An Epic Talk with Tommy Pistol at Exxxotica NJ 2018

Tommy Pistol is, without question, a legend in the adult entertainment industry. While, I knew Tommy on social media for quite a few years, we had never met in person. At this year's Exxxotica NJ 2018, he was at the Inked Angels booth, where I finally met him in person. Not only that, but he provided with an in depth, honest, and truly epic interview. In it, he discusses his career and so much more. Tommy is a truly awesome, well spoken, humble, friendly, and all around awesome dude.

This is one of my favorite interviews that I have conducted, and I hope you guys enjoying watching it, in the video below, as much as I did conducting it.

Video shot by Pat Keenan
Video edited by Negative Pop 
All photography by myself 


WinterCon 2018, Part 2: More of the Best of Cosplay

As one might expect December 1, 2018 in Queens, NY, was fucking freezing. But, a cosplayer has to cosplay and media have to cover what is going. Alas, I was doing both and greatly enjoying myself, while, simultaneously freezing my ass off! But, then so were my fellow cosplayers, especially those in skimpy outfits.

Before I got to seeing and interact with them, I took the chance to sign and write a dedication/ message to Stan Lee. As many who grew up as a comic-book, especially a Marvel fan, Lee was a hero and more to me. His passing was heartbreaking to all of us. What I wrote may have been short, but it came from my heart.

What follows now, in this second part (you can see read the first part here) of more of the coolest and finest cosplay that I saw on that day:

DJing in the bitter was cold was awesome cosplayer The Tank, the Life Size Action Figure, doing a badass cosplay of Marv from Sin City.

 We are ready to open a whole can of whoop ass on some baddies!

I thought I was freezing, but I really felt for the following two lovely ladies, directly below!

Venom had a hold of Spidey! I had to do my best to save him! In all seriousness, this dude did a wicked cosplay of the anti-hero symbiont!

Jenna Daggers Cosplay made for an awesome and beautiful Black Widow. Her cosplaying kicked so much fucking ass!

The gorgeous Babs Butcher as Kate Bekinsale's character Anne Valerious from "Van Helsing". This such a beautiful and original cosplay!
The Punisher has a message for the Joker: eat your heart out! 
I loved this Spider-Man/ Captain America (below)! Plus, he was really cool.When I asked him if I could get a pic with him, he asked me if I wanted to hold the shield. I was like hell yeah! Really nice guy and a most excellent cosplay!

This was an awesome time, and I already cannot wait for next year's WinterCon!


The Gorgeous Holly Hendrix at Exxxotica 2018

Very few girls know how to draw and work a crowd as well as the beautiful Holly Hendrix. And, this was proven, yet again, at this year's Exxxotica NJ. As soon, as she arrived at the expo and set up at the Inked Angels booth, she had everyone glued to what she would do. Holly began to shake her truly amazing and award winning ass, dance, crawl, and just plain remind us why she is one of the absolute fucking hottest babes in the biz! Fans and media soon began to snap pictures and video of Holly and her amazing body. Check out the pics below for a mere taste of the some of the hotness that occurred!


WinterCon 2018, Part 1: Celebrities and Cosplay

On December 1-2, 2018, the latest edition of WinterCon was held at the Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York. This convention has rapidly become one of my personal favorites. It is always a blast to go to, and this year was no different. I was on-hand as press on Saturday to bring you all the goings on. I should mention that I was also in full Punisher cos-play. If you're curious, it is my aunt who did my make-up. Anyway, on to my coverage:

The one celebrity whose autograph I got was Tsugutoshi Komada who played Jet Jaguar in the legendarily camp Godzilla Vs. Megalon. He signed my out of print Blu-ray of said movie.

Later that day, he was joined by Bin Furuya, who played Ultra Man. It was an awesome and fun panel that even had two cosplayers come up onstage and join them. This was a huge highlight of the con for my friends and me!

But, it wasn't just Kaiju fans that had a lot to rejoice, sci-fi, horror, comics, and wrestling were well represented at the con. And, speaking of wrestling Asuka was one of two WWE superstars on-hand (the other was Bray Wyatt) to meet fans and sign autographs. Of course, that bought out many wrestling fans, a few of which were in cosplay.

Star Wars fans had a lot to love as well. There guests from Star Wars: Rebels, as well as Colin Cantwell. Cantwell was the original concept artist for the first Star Wars movie. Cosplayers, including members of the 501 Legion, joined him in an epic picture.

"It's a trap!" Get it?

And, speaking of cosplay here are some more of my favorites at WinterCon:

 Yes, that is me, in my Punisher cosplay, battling Hella, who was cosplayed by Casterly Fox.
 This awesome and beautiful Jessica Jones asked me if she could pose with her Queen poster. As a fellow fan of the legendary band, I was like, "Of course, you can!"
 Beautiful Dizazter made for an awesome, badass, and hot Domino!  
Awesome cosplay by JellicleKacie, as Sabrina Spellman from Netflix's killer "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina". I LOVE her little Salem!

And, we end the first half of my report with these awesome cosplayers, who were in the full holiday spirit!

To be continued...