The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2019, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Shoshannah Stern (new)- I cannot begin to tell you just how happy I am that the beautiful Ms. Stern, playing the role of ass kicking deaf/ mute (something she is in real life) hunter Eileen, is back on Supernatural in this the final season of this much beloved show.

59. Angela White (new)- One of the most popular ladies currently in the biz, Angela also happens to have one of the hottest, most perfect, and natural bodies you are likely to find anywhere. Combine this with her flawless beauty and that sexy Australian accent you have a true goddess!

58. AJ Applegate (last year ranked 2017- #49)- Beautiful AJ Applegate has one of the greatest butts on God's green Earth and is still one of the hottest performers that you are likely to ever see. Anytime I get a press release about a new movie that she appears in, you can bet your ass, that I will pay extra attention! As I did, as recently as yesterday!

57. Mallika Sundaramurthy (new)- The gorgeous and ass kicking Sundaramurthy is the lead signer of the savage tech-death band Abnormality whose latest release Sociopathtic Constructs is one of the best extreme metal albums of the year!

56. Cali Carter (last year ranked 2017- #59)- Cali is hotter than fucking hell. That body of hers is insanely sexy, especially that amazing behind! This beauty is also nasty as hell in her scenes and is highly likely to melt your fucking screen!

55. Paz Vega (new)- Beautiful Spanish actress Vega starred in what is perhaps the most woefully underrated action movie of the year: Rambo: Last Blood, Telenovella fans will know that she also appeared in the remake of Cuna de Lobos (Cradle of Wolves) this year.

54. Yvette Monreal (new)- Speaking of Rambo: Last Blood, Monreal played his niece, whose tragic death sets off Rambo's revenge mission in the bloody shoot 'em-up.

53. Margot Robbie (new)- I have yet to see Robbie's lastest, Bombshell, but she was wonderfully cast as Sharon Tate in the year's best movie: Quentin Tarantino's incrdible Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

52. Tala Ashe (last year #59)- One of the most beautiful women in all 0f the Arrowverse, Ashe continues to rise in the list's ranks. Starring in the best damn show out of all these DC shows, Legends of Tomorrow, is just one of the reasons that we cannot get enough of this stunner.

51. Allison Williams (last year ranked 2017- same)- Williams returns to the list thanks to her amazing performance in one of the year's most wild and jaw dropping horror movies: The Perfection (from Netflix).

The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2019, Part 1: 70-61


The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2019, Part 1: 70-61

It is that time of the year again, dear readers, where I pick the 70 most beautiful women in horror, the adult industry, geek culture, and metal/ hard rock music. All of these women are gorgeous, of course, and their ranking is influenced by their contributions and success in their field.  So let the hotness begin!

70. Taylor Hickson (new)- Starting off the list is this gorgeous Canadian actress who played goth hottie Petra on the excellent Deadly Class from SyFy (which they freaking cancled! What the actual fuck?!) and also starred in the phenomenal Shudder exclusive Incident in a Ghostland.

69. Val Dodd (new)- Val Dodds is tall, gorgeous, and naughty! This all amounts to one of the sexiest girls in the adult biz, today!

68. Scarlett Johansson (last year #48)- Returning as the Black Widow, she had one of the most emotional and important roles in one of the year's best movies: Avengers: End Game. Next year, her character gets her own movie, which might make her rank higher on this list!

67. Vicky Psarakis (last year ranked 2015- same)- The gorgeous and ass kicking signer of The Agonist, one of my personal favorite bands, Vicky Psarakis returns to this list thanks to the band's latest, and possibly finest release to date, Orphans!

66. Danielle Panabaker (last year ranked 2017- #52)- One of the hottest women in the Arrowverse, Danielle Panabaker continues to hold our interest and hearts in icy grip. I mean she is Killer Frost after all!

