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The Stylist (Review)

Director: Jill Gevargizian 
Writers: Jill Gevargizian, Eric Haven, Eric Stolze
Cast: Najarra Townsend, Brea Grant, Davis DeRock, Sarah McGuire, Jennifer Seward, Millie Milan
Year: 2020
Min: 104

Claire (Najarra Townsend) is a hair-stylist, who we learn from the opening scene, has a propensity for scalping women and taking their hair to keep and wear for herself. This despite, the fact, that she is gorgeous and has beautiful, long, red-hair (which I would imagine many would kill to have themselves) of her own. One of her customers, Olivia (genre favorite Brea Grant), asks her to do her hair for her own wedding. Even though, Claire doesn't do wedding hair, she ultimately agrees to doing it.

Olivia begins to treat Claire as a friend, in gratitude for her amazing work with her hair-do. And, even invites her to her home and then to her bachelorette party. This makes Claire try to hold back her impulse to kill. But, as her mind cracks, this isn't helped by her overhearing two of Olivia's friend talking shit about her being creepy, It doesn't take long for her to go back to her murdering ways. She, in particular develops an obsession with Olivia, or more precisely with the life she leads. 

The Stylist is the feature length directorial debut of Missouri filmmaker Jill Gevargizian (a hair stylist, herself), after cutting her teeth a bunch of short movies. These include the excellent short, of the same name and also starring Townsend in the title role, which inspired this movie. This flick is a slasher film, but one with a clear female point of view and with a far more dramatic side than is usual. This helps to make it more of a psychological character study of Claire.

Gevargizian is an incredible filmmaker, who as this film shows, has style to spare. The movie is absolutely gorgeous, as I adored the colors it has. The movie really pops visually, especially on the recent, phenomenal Arrow Blu-Ray release. She has a real eye for beauty, with scenes being gorgeously lit. She also very effectively uses split screen in ways that would make Brian De Palma, himself, jealous. Aside, from the aesthetic aspect, she also really knows how to build tension. One of my favorite scenes, in the movie, is a great example of this. In it, Claire hides from a potential victim, whose house she has entered. I was felt myself get very tense as I watched this moment unfold.   

Another thing of beauty is the score. Nicholas Elert's music for the film fits it like a velvet glove. There are some tracks that give the movie a serene feeling that makes it all the more captivating. The soundtrack can also be chilling and creepy as fucking hell. In all, this is one of the best I have heard in a horror movie, all year. On a side note, that aforementioned Blu-Ray provides us with the soundtrack on CD, which is a very welcome bonus. 

Thanks to both the script, which Gevargizian co-wrote along with Eric Haven and Eric Stolze, and the phenomenal acting of the cast, there is some great character interactions. It all feels very natural and real. One great example, is the kill at the start of the movie. Before Claire offs this lady, whose hair she is doing, the talk they're having feels believable. It give us great insight into Claire, and what she feels when she talks with her customers. It's between its beautiful style, characterizations, and female leanings, that it sets itself as a stark contrast from the similar, in murderous methods and antagonist centralized story, to William Lustig's grimy and sleazy, masterpiece Maniac. And, really it further adds to this movie's brilliant ability to stand out, on its own. 

Najarra Townsend is phenomenal as Claire. There is something very likable about her. Her portrayal has an awkwardness, mixed with creepiness that really helps her stand out as, not just a horror antagonist, but as an overall character. Moments of genuinely heartbreaking sympathy add a deepness not regularly found in other character driven serial killer movies like this. There is one scene she has with Olivia towards, the end, that I felt very sorry for her. This is despite me knowing of her clear insanity. I very much liked how I can feel terrible for her, one minute, yet later be disturbed by her behavior. Then, there are her outfits, her make-up and hair, and her own, natural beauty, all of which makes Claire so enthralling. Brea Grant, as Olivia, is her usual wonderful self, helping to make the character feel like a very real person. Keep your eyes peeled for Gervargizian, herself, who has a pretty fun cameo, where she wears a T-shirt of the ass kicking horror flick The Ranger. 

