Toy Fair 2020: Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toyz always make such awesome toys, and their booth at Toy Fair is always a highlight. This year was no different, as you will see in this post!

Here are a preview of some of the awesome toys that they will be putting out this year:

Let's start with a look at some of their upcoming Living Dead Dolls:

We will also be getting some cool Scooby-Doo and Superman action figures:

Of course, they will give more of the always awesome One:12 Collection:

The ones I am most excited about them doing is Alien and Predator!

I'll leave you with a look at some cool dioramas that they had set-up at the event:


With Shudder Members Shut-In, the Claustrophobic THE ROOM Becomes Huge Hit!

April 1, 2020 — The Shudder original movie The Room has become a runaway hit since it debuted on March 12, easily claiming the top spot as the service’s most-watched Shudder Original film of the year and one of the most watched Original premieres in the history of the service. The film tells the story of a couple, played by Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Kevin Janssens (Revenge), who move to an old house in the country only to discover it contains a room that grants wishes… but with a price. 

The Room had a strong debut in week one, which is where we usually see the biggest numbers,” said Craig Engler, Shudder’s General Manager. “But in week two the audience grew a staggering 150 percent, and week three viewership was only a hair below that, turning it into a monster hit.  There’s something about The Room and its claustrophobic story of a family stuck inside a house under extraordinary circumstances that’s really resonating with Shudder members.” 

The Room’s streaming premiere on Shudder on March 12 marked the first time the film had been commercially available in the U.S., Canada or the UK. The film had its world premiere last April at the Brussels International Fantastic Film festival and followed with a successful run on the international film festival circuit, earning Best Feature honors at both South Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and France’s Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. The Room, which also stars Francis Chapman, John Flanders and Joshua Wilson, is Volckman’s sophomore feature. His debut was 2006’s animated feature Renaissance.

In April, Shudder is set to premiere the new docu-series Cursed Films, along with new seasons of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and Wolf Creek and the Shudder Original film 0.0Mhz, all under the banner of “Halfway to Halloween Month,” the service’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve in April. New members can enjoy 30-days free with the promo code SHUTIN when signing up at Shudder.com.

AMC Networks’ Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Shudder’s expanding library of film, TV series, and originals is available on most streaming devices in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany. To experience Shudder commitment-free for 7 days, visit ​www.shudder.com.


Toy Fair 2020- NECA- Geek & Metal Edition

In my last two Toy Fair posts (Toy Fair 2020- NECA Toys- Horror Edition, Part 1 and Toy Fair 2020- NECA Toys- Horror Edition, Part 2: Aliens, Predators, and Gremlins!), I focused on the horror related toy that NECA will be putting out. Now, it's time to turn the focus towards geek related figures, as well as those with a heavy dose of metal!!

First let's start with these cool as fuck Defenders of the Earth action figures. Do any of you remember this 80's 'toon, where Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, the Phantom, and Lothar teamed up to battle the evil Ming the Merciless? I loved it as a kid. I have no fucking clue, if it would hold up today. But, as I said before the figures are really freaking sweet looking!

NECA have a shitload of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures coming out. Based on the 80's toon, video games, and live action flicks, these are totally awesome!!

Now, it is time to fucking rock! We will be getting figures from The Misfits, Iron Maiden (based on the classic album Powerslave), and, most pleasantly surprising, Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.)!! Fuck yeah!! These clothed figures rule!


Daniel Isn't Real (Review)

Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer
Writers: Adam Egypt Mortimer, Brian DeLeeuw
Cast: Miles Robbins, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sasha Lane, Mary Stuart Masterson, Hannah Marks
Year: 2020
Min: 100

As a child, Luke (Griffin Robert Faulkner) hears his parents having a heated argument. He runs out the door and passes by a coffee shop, where someone has gunned down everyone that was in there. He sees a bloody, dead body, laying on the outside of the establishment. Soon, he begins to talk to a boy named Daniel (Nathan Chandler Reid). The thing is only he can seem him, and not anyone else, including his mom (Mary Stuart Masterson). Still, he plays and talks to Daniel a lot.

One day, Daniel tells Luke to poison his mom with her meds, telling him that doing that will give her "superpowers". That doesn't happen, of course, and his mom, who thankfully survives, tells him to "lock-up" Daniel in the dollhouse, that they have. Cut, to the present. Luke (Miles Robbins) is a withdrawn and quiet college student. He goes to visit his mom, who we learn suffers from mental issues. Soon after, he "unlocks" and frees Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger). While, mischievous at first, and even helpful in getting him to talk to and date a young artist named Cassie (Sasha Lane), Daniel soon leads him to darker and, eventually, more violent actions. Luke wonders if he has inherited his mom's mental conditions, and whether he can be free of Daniel's influence, before things get worse.

