Monster-Mania August 2019

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, we headed over to Cherry Hill, New Jersey for another edition of Monster-Mania. And, as always my friends and I had a fucking blast!

The first guest I went up to was the beautiful and extremely talented Kate Siegel. Siegel is an amazing actress, with some great roles in horror content, many in her husband, Mike Flanagan's own movies and TV shows like Hush and The Haunting of Hill House.  I told her just how much I loved her acting in her work, as well as the super cool The Texas Chain Saw Massacre tee that she had on. Kate was very sweet and a joy to meet and talk to.

The three of us, Freddie, Pat, and myself, got a pic with the legendary Beverly D'Angelo. She is best known for her work in the National Lampoon's Vacation films, but my personal favorite thing that she did was the awesome late 70's horror film The Sentinel.

Alex Essoe was a added late that week, so I didn't know that she would be there. Otherwise, I would have bought my Blu-ray of the superlative Starry Eyes, with me to get signed by her. I told her, how I had spread the word on the film, telling friends to see and reviewing it, very positively for this, my own site. In fact, my friend and Master's Minion, Pat, admitted to her to seeing the film, cause of my review. She talked to us for a good fifteen minutes and was so fun, sweet, and plain fucking awesome. I hope that her role in the hotly anticipated Doctor Sleep (from the aforementioned Mike Flanagan, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, a sequel to The Shining) leads to some great roles for her. She is an incredible actress and most definitely deserves it.

As a huge and loyal The X-Files fan, I was super excited to meet the lovely Annabeth Gish. When we went to her table, she was talking to Siegel (whom she worked with on The Haunting of Hill House). She told her that we were cool, so she came over to us with a smile. She was really sweet and was flattered, as I told her how much I loved her as Agent Monica Reyes on The X-Files.

It turned out that author and horror mag contributor and editor Michael Gingold has a new book out called Ad Astra. As loyal readers may remember, I bought his phenomenal book Ad Nausem last year at New York Comic Con. Part two (which will center on horror movie ads from the 80s-2000s) to that book will be out in time for this year's NYCC. So, you can count on me getting that! Getting back to his current new book, Ad Astra, it is like Ad Nausem, except, that instead of horror newspaper ads, this time it is all science fiction and fantasy movie ads. And, it is not just the 80s, but actually 1980-1999. I am currently reading and loving the fucking hell out of it!

There was a lot of cosplay on display on this day. Here are some of my favorites, that I saw:

As far as swag, that I got, it goes like this:
A Starry Eyes pic signed by Alex Essoe
Ad Astra signed on the inside by Michael Gingold
An incredible Return of the Living Dead tee by Fright-Rags
Vice Squad from Scream Factory, which I got at DiabolikDVD's table
And, from Vinegar Syndrome and their table: Hell Comes to Frogtown and Cutting Class:

By the time, it was all over we were dead tired but so happy. It was another kick ass time, and we are already for the next Cherry Hill one in March 2020!


Cory Chase Signs with ATMLA

From the official press release:

(Fort Lauderdale, FL / August 16, 2019) – Veteran adult performer and ‘national treasure’ Cory Chase has signed with ATMLA Talent Agency for representation.
After facing endure a ‘serious medical scare’ earlier this year that sidelined Chase’s shooting schedule for the past few months, the star is making a triumphant return to adult film and is booking exclusively through her new agent Mark Schechter.
“After taking the first half year off from shooting mainstream adult content, I’ve been focused on organically growing my brand and producing my own content,” said Chase. “My doctor recently cleared me for flying and shooting again, so I felt this was best time to continue my professional career."
Chase, who won an AVN Award this year for Favorite Indie Clip Star, added that she was not happy with her previous representation “so I felt it was best to move on." The Florida-based performer added that “we have worked with ATMLA for several years, booking their talent for our own productions, and have never been disappointed.
“Mark is a seasoned professional, well-respected and a leader in the adult modeling business… joining his agency was a perfect fit all around.”
In the meantime, Chase will continue to make several professional trips a year to California, and is currently available to shoot for one week at a time; her available shoot dates are filling up quickly, so directors and producers can contact Mark at Mark@ATMLA.com to book the award-winning MILF.
Cory Chase’s official ATMLA profile link is up now at ATMLA.com/pornstar-cory-chase.
Find Cory Chase at:
New Jersey-born adult performer, glamour model, cam girl and clip star Cory Chase began her modeling career back in 2001 to supplement her income while attending college, honing her skills and perfecting her posing and signature look. In 2007 Cory joined Clips4Sale.com and began producing her own video content while shooting for several adult companies in South Florida, including Brazzers, Amateur Alliance, Digital Sin, Reality Kings Evil Angel and more. 
As Cory continued to grow her clips stores and build a solid fan base, many of her followers began to request custom videos at a premium price. Thus, CoryChaseCustoms.com was born. Cory could shoot custom videos with her husband Luke Longly at the request of her clients and then post the same videos on her various clips sites.
Today, by popular demand, Cory is a top draw as a live cam performer at MyFreeCams.com, where she spends hours each day offering her services from the comfort of her own home. “This is the most rewarding of all of my performances,” says Cory. “Working with your fans, feeding off their energy in real-time and making them happy - it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Cerebral Rot- Odious Descent into Decay (Album Review)

Musician: Cerebral Rot
Album Title: Odious Descent into Decay
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Release Date: August 16, 2019

Seattle, Washington's death metal act Cerebral Rot make their debut with the absolutely crushing and rot filled Odious Descent into Decay. This album completely blew me away with its fetid air of unhinged brutality.

The band consists of members of bands from the area like Fetid, Cauterized, Caustic Wound, and others. They are extremely talented with musicianship that will rip your bowels right out with their musical brutality. The guitars have a sound as if they came from a hell-spawned gutter and the drums are heavy and deep with a brutal usage of blast-beats. The deep and very guttural growls of vocalist Purveyor of Destruction sounds like it comes from the deepest cesspool of rot and decay.

The album opens up with a haunting intro to the title track. It goes into an almost doomy crunch that gathers more and more energy and anger resulting in a face melting sound that will pummel your face into a steel gutter. The excellent drumming skills of Drew O'Bryant are on full display from this very first track with shifts from slow to lightning fast. "Swamped in Festering Excrement", aside from having an extremely touching title, sounds and feels like a putrid corpse rising and dragging itself from the filthiest and most grotesque place imaginable. It is an absolute monster of crunching banger. And, if you want a truly blistering act of filthy speed and unrelenting brutality, then look no further than the track "Cerebral Rot". One of the aspects of this album is the more I hear it, the more I like it. Tracks begin to sound better and better, as you appreciate the changes and talent, therein more and more.

Cerebral Rot's Odious Descent into Decay is the soundtrack to the most fetid and foul hell you can imagine. And, then as you are driven  there head first, your face melts as it hits the foulest of toxic shit. Believe me, though, this description is meant as the highest form of compliment. The best part is it only gets better and better with each listening. Which if one considers just how much my jaw dropped on the first spin, is saying a lot! Make no bones about it, this is the single best extreme metal debut of the year, that I have heard. In all, this is a fetid and killer piece of putrid death metal.

4 out of 5


Incident in a Ghostland (Review)

Title: Incident in a Ghostland
Writer/ Director: Pascal Laugier
Cast: Crystal Reed, Mylène Farmer, Anastasia Phillips, Emilia Jones, Taylor Hickson, Kevin Power
Min: 91
Year: 2018

Pauline (Mylène Farmer) has recently inherited her sister Clarissa's secluded house. She travels to the house with her two teenage daughters, the slightly more rebellious Vera (Taylor Hickson) and Beth (Emilia Jones) who is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and likes to write horror fiction. At a rest stop, Beth reads an article about a series of home invasions where the parents are killed but the daughters are spared. What they don't know is that someone in a candy truck is stalking them.