The Stylist is a beautiful, stylish, and, at times, haunting flick. It features strong performances from both leads, especially Townsend as our main character and killer. It honestly, might be my favorite bit of acting in a horror movie this year. Director/ co-writer Gervargizian has incredible and immense talent, giving us a flick that is breathtaking to look at. It is without a doubt the most beautiful genre film, I've seen this year. But, it isn't all just pretty to look at, as she has given this flick heart and psychology to make it really stand out among its competition. To put it quite bluntly, this might just be the best horror film of 2021, or at least very damn fucking close to it.


Brides of Satan (Review)

Director: Joe Bizarro
Writers: Joe Bizarro, Noel Maitland 
Cast: Mindy Robinson, Anastasia Elfman, Ari Agbabian, Joanna Angel, James Balsamo
Year: 2020
Min: 80

A couple are spending their anniversary at a strip club, when a trio of satanic, exotic dancers come in. They kidnap them both, eventually killing the hubby. The wife Mary (Mindy Robinson) is the only one that survives. She gets some help from a sweet, old man, named Lenny, who has also run afoul of the same evil crew. He is accompanied by his cute doggy, Rufus. Lenny trains her, as she gets ready to have her revenge on the Satan worshipping baddies.

Brides of Satan s an exploitation/ action/ revenge/ horror movie. It marks the directorial debut of co-writer/ director Joe Bizzaro. He gives us a good looking movie, and not just cause of the lovely cast. It has a stylish visual aspect and feel that is clearly influenced by 70's exploitation movies, music videos, Robert Rodriguez, and, even David Lynch. 

The film, itself, is broken up into chapters. Thanks to this and its revenge plot, it feels very much akin to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. There is even a Rocky, influence, what with its training montage and cheesy, accompanying rock music. Speaking of music, the soundtrack is pretty, fucking good. X-Ray Death, who actually appear in the movie, itself, are particularly cool.

This flick is filled with beautiful babes. Do you miss seeing copious amounts of T&A onscreen? Well, so do I, and clearly so does Bizzaro, cause he gives us lots of that. In fact, props to him for starting off the movie with hot, tattooed women, including adult superstar Joanna Angel, pole dancing. That is certainly one way to grab my attention from the get-go. 

There is some good gore here, including throat slashing, bloody squibs, and eyes gouging. Also worthy of mentioning is some good monster FX done by Josh Wasylink. Another plus is that Bizzaro handles the action scenes pretty well. Or at least as good as the very low budget would permit him to. For example, one scene where our heroine is fighting a group of baddies, starts off strong. But, it ultimately goes on too long and feels a little clunky. The movie, overall, also suffers from a bit a of a pacing problems, with the slower parts being, at times, less interesting. This all serves as the best way to sum up this flick, IE fun, if wholly uneven.

The acting is kind of hit or miss, too. A couple of the stars like the guy playing Lenny is great, as is his adorable, little doggy. In fact, they are my two favorite characters in the entire flick. The beautiful Mindy Robinson, as our heroine Mary, is also quite likable in her role. Still, some of the other acting ranges in quality and isn't quite as strong.

But, to its advantage, the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. So, that the weaker acting doesn't hurt it that much, adding a bit of campiness to it all.  There is a lot of humor contained in the movie. And, a couple of the jokes really work and managed to bring a smile to my face. 

Done with a love of exploitation horror and revenge movies, Brides of Satan, is quite fun. It can be a bumpy ride, though, especially in terms of its pacing. But, for the most part, I found enjoyment in watching it. Hot girls, nudity, and violence help to keep things rocking, as does the soundtrack. Some of the cast is good, and I liked seeing leading lady Robinson kick ass. It all results in a likeable and admirable low-budget affair that doesn't always hit its mark but is entertaining regardless.