Daniel Isn't Real is a pretty solid effort from director/ co-writer Ada Egypt Mortimer. It's a captivating take on mental illness and schizophrenia. And, while it doesn't really break any new ground, it will hold your interest and is solidly done throughout its duration.

The opening shotgun massacre shocked the shit out of me, as it breaks the tranquility of people enjoying their morning coffee. It's a brutal and fast scene. From there the movie is mostly a slow burn, interested more in character and situation development, rather than action. This fine for the type of story it tells.

There is some excellent acting from all involved, but it is the young Miles Robbins that truly shines. He gives a very strong and layered performance and plays really well against Patrick Schwarzenegger's Daniel. Their scenes together are intensely well done. I was very happy to see Mary Stuart Masterson cast as his mom, as I had a childhood crush on her. She gives a strong and emotional supporting role.

To me, one of the movie's most interesting scenes has Daniel taking over Luke, so that he can cheat on Cassie and fuck hottie Sophie (Hannah Marks). It's also at this point, that he turns violent and really sets the movie's action in motion. The film works well in doing metaphors for mental illness. There are also some haunting moments that really help to get under your skin. The flick's climax is fairly suspenseful and has a very satisfying if not wholly unexpected ending.

Daniel Isn't Real is a mostly engaging psychological horror movie. The pacing is a little on the slow side, but it mostly succeeds in what it sets out to do. The acting is its strongest suit, especially in relation to the performance of Miles Robbins' Luke. There are a couple of really good and strong moments that increase in their frequency as the film moves along. Nothing really new is done, but with a good climax and logical ending, it hits the mark more than it misses. It will start streaming today, March 26, 2020 on Shudder and, as such, is well worth a look.

3 out of 4


April Is "Halfway to Halloween Month" on Shudder!

March 24, 2020 — April has long been celebrated by horror fans as the halfway point to Halloween, and this year Shudder makes it official with the launch of Halfway to Halloween Month. Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, will offer its biggest month of non-October programming ever, at a time when many people are turning to streaming to help entertain them while they’re social distancing and quarantining. 

Put on a costume and whip up a pumpkin spice latte, because here’s what’s in store:

  • The premiere of new Shudder Original Series Cursed Films, a five-part documentary exploring the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously cursed horror films: The ExorcistThe OmenPoltergeistThe Crow and Twilight Zone: The Movie
  • An all-new season of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, with weekly hosted double features streamed live on ShudderTV
  • The long-awaited second season of the hit Australian horror series Wolf Creek
  • The Friday the 13th Collection: including the first eight movies in the franchise to go with the epic six-hour documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini and To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story. 
  • The return of Shudder’s Halloween Hotline, with live, personalized horror movie picks from Shudder curator Samuel Zimmerman, every Friday in April  from 3-4pm ET. 
  • A special Halfway to Halloween collection featuring holiday favorites like Tales of Halloween, Haunters: The Art of the Scare and Extremity (all new to Shudder) along with Hell House LLC, HauntSpookersHalloweenHalloween 4Halloween 5, Rob Zombie’s 31, the Creepshow series and fan favorite The Ghoul Log
  • The Shudder Original supernatural thriller 0.0Mhz, starring Korean pop star Jung Eun-Ji.
  • Newly added movies Elvira: Mistress of the DarkAbsentiaWe Are What We Are (2013), Voice from the Stone and The Siren

See below for programming details. New members can sign up at Shudder.com with promo code SHUTIN for an extended 30-day free trial


Titles also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK as noted


CURSED FILMS — Premieres April 2
Cursed Films is a five-part documentary series from writer/director Jay Cheel (How to Build a Time Machine) exploring the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” horror film productions. From plane accidents and bombings during the making of The Omen, to the rumored use of real human skeletons on the set of Poltergeist, these stories are legendary … but what’s real and what’s myth?  

Cursed Films recounts the horrifying events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses and the cast, directors and producers who lived through them, including Richard Donner, Linda Blair, Michael Berryman, Lloyd Kaufman, Kane Hodder, Gary Sherman, Eileen Dietz, Mitch Horowitz. Were these films really cursed, as many believe, or just the victims of bad luck and bizarre circumstances? A Shudder Original Series. Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK. 