They settle in for the night, but then suddenly a large, obese man breaks in. The Fat Man (Rob Archer) attacks Pauline, and the goes for the girls, dragging them to the basement. A strange woman soon joins them, who says that that they just want to play with dolls. The Fat Man assaults both girls. When he smells that Beth has had her period, he turns his perverse attention and focus on to Vera. Pauline recovers and stabs both the Fat Man and the Candy Truck Woman (Kevin Power) killing them.

Sixteen years later, Beth has grown into a beautiful and successful woman ( now played by Crystal Reed). She is a popular horror author and lives with her husband and their son. She is on a talk show promoting her latest work Incident in a Ghostland, which is inspired by the horrific events of that night. Later, she receives a frantic phone call from her sister (Anastasia Phillips), who still lives with their mom in the same house.
Beth, haunted by her own nightmares, travels to see what she can do to help her sister and mom. There her mother Pauline tells her that Vera cannot move on and is still traumatized and anguished by those events. Soon, Beth, herself, is haunted by strange happenings and Vera says that her assailants are still after them.

Incident in a Ghostland is a deeply searing psychological horror film from French genre writer/ director Paul Lagier, whose classic Martyris a brutal masterpiece. And, I am very happy to report that unlike his disappointing and uneven 2012 movie, The Tall Man, this one hits all the marks. And, boy are these marks ever scarring.

The opening home invasion is intense and very violent. It's one fucking hell of a way to start off and sets the unflinching tone which is kept throughout much of the flick's running time. It is also an excellent study of PTSD and the utter horrors of child abuse. This all results is a nightmarish experience that stays with the viewer, well after it is all said and done.
Laugier manages to disturb and unnerve his audience. And, while for some filmmakers this might not be an easy task, for Laugier, it is something that is right up his alley. The film does use a bunch of jump scares. However, they usually work, because they are actual scares and not fake outs. This ads to the tension that Laugier expertly knows how to build up. The climax will have your heart jumping out of your chest and nails buried deep into your seat. It ends on a very satisfying note, even if you feeling completely fucking drained by the time it's over.

The violence and bloodletting is equally harsh and graphic, keeping the audience's nerves on their very edge. The movie isn't ever light nor funny, and considering the heavy subject matter, it shouldn't be. This all results in a film that has much in common with '70's horror than what is currently out there, which is a huge plus for me.

The acting here is phenomenal. It is some of the finest you are likely to see in a horror movie this year, as their suffering is very palatable. Crystal Reed gives a very strong performance as Beth. She allows her character's pain, strength, and loving and protective nature to really come forth. Anastasia Phillips is incredible as Vera. Her screams of physical and emotional pain are utterly heartbreaking. Seeing her nude, clutching her doll, and begging for help in one scene is one of the most heart-wrenching things that you are likely to see in a genre film. Mylène Farmer gives excellent support as the loving and goodhearted mother.

Incident in a Ghostland is a brutal, intense, and emotionally draining experience. One that left me feeling many powerful emotions and completely consumed me. The acting is utterly phenomenal; giving the movie its emotional center and strength. Disturbing and haunting, it is the most soul crushing horror movie of the year. And, as it begins streaming exclusively on Shudder this Thursday, August 15, 2019, I give you my highest possible recommendation to watch.

4 out of 4


Devourment- Obscene Majesty (Album Review)

Musician: Devourment
Album Title: Obscene Majesty
Genre/ Subgenre: 
Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: August 16, 2019

Uncompromisingly heavy slam/ brutal death metal act Devourment are back after six years with a savage new album, Obscene Majesty. And, as such, these pioneers of the aforementioned sub-genre have a beast of a release.

The album is a violent and head pummeling exercise in extremity. It ranks as one of the most outright heavy releases you are likely to hear this year. The production by D. Braxton Henry give the album an all encompassing feeling of crushing brutality. With drumming that caves heads in, guitars that shred and slice, and deep, guttural vocals signing about all the gore and violence that you demand, the viciousness will destroy you and everything around you.