At The Gates- The Nightmare of Being (Album Review)

 Musicians: At The Gates
Album Title: The Nightmare of Being
Genre/ Subgenre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Release Date: July 2, 2021 

The gods of melodic death metal, At The Gates, are back with their seventh studio The Nightmare of Being. And, in it, they have given us a brave, exciting, and technical masterpiece, that will blow you away from the second the very first track plays.

The band are their prime, delivering complex, dark, and bold sounds that add much depth and clearly sets themselves apart from others in a sub-genre. Which is one that can sometimes suffer from a rather sameness and predictable sound.

This opening track is the thundering and driving "Spectre of Extinction". It's a pounding song that starts off with a beautiful and tranquil guitar note, that soars and builds up as the drums come into play. It then thunders and stampedes across, with an absolutely killer and slicing riff. It's an energetic way to start off a masterful release. Another memorable song is the title track, which starts off in a manner that is beautiful, tranquil, and haunting. The song, itself, is dark and melodic with a strong atmosphere that makes it one of the album's most exciting songs in terms of how daring it is. It also has some of Tomas Lindberg's best vocal work, perhaps ever. "Touched By The White Hands Doom" is a pounding and energized song that starts off somberly until it explodes with energy. I could honestly praise every single song here, but the last one I will touch upon is the closing track, "Cosmic Pessimism". There is a calming start to it that is striking and atmospheric, until its half mark where the energy levels up but still manages to keep the same feeling that the track started with. It ends in a haunting manner that stays with one well after the song, and by extension the album, has finished.

Production is clear with crunching guitars and clear and powerful vocals. This is prime sounding sounding melodic death metal that you feel into your very soul.

The Nightmare of Being is At The Gates finest album since their comeback period. It even manages to surpass the amazing At War with Reality. In fact. the only album in their discography to top it is the influential masterpiece that is Slaughter of the Soul. Destined to be a genre defining classic, this is an easy contender for album of the year. 


Horror Crush: Kelly Nichols

It is that tine again, dear readers, to induct another beautiful actress to this site's hollowed Horror Crush section. This time around the honor is bestowed upon the gorgeous Kelly Nichols, only the second adult actress to ever be inducted!

Nichols was born in Covina, California on June 8, 1956 and was the only female of six children. She began her career posing for adult mags like Oui, Hustler, and Penthouse and would make her skin flick debut in Bon Appetit. But, her inclusion into our Horror Crushes is due to her genre work, of course.
Her first venture into our genre is one that I have been a fan of since childhood and had no clue she was in: King Kong (1976). I have to say that the recent. superlative Blu-ray release from Scream Factory has reinvigorated my love for this one. Nowadays, it's become my second or third favorite Kong film (well above the bloated Peter Jackson take). Anyway, I had zero clue about her involvement in it, but it turns out she doubled for the equally beautiful Jessica Lange in it!

Her next horror flick, though, is where I first saw her and what I honestly know her best from: The Toolbox Murders (1978). I have discussed this well made and sleazy late, 70's slasher before. And, I stand by what I said, it's a nasty, well acted affair that will please fans who like their stalk and slash with a meaner edge. In it, a masked maniac kills beautiful women who he deems are "sinners" using things one would find in a toolbox. 

Nichols plays one of victims, a beautiful woman who appears fully nude and is masturbating in her tub. Our killer chases her down, threatens, and kills her with a nail-gun, in the movie's most infamous and controversial scene. She even appears in the poster art, as you can see a little above. 

She is quite good, and looks breathtaking, in this small but memorable scene. And, it is easy to see how this scene became so talked about, even appearing and getting mentioned in talk shows as an example of misogyny in horror movies. Such accusations are always favorites of anti-horror people aren't they?
So famous is her scene that it is only natural, that she appeared in Blue Underground's excellent Blu-ray release of the movie (which, by the way is getting a new upcoming 4K release from Blue Underground early next year!) in an interview. Released in 2010, she still looked gorgeous in this extra feature.