65. Xev Bellringer (new)- Xev Bellringer is truly amazing. She is one of the most nuclear level hot performers working the biz right now. Her clips that she posts on sites like Clips4Sale are among some of the sexiest and most truly nuclear level hot scenes I have ever seen. They make my eyes pop out of my socket, among other reactions! And, with her flawless natural beauty and excellent performances, it is is impossible to not have this reaction!

64. Maisie Richardson-Sellers (last year #44)- Sellers continued to break hearts on Legends of Tomorrow last season. And, while she has yet to appear in the current huge DC/ Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, we can't wait for that to change next month!

63. Chloƫ Levine (new)- Playing the lead role in one of the most fun slashers of the year, Shudder exclusive The Ranger, Levine became one of the year's best final girls, kicking ass and looking cute as hell as a punk badass babe.

62. Lindsay Schoolcraft (new)- The beautiful and uber talented keyboardist for Cradle of Filth, goth goddess Schoolcraft released one hell of a solo debut album in Martyr. Showing her love and influence of bands like Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, she's craft a beautiful and ethereal goth hard rock/ metal album.

61. Lelu Love (last year ranked 2015- #57)- Lelu Love still puts out some of the hottest, sexiest, and nastiest videos on the web you are likely to see. Breathtaking in her beauty and a natural when it comes to sex, there is no one else really like. Lelu rules and is one of the best performers the biz has ever seen. End of fuckin' story!


Cory Chase Receives 2020 AVN Nomination for Mainstream Venture of the Year

(Los Angeles, CA / December 10, 2019) -- Adult fan favorite Cory Chase is up for a 2020 AVN Award nomination for Mainstream Venture of the Year.

The MILF star is riding a wave of mainstream notoriety this year on the heels of her April appearance on the Showtime series Billions, where Chase was magnificently featured in a flirtatious scene alongside fellow adult entertainers Lisa Ann and Rayveness.

Chase’s name was also mentioned in a prior episode by Billions character Mike ‘Wags’ Wagner, referring to his not-so-secret phone password. “Nicole Aniston. Blair Williams. No wait. Cory Chase. If you’re a Lisa Ann fan, you’re a Cory Chase fanatic. She’s a national treasure.”

“First of all, thank you AVN for this nomination in recognition of adult performers that appear in mainstream shows and represent our industry in a positive light,” said Chase. “We also appreciate the incredible team at Billions for giving us that opportunity on an international platform.”
The New Jersey native started her adult career in 2007 making custom clips for fans, and has since built an empire with an extensive network of specialty and fetish sites that treat her loyal followers to a buffet of explosive hardcore scenes.

Chase won her first AVN Fan Award last year, Favorite Indie Clip Star; with her second AVN nomination this year, she is hoping to go two-for-two in 2020. “It really feels like I’m hitting my stride and giving my best performances yet,” said Chase. “And I absolutely have my fans to thank for that!”

Find more exclusive Cory Chase content at:
New Jersey-born adult performer, glamour model, cam girl and clip star Cory Chase began her modeling career back in 2001 to supplement her income while attending college, honing her skills and perfecting her posing and signature look. In 2007 Cory joined Clips4Sale.com and began producing her own video content while shooting for several adult companies in South Florida, including Brazzers, Amateur Alliance, Digital Sin, Reality Kings Evil Angel and more. 

As Cory continued to grow her clips stores and build a solid fan base, many of her followers began to request custom videos at a premium price. Thus, CoryChaseCustoms.com was born. Cory could shoot custom videos with her husband Luke Longly at the request of her clients and then post the same videos on her various clips sites.

Today, by popular demand, Cory is a top draw as a live cam performer at MyFreeCams.com, where she spends hours each day offering her services from the comfort of her own home. “This is the most rewarding of all of my performances,” says Cory. “Working with your fans, feeding off their energy in real-time and making them happy - it’s the best feeling in the world.”


