars in the Twilight movies. The pic is from a PETA ad, that she recently did. Clearly PETA kicks ass! The Twilight films, on the other hand, are pretty fucking annoying...

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No Man's Land: Asian Edition

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition
Video Team
Miko Lee, Charmane, Ayala, Mayo Sato, Risa Yamaguchi, and Tina Toy

The first installment in my absolute fav porn series, ever, is a solid beginning to the series and has the beautiful Charmane (aka Charmane Star) star (pun not intended) as a writer. Her lover is the the gorgeous Miko Lee, who plays a model.

They both appear in the first scene. It's hot despite the over use of toys. Charmane has such a beautiful, gorgeous face, while Miko Lee is so fucking sexy. I love seeing Charmane lick Miko's butt-hole, and there is lots of nice kissing.

Soon, Miko's cousin (Ayala) moves in with them. Meanwhile, we are treated to the second scene. The lovely Maya Sato plays a model being interviewed by the beautiful Risa Yamaguchi. It starts off stunningly hot with a photo shoot, that just put me over the top. Best of all there was no use of toys, it loses a little steam as it goes on, though. But, had it kept it's initial heat level, this would have been a perfect scene. Still damn fucking good, though!

Next we see the cousin giving clothing, that she had made for her, to Charmane's character. It's a red hot beginning to a very sexy scene, that ends up being the movie's best. It has lots of kissing and fingering, and no toys. It's just so yummy to see Ayala and Charmane together!

The fourth scene has Miko Lee and Maya Sato waiting for a shoot to be shot. So they decide to fuck in the shower. Hmm, is this how it goes in real life? Inquiring minds want to know! Anyway, it is a sexy, great, hot scene with some very nice pussy eating. Sadly, the overt use of sex toys kills it, and causes the scene to lose the heat that it had initially.

Finally in the last scene, Alaya gets an interview with the top lady in fashion (Tina Toy). This one just gets hotter and hotter until toys come into play. Sadly, though, much like the scene before it, it ends up losing steam because of this.

The picture quality is good, as is the sound. We get trailers to other No Man's Land movies, a good photo gallery, cast bios, and an all too short and disappointing behind the scenes as extras. The movie, itself, is a good little lesbo porno. Even the weakest scenes are good and worth seeing as all of them posses some very hot moments, making this a worthy addition to your collection.

3 out of 4 Woodies

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Props to Naughty Nina Kay

So yesterday, after I came back from seeing Saw VI (which was great! the best since Saw II), I was pleasantly surprised to see that I got my free autographed pic from the very lovely Naughty Nina Kay ! She mentioned this on Twitter, which you all should be following, cause she fucking rulz! Here it is: http://twitter.com/NaughtyNinaKay

She has her own pay site, which you should totally check out and join, as well: http://www.naughtyninakay.com/

She is sexy, gorgeous, and totally cool. And, I am hoping she will come over and, er, "read" some comics with me!

And, I gotta give her props for doing something this cool for her fans. That clearly makes her awesome in my book. And, come on, she's hot! What the hell are you waiting for?! Go check her out already!

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Chiller Theatre Halloween 2009

This Halloween 2009, Alan, Pat, and I went to the Chiller Theatre Convention. We were unsure about how a Chiller on Halloween would be. But, guess what? This was one of the best Chillers, I been to in a long time. It fucking owned!

The first celeb I met was the very cute Danielle Harris of Halloween 4, Halloween 5, and Rob Zombie's Halloween I and II. I actually met her years ago at a Fango show. But, alas back then I had a regular camera and the film got all fucked up. So, I saw this as a chance to get a new pic with her and get more signatures on my Halloween DVD . Danielle is such a cutie! I love her!

I then met Traci Brooks. I been a long time fan of the TNA beauty, but when I saw her person, I was like, wow! I mean she is even hotter in person ! Turns out she is a big fan of horror movies and Rob Zombie, too. That only makes her more awesome in my eyes! She signed a pic for me.

Next up was Josie Lee. Now, I met her last year, but I like buying and getting DVDs signed by her, so I figured I would meet her again. She is always so sweet, personable, and friendly that combing that with her exquisite beauty always makes it a true pleasure to see her. Her costume was a character from one of my fav comic books of back in the day, Danger Girl, by the way.

The one person I was most excited to meet was the lovely Tia Carrere. I been a fan for a long, long time. And, being that she was one of the biggest stars at this Chiller, I thought for sure she would charge a lot. But, guess what? She only charged 20 bucks for a pic and picture with her! This pic is from one of the first video games to feature stars in it. Tia was very cool in person and is still very beautiful.

Alan went up to Elvira, who still looks great, by the way.

Aside, from the stuff I got signed I bought: Onechanbara, 42nd St. Forever Vol. 2: The Duece, and The Butcher (the new Korean film) which at 20 bucks came with Shutter (the original), R-Point, and Princess on DVD and poster of The Butcher, itself! This makes it THE deal of the day!

Later, it was time for the party. For the first time, ever, I decided to wear a mask. I was Rey Mysterio! I was pleasantly surprised to see what a great reaction it got from everyone. But, more on that later. Alan was a luchador, too. While, Pat was Hannibal Lector and, of course, Dr. Satan!

There were more costumes than I seen in a long time! But, the best one was Chewbaca, and not just cause I am a massive Star Wars fan. Nope, I mean look at how fucking cool it looked!

There were other cool costumes like: Gene Simmons , alien/ zombie/ space dude , Bill Compton (which I flipped out over, being such a HUGE fan of True Blood and all) , my friend Victor as zombie Michael Jackson , the new Michael Myers , the Energizer Bunny , and this cat babe , who has to be one of the most beautiful women I seen all day.

As I said before, I got great reaction from people as in regards to my Rey Mysetrio mask. Even, the wrestling girls (Tara, Traci Brooks, and Dawn Marie, who joined them later at the party) loved it. Although, they told me I was too tall to be Rey! But, I got some great pics with Tara: All of the girls were so sweet and cool, that I just became ever bigger fans of theirs! One of the things that I thought was coolest was that even a little kid wanted a pic with me! I promise you that Rey will return to Chiller! By the way, I ran into the beautiful Josie Lee at the party, too!

All the bands that played were great. I really enjoyed The Undead. They kicked total ass, and I got to tell them that they did, later that night.

Well, we drank, partied, and had a great fucking time. This was just such an AMAZING Chiller. A great way to spend Halloween. But, I leave you now, with the last pic of the night, me and the hottie cop chick . Arrest me, please! I been very bad!

Till the next Chiller!!!!!!!!!

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