In 1984, she appeared in her third and final horror flick Deathmask. It also stars another porn legend in the lovely form of Veronica (One-Eyed Monster) Hart, as well, as not the a porn star but definitely legendary Danny Aiello. I had not even heard of this until writing this article, but I am definitely intrigued! Any of you seen it? Let me know in the comments section below.

Kelly Nichols has long been retired from porn and these days is a happy grandma. But, I many other horror fans will always remember and love for her work in the genre, especially The Toolbox Murders. A beautiful and stunning legend, it is with great honor that I officially induct her into Horror Crushes!


Witch Vomit- Abhorrent Rapture (EP Review)

Musicians: Witch Vomit
EP Title: Abhorrent Rapture
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Release Date: Digital Download: June 18, 2021, CD and Cassette: July 2, 2021, and Vinyl: September 10, 2021

Fans, like myself, have been clamoring for a new release from Witch Vomit following their brutal 2019 sophomore record Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave. To stratify us and sedate our hunger, the Oregon death metal band have given us, Abhorrent Rapture, a four song EP of gore-drenched viciousness.

The first track is "Purulent Burial Mound". It starts off with a sample of haunting horror sounds and music and goes right into its blistering and thundering riff. The sound is all encompassing and brutal, leading right into a mix of killer groove and slaughtering blast-beats. Next up is"Funeral Purgation" which begins with a lightning fast assuallt that suddenly slows down to a dark and deliciously evil sounding breakdown. This is actually one of my favorite parts in the entire album. "Necrometamorphosis" is a merciless and uncompromising song, with a driving, unrelenting tempo and a breakdown that evokes a nightmare or particularly creepy horror movie. The lead break that follows is like Slayer on super-speed. This all amounts to my favorite song on the album. The fourth and final track is the title song. It erupts from its start with some head pounding blast-beats. It is a full blown attack of speed and galloping brutality, slowing down only to elicit imagines of terror in your mind. You can picture the legions of the dead rising and jumping into a brutal mosh pit of the undead.

The production on the album sounds dark and menacing with thick sounds and an aural landscape of living dead evil. I especially like how vocalist and guitarist Tempter's vocals sound unhuman and wonderfully monstrous, adding to the nightmarish feel.

With four tracks of brutality and heaviness, Witch Vomit continue to deliver the evil goods on Abhorrent Rapture. Mixing atmosphere and unstoppable savagery, this is death metal at its best. With a combination of old school American death metal and a heavy influence of Entombed-styled Euro death metal that barfs up some evil, death metal goodness.



Melodic Death Metal Unit HIRAES Drops Third Single, “Eyes Over Black” + Official Video

[photo credit: Lisa Ulferts]

Melodic Death Metal Unit HIRAES (ex-Dawn Of Disease) Drops Third Single and Official Video for “Eyes Over Black”

Watch HERE!

Debut Album, Solitary, out this Friday, June 25 via Napalm Records

Pre-Order NOW

German based melodic death metal unit HIRAES will finally unleash their highly anticipated sonic monster with ultimate strength and drop their debut album, Solitary, this Friday, June 25 via Napalm Records!

Today, to stir the anticipation even more, the powerhouse combining the full force of all four instrumentalists formerly of Dawn Of Disease (Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten and Mathias Blässe) with the powerful vocals of Britta Görtz (Critical Mess, Ex-Cripper) sets free its third exciting melodic death emergence with razor-sharp single, “Eyes Over Black”HIRAES' explosive new offering smashes in with catchy hooklines and immediately marks a sonic reminiscence of late In Flames. The song comes along with a powerful music video, shot in a crushing live set-up to demonstrate the inexorable strength of the band even more and gives a glimpse of what fans can expect when HIRAES are finally be able to smash stages worldwide!