WinterCon 2019 Part 1

On November 23, 2019, I was on hand, in my Captain America Infinity War cosplay, to cover this year's edition of WinterCon. While, usually held in December, this time around it was a month earlier. It didn't make any difference in how much fun the convention, itself was, though. It remains one of my favorites cons! Here are some of my favorite highlights that day:

First off whenever I run into a fellow Captain America cosplayer, I always get a pic with them. Or as I like to call it: Captain Americas unite!!

 Brian Magurno and myself

Meatloaf is always such an awesome Hydra Captain America!

The next pic has me posing with Barbie Chula, who I have actually shot a couple of times at various conventions. She always has the sickest and coolest cosplays, like the one below (Mary Shaw from James Wong's Dead Silence)! She is also cool as fucking hell!

 I mean now that Disney has the X-Men back with them, this seems very appropriate, wouldn't you say?
 I love this pic with Tommy C, as Simon Belmont! It came out so badass!

I honestly haven't seen Miss Cheng in a couple of years. So, it was great to run into her, in her awesome and sexy Kitana cosplay! I managed to snap a couple of pics of her, with a fellow lovely cosplayer (more of her later!), and with me. 

Here are a couple of more highlights:

I don't recall ever seeing a Count Dooku cosplay. As he is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, portrayed by favorite actor ever in the films, I absolutely LOVED this. The cosplayer truly did an excellent job here!

To be continued!!
Pics taken by Ken Pierce, Freddie, and myself.


Cannibal Corpse/ Thy Art Is Murder Live at Warsaw - Brooklyn, NY 11/22/19

On November 22, 2019. death metal legends Cannibal Corpse played a fucking killer show at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York and yours truly was on-hand to bring you all the brutal details.

When I got there, it was mere minutes before deathcore masters Thy Art Is Murder came onstage, From the get-go they played a savage and merciless set. Full of energy and brutality, they had the fans and the pit going. At about two or three songs into the set, their singer, Chris "C.J." McMahon, got off the stage and went into the crowd. It seems as their were problems with him hearing things well. The result was awesome, as a pit formed around him as he played the rest of the entire set among us fans. This was a surprise and one of the coolest moments in a concert, that I have ever seen, in person!

Death Squad Anthem
Make America Hate Again
Fur and Claw
Slaves Beyond Death
Holy War
No Absolution
Human Target
The Son of Misery
New Gods
Reign of Darkness
Puppet Master

As the time drew closer for Cannibal Corpse to hit the stage you could feel the anticipation of the fans, and then when they hit the place went fucking nuts. Throughout their set there was a sick pit and people flying as they crowd surfed. The fans let their love for these legends be fucking known! 
And, Cannibal Corpse more than proved that after all these years, they are still without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest death metal acts in all of death metal. As they gave us a heavy, unrelenting, and brutal performance.

It was also really fun, especially with their front-man George " Corpsegrinder" Fisher, who is cool as fucking hell. He and the rest of the band a have shit load of energy, headbanging hard as fuck. I don't think anyone can keep up up with Fisher, least of all his sick-ass windmils. Even, though he dared us to keep up with him, as they ripped through the classic "I Cum Blood"!
They played both classics and newer songs, off of their killer and most recent release Red Before Black. If it was up the audience they would've played all fucking night. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Still, even though Fisher told the audience that the brutal, and my favorite song of theirs, "Stripped, Raped, and Strangled" was the last tune, he lied! Nope, it was actually the classic "Hammer Smashed Face"! What a killer way to end a killer show!

Code of the Slashers
Only One Will Die
Red Before Black
Scourge of Iron
Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
The Wretched Spawn
Devoured by Vermin
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Kill or Become
A Skull Full of Maggots
Evisceration Plague
Firestorm Vengeance
Death Walking Terror
I Cum Blood
Make Them Suffer
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
Hammer Smashed Face

Where any of you at this show? Or did catch Cannibal Corpse on this tour? If so, let me know in the comments section below!