 The album opens up with "A Virulent Strain of Retaliation". It's a track that after its nightmarish intro explodes into battering blast-beats and chainsaw like guitars. It will beat you into bloody submission by the time it's chugging mid-section comes in. Speaking of chainsaw guitars you can imagine flesh being sliced and diced by one while "Narcissistic Paraphernalia" kicks in. It's breakdown is sure to break bodies in the pit. Blast-beats galore highlight the brutal "Arterial Spray Patterns". You can almost imagine a meat cleaver chopping up a person as the drums bash and batter the sound barrier. It's possibly my favorite track on the album. You haven't lived in brutality until you hear the blast-beat and slam filled "Dysmorphic Autophagia". "Sculpted in Tyranny" has this almost mechanical chugging breakdown that feels akin to the Terminator contentiously punching someone's head in, again and a-fucking-gain!
Filled to the brim with slamming breakdowns, blast-beats, and saw like guitars Obscene Majesty is one of the heaviest releases of the year. There are no breaks to be had in this album, nor should there be. Thick and obsessively violent sounding the music goes well with its gore loving mentality. Like a stampeding brontosaurus stomping multiple people's heads into oblivion, this a true slam metal monster!

3.5 out of 5



All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

From the Mile High Media press release:

Ricky Greenwood Directs All-Girl Wrestling Feature, Starring Porn Superstars Charlotte Stokely, Sinn Sage and Nina Hartley.
MONTREAL, Quebec(Aug. 7, 2019) – “Girls of Wrestling,” director Ricky Greenwood’s erotic all-girl wrestling feature, arrives on DVD. The nostalgic sports drama from Mile High Media’s all-girl studio, Sweetheart Video, continues Greenwood’s now signature cinematic eroticore style, garnering rave reviews from critics. 
“Girls Of Wrestling” explores what happens when a woman (Ariel X) who’s lost everything gets a second chance at glory with a rag-tag bunch of hot and horny women wrestlers. The all-star cast includes Charlotte Stokely, Sinn Sage, Ariel X, Cadence Lux, Kenna James, Ana Foxxx, Whitney Wright, Karla Kush, Aiden Ashley, Brandi Mae and industry icon Nina Hartley. 

For box art, cast list and more visit http://www.milehighonline.com/product/movie/4790.      
“‘Girls of Wrestling’ is an insightful look into the complicated lives of competitive female wrestlers, and was really brought to life by our talented cast,” said Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “We are excited for this release, it has already hit a record number of pre-orders. Plus, as an added bonus for fans we’ve included collectable stickers of the cast in limited edition DVDs.” 