April 2:                  Ep. 1 “The Exorcist”
April 9:                 Ep. 2 “Poltergeist” and Ep. 3 “The Omen”  
April 16:               Ep. 4 “The Crow” and Ep. 5 “Twilight Zone: The Movie”

THE LAST DRIVE IN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS season 2— Season Premiere April 24
Each weekly double feature will premiere on the “Shudder TV” feed Fridays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT, beginning April 24 and concluding on Friday, June 26. 

Proving once again that “the drive-in will never die,” iconic horror host and exploitation movie aficionado Joe Bob Briggs is back with an all-new season of weekly Friday night double features streaming live exclusively on Shudder. Over the course of ten episodes, The Last Drive-In series will offer an eclectic selection of movies running the gamut from horror classics to obscurities and foreign cult favorites along with the occasional surprise guest. A Shudder Original Series. Also on Shudder Canada; some episodes also available on demand on Shudder UK.

WOLF CREEK season 2 — Premieres April 30 (full season binge)
In the second season of the hit horror series, a group of international tourists embark on the Outback adventure of a lifetime, but a chance encounter with trigger-happy pig hunter Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) sets them on a journey none of them could have imagined. With Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), Matt Day (Rake), Ben Oxenbould (The Code), Laura Wheelwright (Animal Kingdom), Charlie Clausen (Home & Away) Stephen Hunter (The Leftovers) and Chris Haywood (Muriel’s Wedding). A Shudder Exclusive Series. Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK.


0.0Mhz — Premieres April 23
Members of a paranormal exploration club go to an abandoned house in the remote small town to prove the existence of a ghost using radio frequency-based technology. Unfortunately, the young students unwittingly become the ghost’s host... Starring  Yoon-young Choi, Shin Joo-Hwan, Eun-ji Jung (of the K-pop group Apink) , directed by Sun-Dong Yoo. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK)  Trailer: https://youtu.be/SXuq_sIrWIo 


THE ‘FRIDAY THE 13TH’ COLLECTION — available 4/1
Jason takes Shudder as we present the first eight films in one of the most beloved and successful franchises in horror history. If that’s not enough, go behind the scenes with documentaries Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th and Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini. Ki ki ki, ma ma ma…

Featuring Friday the 13th, Part 2, Part III, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, Part VI: Jason Lives, Part VII: The New Blood, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini and To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (April 27)

HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN — available 4/1
Spooky season is too much fun to celebrate just once a year, so Shudder is unleashing Halloween in April with this curated collection of All Hallows Eve-themed films and series. 

Featuring The ExorcistHalloweenHalloween 4Halloween 5Haunt, Hell House LLCRob Zombie's 31Spookers, the Creepshow series (episode “All Hallows Eve”and the fan-favorite streaming jack-o-lanterns The Ghoul Log and Return of the Ghoul Log, along with Haunters: The Art of the Scare and Tales of Halloween, both starting Apr. 6, and Extremity starting Apr. 20. (Select titles also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK.)


Shudder has the best, hand-selected collection of horror movies around, but sometimes you need a little extra help picking exactly which great slasher, ghost story, giallo or monster movie to watch next. As a #HalfwayToHalloween treat, Shudder’s head curator, Samuel Zimmerman, will be offering callers live, personalized picks for what to watch. (Read a recap of last October’s hotline recommendations.)

Movie lovers from around the world are invited to call Sam (via a new number to be announced) every Friday in April from 3-4pm ET and tell him about their mood or taste. From that information, Sam will use his horror knowledge to pick a film from Shudder’s vast library custom-suited for them. Call volume is expected to be high, so if you get a busy signal please keep trying. We can’t promise every call will be answered, but Sam will get to as many as he can during each hour. While the recommendations are provided for free, please note that normal phone and long-distance charges may apply.