HIRAES on “Eyes Over Black”:
“Aren't we all starving for live concerts during this pandemic? With our brand new video for 'Eyes Over Black' we want to capture this feeling of being on stage again as well as giving you an insight of the energy and intensity that our future live shows will bring to the audience. We cannot wait to finally get back on stage and present our powerful, catchy and monumental songs from our debut album "Solitary". Until the time finally comes again, enjoy "Eyes Over Black" and hope with us that we will see each other on the road pretty soon!”

Get in the mood for some blazing live vibes and watch the video for
“Eyes Over Black” HERE

HIRAES already established its own remarkable identity built upon a smashing femme vocal attack, intense melodies and charging guitars, led by guitarist Lukas Kerk as main songwriter. An atmospheric, instrumental intro introduces the album opener “Shadows Break'', whilst showcasing the impressive vocal onslaught of seasoned frontwoman Britta Görtz shortly after. “Grain Of Sand” sets the next exclamation mark while delivering an unrelenting attack of smashing riffs along with an inexorable vocal performance, followed by standouts such as brutal “1000 Lights” and fast-twitching title-track “Solitary”, proving that HIRAES don’t decelerate for a second.

This massive melodic death metal assault leaves no scope for weakness and serves an exciting take on the genre with hymnlike melodies, enthralling drums and guitar riffing as well as breathtaking hooklines. Topped with the distinctive and versatile performance of Britta Görtz, this powerful new formation and its debut, Solitary, is a must have for fans of bands like InsomniumAt The Gates, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth.

HIRAES say about the album:
“Our debut album Solitary is the result of the collaboration of five musicians who burn with passion for melodic death metal. With its incredible emotional energy, it will captivate fans of the genre in no time. Hymn-like melodies and catchy riffing meet versatile drumming and the very varied growls of our singer Britta. The result is a unique blend of the best that melodic death metal has to offer. Rounded off by stunning sound, refined at Fascination Street Studios under the direction of Jens Bogren, and strong artwork by Costin Chioreanu, we are really more than satisfied with our first album. We can't wait to finally present Solitary to the metal community on June 25, 2021!”

Order the hard-hitting debut album Solitary NOW!

Solitary Tracklisting:
1. Shadows Break
2. Under Fire
3. Grain Of Sand
4. 1000 Lights
5. Eyes Over Black
6. Outshine
7. Solitary
8. Strangers
9. Running Out Of Time

Solitary will be available in the following formats:
- 1 LP Gatefold SILVER
- 1 LP Gatefold BLACK
- 1 CD Jewel Case
- Digital Album

[1 LP Gatefold SILVER]

Britta Görtz - vocals
Lukas Kerk - guitars
Oliver Kirchner - guitars
Christian Wösten - bass
Mathias Blässe - drums

Facebook ‌ Instagram ‌

Shadows Fall Reunion Show Set For 12/18




The mighty SHADOWS FALL, who were at the forefront of the New Wave of American Metal scene that dominated the '00s, will reunite to play a one-off show at The Palladium in Worcester in their native Massachusetts. The show is set for Saturday, December 18, 2021.

Unearth, Darkest Hour, Within the Ruins, Sworn Enemy, and Carnivora are also set to appear. Watch the show trailer here.

"As the wise prophet D.L.R. once said, 'I HEARD YA MISSED US, WE'RE BACK,'" says singer Brian Fair. "I couldn't be more excited to be getting back onstage with my brothers in Shadows Fall and there is no room I would rather do it in than The Palladium in Worcester. It has been six years since we last played a show and we are ready to unleash the fury like Yngwie."

He continues, "We have been trying to find a way to jam together and play live for a little while now and the planets have finally aligned, schedules worked out, and with the help of a ton of our good friends, we were able to pull it off. This is the only show we have planned so shine up your dancing shoes, stretch out your neck, crack a brew, and get your ass to Massachusetts!"