Among those hailing the new release is AdultDVDTalk’s Flash who wrote: “Every frame of ‘Girls of Wrestling’ is fantastically photographed immersing the viewer into the visuals. Quite often, you will forget you are watching a porn movie… Ricky Greenwood is on the top of his game with ‘Girls of Wrestling.’ Like with his past large-scale feature adult films, Ricky Greenwood doesn't disappoint... The story is strong enough to captivate the viewer, the cast is top-notch, and the sex scenes are very enjoyable. ‘Girls of Wrestling’ is highly recommended.”
Likewise, AIPDaily’s Christina wrote: “Sweetheart Video has done an excellent job over the years producing all-girl features and this is probably my favorite one to date… Overall this is a fun movie with plenty of emotional punch and of course hot girl/girl scenes and I give ‘Girls of Wrestling’ a 4.75 out of 5.”
“Girls of Wrestling” opens with when Layla (Ariel X) was caught for a DUI, her life changed completely. She lost her pro wrestling contract and was sentenced to do community service. Luckily, her old coach and best friend Nina (Nina Hartley) has offered her a spot as a trainer at her gym where she can train the amateur wrestlers, and Nina will help her to get back on her feet. Layla’s arrival at the gym happened at the perfect time since the girls need to be ready for a big event and they need a lot of help to bring the show to the next level. 
But her leap into the amateur league will not be easy. Everything she does is scrutinized by the young reporter, Paula Ford (Charlotte Stokely) – even her emotional relationship with the gifted star Sophie “Shotgun” Smith (Sinn Sage). Layla will give everything she’s got to raise this promising squad to the big leagues – and a lot of tension and pent up desires will be taken to the mat. 
View the exclusive “Girls Of Wrestling” trailer at Mile High Media’s blog here: https://milehighmedia.wpengine.com/sweetheart-video-exclusive-trailer-the-girls-of-wrestling/  
Shot in 4K Ultra HD, the DVD features four scenes of lesbian sex, as well as a slide show of exclusive photos, behind-the-scenes footage, animated chapter index, no regional coding, and more.
Sweetheart Video is the place for those lovers of girls who can't have enough soft breasts, fully shaved beauties and toe curling orgasms. It features high-quality lesbian erotica and lesbian porn with real orgasms and the hottest adult stars.
For insider release information and the latest news follow Sweetheart Video on Twitter & Instagram: @sweetheartvids
For production stills and content, log on to Mile High Media’s Press Access site: http://milehighonline.com/press/.  Media seeking to be qualified may email Dusty@DustyInk.com.
About Mile High Media:
Mile High Media has been a pillar of the adult industry for over 25 years. The Canadian managed company began as a Canadian licensee for American adult movies, ensuring it distributed only the highest quality content.  Understanding the diverse and ever changing needs of its consumer base, Mile High determined the best way to provide a wide array of superior entertainment was to produce its own.  In 2003, Mile High launched Doghouse Digital, the first of its acclaimed lines catering to specific niches.  Growing market trends and demand led Mile High to create Sweetheart Video (lesbian line), Sweet Sinner (couple line), Reality Junkies (reality gonzo line), Male Reality (gay reality gonzo line), Icon Male (Gay romance line), TransSensual (TS erotica line) and recently launched Cherry Pop Films (teen gonzo line). With over 2500 titles, Mile High’s studios yield some of the most viewed adult movies in the world, available on all platforms, including broadcast, IPTV, VOD and mobile applications.  Mile High is committed to evolve alongside consumers tastes, reflecting new developments in technology and entertainment. This philosophy led AEBN.net to name Mile High the 2012 Studio of the Year.  For more information, visit www.MileHighOnline.comwww.Facebook.com/MileHighMediaorwww.Twitter.com/MileHighMovies.

You can also get it here: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2700031/girls-of-wrestling-porn-movies.html?partner_id=42272314


TV Star Maitland Ward Gets ‘Unprofessional’ in Her First Major Adult Film Role

From the official press release: 

(Los Angeles, CA / August 5, 2019) – Vixen Media Group and its co-founder Greg Lansky are pleased to introduce mainstream television star Maitland Ward in her first-ever major adult film role in “Unprofessional” with Jason Luv for Blacked, available August 3 exclusively at Blacked.com.
The mainstream actress, who played Rachel McGuire on the ABC television series “Boy Meets World” and played a member of the Forrester clan as Jessica Forrester on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” is now taking center stage in the sexiest role of her career.

“We’re thrilled to have Maitland as part of the Vixen Media Group family,” says Lansky. “As an actress, she’s an incredible talent, and we’re proud to have her starring in this unprecedented film. What drew us to casting her was her vivacious spirit and exuberant enthusiasm for everything she does. We look forward to continue working with Maitland in the future.”

“I can’t say enough about what a professional, first-class, and fun set Blacked was,” says Ward of her debut with the award-winning studio. “I always knew Blacked was the highest standard in the industry, but I was still completely blown away by my experience. I’ve been on many sets in my life and career as a mainstream actress, and this was one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences.”
She added: “Greg and his team gave me the freedom to showcase my talents, push the boundaries, and take it farther than I’ve ever gone before, while making a beautiful, sexy, top-of-the-line feature film production. That’s why I’m so excited to work with Blacked. It’s the best.”

For more information visit https://www.blacked.com or on Twitter @blacked_com.