April 1
THE FRIDAY THE 13TH COLLECTION (see above for details)

THE EXORCIST (Director: William Friedkin)
When a charming 12-year-old girl takes on the characteristics and voices of others, doctors say there is nothing they can do. As people begin to die, the girl's mother realizes her daughter has been possessed by the devil—and that her daughter's only possible hope lies with two priests and the ancient rite of demonic exorcism. One of the best and most influential horror movies ever made. Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair, Jason Miller

April 2
CURSED FILMS: EP.1 ‘THE EXORCIST’ (see above for details)

April 3

April 6
HAUNTERS: THE ART OF THE SCARE (Director: Jon Schnitzer)
Explore the rise of terror as entertainment by going behind-the-screams and into the lives of Shar Mayer, legendary scare actor, Donald Julson, a traditional boo-scare maze designer, and the infamous Russ McKamey, as he creates the most controversial full-contact haunt of all time in this documentary about how family-friendly haunted houses for Halloween have spawned a growing subculture of extreme horror simulation. With Jason Blum, McKenzie Westmore, the Soska Sisters, Slash (Also available on Shudder Canada) 

TALES OF HALLOWEEN (Directors: Darren Lynn Bousman, Axelle Carolyn, Adam Gierasch, Andrew Kasch, Neil Marshall, Lucky McKee, Mike Mendez, Dave Parker, Ryan Schifrin, John Skipp, and Paul Solet)
This critically acclaimed anthology weaves together ten chilling tales from top horror directors. Featuring Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Lin Shaye (Insidious), John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), Joe Dante (Director of Gremlins), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, We Are Still Here), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes), Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman) and more.

April 9
CURSED FILMS: EP.2 ‘THE OMEN’ (see above for details)
CURSED FILMS: EP.3 ‘POLTERGEIST’ (see above for details)

April 10

April 13
ABSENTIA (Director: Mike Flanagan)
As Tricia prepares to declare Daniel legally dead, she encounters a mysterious tunnel and a terrified man inside. Soon after, Daniel returns, shaken and bloodied—and scared to death of the tunnel. What happened, and what secrets does the tunnel hold? From Mike Flanagan, the director of Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House. Starring: Katie Parker, Katie Bell, Dave Levine 

ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (Director: Phil Rubenstein)
Upon arriving in a small town where she has inherited a rundown mansion, the famous horror hostess must battle her evil uncle and townspeople who want her burned at the stake. 
Starring: Cassandra Peterson, Phil Rubenstein, Larry Flash Jenkins (Also available on Shudder Canada) 

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (Director: Jim Mickle)
The Parkers seem to be a wholesome family but when tragedy strikes and sisters Iris and Rose are forced to assume terrifying responsibilities, the local authorities begin to uncover clues to a horrible truth that the Parkers have hidden for years. Starring Michael Parks, Kelly McGillis and Julia Garner. 

April 16
CURSED FILMS: EP.4 ‘THE CROW’ (see above for details)
CURSED FILMS: EP.3 ‘TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE’ (see above for details)

April 17

April 20
EXTREMITY (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
Allison is an emotionally troubled young woman who believes that confronting her past trauma might be a means of exercising her demons. She signs up for a trip to Perdition, an exclusive haunt that promises absolute, unadulterated terror, but the most frightening thing on display will prove to be Allison's own twisted psyche. Starring: Chad Rook, Dana Christina, J. LaRose 

VOICE FROM THE STONE (Director: Eric D. Howell)
A haunting thriller set at an isolated castle in 1950s Tuscany. Verena (Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke) is a determined young nurse who is hired to help the mute young heir within. But the more she observes him, the more Verena becomes convinced he has fallen under the spell of a powerful and otherworldly persona trapped in the villa's stone walls, one that seems to be rapidly entwining with her own. Starring: Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Marton Csokas, Caterina Murino 

April 23
0.0Mhz (see above for details)

April 24
THE LAST DRIVE-IN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS 9pm ET season premiere (see above for details)

April 27
THE SIREN (Director: Perry Blackshear)
Tom rents a cabin on a secluded lake marked by a local legend of a lovelorn spirit who haunts the surrounding woods and drowns anyone she encounters. Drawn to her immediately, Tom knows he has found his soulmate in the seemingly human Nina, who must battle to repress her demonic instincts when she feels the same towards him. Starring:  Margaret Ying Drake, MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel (Also available on Shudder Canada) 

TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY (Director: Derek Dennis Herbert)
Overcoming a dehumanizing childhood and a near-death burn accident, Hodder worked his way up through Hollywood, leading to his ultimate rise as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series. After decades of watching Kane Hodder on screen, get ready to meet the man behind the mask in a gut-wrenching but inspiring story about one of cinema's most vicious monsters. Starring: Kane Hodder, Bruce Campbell, Danielle Harris, Robert Englund, Cassandra Peterson  

April 30
WOLF CREEK season 2 (see above for details)


AMC Networks’ Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Shudder’s expanding library of film, TV series, and originals is available on most streaming devices in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany. To experience Shudder commitment-free for 7 days, visit ​www.shudder.com.