Fair finishes, "[Guitarists] Matt [Bachand] and Jon [Donais] started this band 25 years ago and it still amazes me that the music we made allowed us to travel the world, share the stage with legends, and put out a ton of records that I will always be proud of. This show is a way for us to celebrate the music and thank all of the people that supported us through the years and helped us live the dream. I can't wait to rage through songs from our entire catalog with a bunch of metalhead Massholes maniacs! I've said it before and i'll say it again — there ain't no party like a Shadows Fall party."

Fans can expect a sweaty, high energy, full-on metallic throttle from start to finish.

SoundRink VIP tickets go on sale on Wednesday, June 23 at 10am local time. The local pre-sale is set for Thursday, June 24 at 10am with the promo code "WEEEE." The regular on-sale is set for Friday, June 25 at 10am local time.

Go here for tickets.



Anette Olzon Announces New Solo Album "STRONG" Coming September 10, 2021 Via Frontiers Music SRL




Current The Dark Element (and ex-Nightwish) vocalist Anette Olzon is set to release her new solo album, "Strong" via Frontiers Music Srl on September 10, 2021. Today, fans can get their first listen to new music with the release of the single and video for the track 'Parasite'. Watch the video HEREhttps://youtu.be/eEbQWMOPBO0

Pre-order/save "Strong" on CD/LP/Digital HEREhttps://orcd.co/anettestrong

“'Parasite' is a song about those who create disaster in this world with their lies, their schemes, their greed and hate. Hiding their intentions behind a respectable facade,” says Anette Olzon of the albums' first single. “Living in a world of a bit of chaos with a pandemic, crazy politics, violence, social media behavior and people venting their opinions upon others all the time is the foundation behind the idea of the lyrics for the album. Musically, I wanted a much heavier album, yet with strong melodies and took my inspiration from bands I like such as Dimmu Borgir and In Flames,” she continues.

This will be Anette's second solo album, following 2014's "Shine," and offers a harder, faster musical offering compared to the debut. More importantly, "Strong" stakes a claim for Anette’s well-deserved standing as one of the world's top female metal vocalists.
The music for "Strong" was written and composed together with acclaimed Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson. Together, Anette and Magnus managed to create an outstanding collection of songs which showcase Anette’s enormous vocal range alongside Karlsson’s incendiary riffs. The songs are heavy, but still quite melodic and contemporary in their approach to the genre style. Additionally, "Strong" is mixed by Jacob Hansen (Pretty Maids, Volbeat, The Dark Element, etc.).
All in all, “Strong” is an album that masters the borders between heaviness and hookiness, all while showing an artist who doesn't rest on her laurels, but heads boldly into the future.

1.  Bye Bye Bye
2.  Sick Of You
3.  I Need To Stay
4.  Strong
5.  Parasite
6.  Sad Lullaby
7.  Fantastic Fanatic
8.  Who Can Save Them
9.  Catcher Of My Dreams
10. Hear Them Roar
11. Roll The Dice
Anette Olzon - Vocals
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars
Anders Köllerfors - Drums
Johan Husgafvel – Bass

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About Frontiers Music Srl:
Originally founded in Naples, Italy in 1996 by Serafino Perugino and his father Fernando as a distribution company, Frontiers has developed into one of the premiere independent rock labels in the world. Synonymous with quality music from across a broad spectrum of rock genres, the label has worked with multiple genre heavyweights and fan favorites. Aside from providing a home for classic artists from the '70s and '80s, the label has also become home to a wealth of young, up and coming talent that, with a savvy and forward thinking A&R and marketing approach, will be developed into the future of rock and metal. With a deep commitment to and passion for THE MUSIC and the artists who create it and massive global distribution, sales, marketing, and publicity channels, Frontiers is the premiere home for established and emerging rock artists. Head Office: Naples, IT | U.S. Office: Philadelphia, PA

Halestorm Announce Fall 2021 Headline Tour Dates



Grammy-winning rock powerhouse HALESTORM have announced a slate of headline tour dates and a handful of rescheduled shows to take place this fall. The band is also touring arenas this November and December on a co-headline run with Evanescence, in addition to appearing at several key festivals. All upcoming Halestorm tour dates are below. Mongolian folk rock sensation The HU appear on several dates, which is particularly exciting since singer/guitarist Lzzy Hale guests on The HU's "Song of Women."