BLACKED is a leading producer of high-quality hardcore erotica featuring the adult industry’s most popular stars. Launched in June 2014 by award-winning industry filmmaker Greg Lansky, who has won Director of the Year at the AVN Awards three times, the progressive studio and content website have received numerous accolades and have a worldwide fan base.
In 2018, Kanye West shared his appreciation for Blacked during a guest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that subsequently went viral. The studio has won 12 combined coveted AVN and XBIZ awards, including Best Cinematography and Adult Website of the Year.


Horror Crush: Bella Thorne

I met the gorgeous and uber-talented Bella Thorne on July 23, 2019 at her book signing (more on that later) in Barnes and Noble in Union Square, New York City. Thus, this feels like the perfect time to induct her into the Horror Crushes section of this site!
Thorne was born Annabella Avery Thorne in Pembroke Pines, Florida on October 8, 1997. She is probably best known for her role in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. But, of course, I know her best from her horror work.
Throne's first horror role, though, is one I have never seen. In 2015, she played Nina Patterson in the MTV series of Scream in two episodes. Actually, I have never watched a single episode of that show, much less two. But, for those of you that have any thoughts on her role in it? Please, let me know in the comments section below. One thing is for sure, she looked amazing in a bikini!
It's in 2017, where she pulled double horror duty that, I became a fan. The first of the two that I saw was the super fun and bloody good, The Babysitter. In this horror-comedy, a kid has a crush on his super hot babysitter (Samara Weaving). But, one night while she is sitting him, he finds out that she is the leader of a satanic cult of teens! It's a colorful, totally enjoyable, mix of splatter, sexiness, and humor. This Netflix exclusive really surprised me with how much I enjoyed it.
Thorne plays the other female in the cult. She is hilarious in her role and sexy as hell! She looks killer in a cheerleader outfit (always one of my favorite looks for a girl) and makes-out with the beautiful Weaving herself, in one memorable scene.
The other horror flick was Amityville: The Awakening. This oft-delayed flick made its debut on YouTube, of all places, for free. This should be a sign of shit, but honest to God, it is way better than it has any right to be. In it, Thorne plays Belle a teenager who moves along with her mom (the always beautiful and talented Jennifer Jason Leigh), her little sis, and her twin brother to the most infamous house in Long Island. Belle doesn't know the house's background, or even the movies it inspired. This is actually one of the cool aspects of the film, as it is sort of meta-horror in that in acknowledges the existence of the movies (at least the first two and the remake).
Anywho, aside from two students, most don't take kindly to her, a goth chick (Throne as a goth girl is even hotter than her in a bikini or as a cheerleader!), being in the creepy house. Her aforementioned bro is paralyzed, left a vegetable from a accident. This which occurred from when he defended her honor. But, the house is really evil! So, it is not just a movie folks! And, it wants to possesses her brother.
I really expected this movie to be a of complete shit, but I really enjoyed it. Sure it is generic and does nothing new or that original. But, it tells a competent story and is well enough directed. Mostly, it's held together by strong acting, from the solid cast. Thorne is very likable and realistic in her role and really helps to carry the film. As of this writing, I have watched the movie three times, and each time it surprises how much I (still) like it and how solid it is.
 As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I met Thorne last Tuesday. She is promoting her memoir/ poetry book Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. Thorne read little of the poems that didn't make it, including a heartbreaking one where she talks about why she doesn't reveal the name of the piece of shit who raped her as a child actress. She also took pics with her fans and we got pre-signed copies of it. She is incredibly sweet and down to earth person, being all smiles, hugs, and actually talking to her fans.
In fact, she gave me a hug (as she did with everyone else meeting her) and asked me what I thought of her reading. I told that I was touched, which is true (I was tearing up hearing her). But, beyond that I was a star-struck. I would have loved to tell her how much I enjoyed the horror stuff she did, but alas I couldn't say much of anything else. Still, she is a genuine sweetie and incredibly beautiful in person.
Gorgeous and multi-talented Bella Thorne really shines in all her work. I love seeing her in horror movies. According to the extra features of Amityville: The Awakenking, she loves horror movies! That only makes me love her even more! And, with that she becomes the latest inductee into Horror Crushes!