Satanic Panic (Review)

Director: Chelsea Stardust
Writer: Grady Hendrix
Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Arden Myrin, Hayley Griffith, Ruby Modine, AJ Bowen, Jordan Ladd
Year: 2019
Min: 85

Samantha "Sam" Craft (the lovely Hayley Griffith) has started her first day as a pizza delivery girl, and man, is it ever a shitty one. She isn't getting any tips and is meeting all sorts of weird customers. That being the worst is yet to come for her. You see she is assigned to make a delivery in a wealthy neighborhood. Unfortunately, even here she is stiffed. Low on gas and needing the cash, she goes into the mansion and asks for someone, anyone, to give her a tip. She unknowingly has waled into a satanic cult led by the affluent and gorgeous Danica Ross (Rebecca Romjin). The cult soon realizes that Sam is a virgin, and that they can use her as an offering to the demon Baphomet. Sam must now run and fight to survive the night.
Satanic Panic is a horror comedy named after the moral panic, especially in the 80's, related to satanic cult abuse. A production of Fangoria and Aperture Entertainment, it is directed by Chelsea Stardust, who makes her full length directorial debut. She has provided us with a fun and frequently hilarious movie that is really welcome in these current rough and dark times.

Director Stardust keeps everything moving at a very quick pace. From the very start to the end, the flick is an absolute blast to watch. It just keeps moving forward, stopping very rarely and being never boring. The opening scene is exciting and make you say to yourself, "What the fuck is going on here?!" This a film that continuously bought a smile to my face. Yet, it gets decidedly dark upon its climatic sacrifice scene, proving that the best horror comedies are the one that treat their horror seriously. And, let me just say how much I simply love the ending!
Speaking of treating the terror seriously, there is a truly great moment of body-horror involving a voodoo doll. It is accompanied by a moving story that Sam tells to the girl (Ruby Modine of Happy Death Day 1&2) that she is trying to help. The combination makes for a scene that is both intense and touching. It is a tonal shift that works perfectly in the movie, thanks to Stardust's directing. She also makes the film look great and colorful in particular when the villains where their red robes.

The flick gets decidedly dark upon its climatic sacrifice scene, proving that the best horror comedies are the one that treat their horror seriously. And, let me just say how much I simply love the ending! On top of all of this, there is some great gore in the flick, as well, including: a fist through a neck wound, giant power-drill dildo impaling, gut barfing, and more, all excellently done.
The dialogue is smart, funny, and witty. I really loved when Sam questioned if this whole ceremony was for Baphomet, "as in the band?" or when she says that her neighbor is a Satanist and he is "vegan". It's moments like this that are so wonderfully quirky and modern, especially in relation to Satan worshiping.

As Sam, Hayley Griffith makes for a great heroine, one of my favorites of last year, in actuality. Her performance is extremely likable. You cheer her on and want her to survive. Romijn makes for a wonderfully fun and evil villainess in Danica. They are helped by a wonderful cast that also includes the aforementioned Modine, Arden Myrin, and more, including Jerry (Piranha 3D) O'Connell, who is both funny as hell and menacing in his short part as Danica's perverted hubby.
Satanic Panic is a wildly entertaining and great time, that it is pure enjoyment to watch. The film is very funny, yet it manages to also add suspense and even heart to its proceedings. The acting is great, especially from lead Griffith, who I hope does more horror movies in the near future. Director Stardust does an excellent job with her feature length debut, giving us one of last year's best horror movies. I definitely look forward to seeing what she will be bringing to the genre in the future. I would like to mention that this movie would make a great double feature with last year's awesome Ready or Not. A deliciously devilish good time, be sure to catch Satanic Panic. It started streaming on Shudder on March 19, 2019.

4 out of 4


Toy Fair 2020- NECA Toys- Horror Edition, Part 2: Aliens, Predators, and Gremlins!

Last time I bought you the first part of my look at NECA's upcoming horror toys displayed at this year's Toy Fair. Now, let's dive right into the second part of them!

As always, they have a whole bunch of Alien and Predator figures coming out. And, of course, they look cool as fucking hell!

The Alien/ Aliens figures:


We will also be getting some new Gremlins 2: The New Batch figures.
And, speaking of Gremlins, they put up an awesome as hell, diorama, based on the bar scene from the first Joe Dante classic. You can also see the upcoming Ultimate Flasher, among the figures (directly below)!