Pre-sale tickets (save for the Nashville and Joliet dates, which are already on sale) will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, June 22 at 10am local time. The regular on-sale is slated for Friday, June 25 at 10am local time. Get tickets here

Halestorm are currently holed up at Rock Falcon Studios, working diligently on their upcoming fifth album (and follow up to 2018's Vicious) with Nick Raskulinecz. The band recently released their rendition of The Who's "Long Live Rock" in conjunction with the documentary of the same name. Hale just completed filming of the inaugural season of Hit Parader's new music competition show NO COVER, appearing as a celebrity judge alongside Alice Cooper, Bishop Briggs, Gavin Rossdale, and Tosin Abasi. Recent Halestorm press highlights include Forbes, Psychology Today, Refinery 29, Alternative Press, Good Day New York, KTLA, and more. 

7/30 — York, PA — York State Fair^
8/14 — Council Bluffs, IA — KIWR River Riot^
8/31 — Syracuse, NY — NY State Fair^
9/1 — Buffalo, NY — Art Park@        
9/3 — Kansas City, MO — Azura Amphitheater@
9/4 — Camdenton, MO — Ozarks Amphitheater@
9/5 — Pryor, OK — Rocklahoma^
9/8 — Asheville, NC — Thomas Wolfe Auditorium~
9/9 — Danville, VA — Blue Ridge Rock Festival^
9/11 — Nashville, IN — Brown County Music Center*#
9/12 — Mansfield, OH — Inkcarceration^
11/4 — Boise, ID — Revolution Center%
11/17 — Salt Lake City, UT — The Union&
12/8 — Joliet, IL — Rialto Square Theatre*+
*Rescheduled Date
@With The HU + Cory Marks
~With The HU
#With Crobot
%With Rival Sons + Dorothy
&With Plush
+With Lillith Czar

11/5 — Portland, OR — Veterans Memorial Coliseum
11/7 — Seattle, WA — Climate Pledge Arena
11/9 — San Jose, CA — SAP Center at San Jose
11/12 — Las Vegas, NV — The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - The Chelsea
11/13 — San Diego, CA — San Diego State University - Viejas Arena
11/15 — Phoenix, AZ — Arizona Federal Theatre
11/20 — Fort Worth, TX — Dickies Arena
12/2 — Duluth, GA — Gas South Arena
12/5 — Saint Louis, MO — Saint Louis University - Chaifetz Arena
12/11 — Detroit, MI — Little Caesars Arena
12/12 — Cincinnati, OH — Heritage Bank Center
12/14 — Pittsburgh, PA — University of Pittsburgh - Petersen Events Center
12/15 — Newark, NJ — Prudential Center
12/17 — Camden, NJ — BB&T Pavilion
12/18 — Worcester, MA — DCU Center

Halestorm is comprised of Lzzy Hale [vocals + guitar], Arejay Hale [drums], Joe Hottinger [guitar], and Josh Smith [bass]. Together they have toured extensively clocking a staggering 2,500 live performances to date with a diverse variety of artists including: Eric Church, Joan Jett, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top and Evanescence. Most recently, the band scored a 2019 Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Performance" for their song  "Uncomfortable," marking their second nomination after their 2013 win for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance." Loudwire named Lzzy their "2018 Rock Artist of the Year," and two years prior, she was named the "Dimebag Darrell Shredder of the Year" at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Both Halestorm and their 2012 LP The Strange Case of… were certified Gold, further evidencing Halestorm's massively supportive fanbase. Halestorm have also made history with "Love Bites (So Do I)," the hit single from The Strange Case of… which ascended to No. 1 at Active Rock radio in the U.S., making Halestorm the first-ever group with a female vocalist to earn the top spot on the format. The band's latest album Vicious is out now.