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Riley Steele Retires! No Wait She Didn't

Two weeks ago on July 19th, I found out some heartbreaking news: the lovely Riley Steele had retired. I went on my Facebook Page (which you totally should "like" cause I update just about everyday and has a ton of stuff you won't find here), and wished her the best of luck. This came a day after another Digital Playground blonde beauty, Bibi Jones, has also called it quits. I thought Riley would find great success in mainstream films. After all, she was awesome in Piranha 3D.
But, on July 24th, we soon learned that it was a joke! Thank God!! Honestly, I think the world is happier place now that we know that Riley has not left smut-land! Imagine a world where she would no longer be fucking and sucking on camera and getting it on with other hot chick! That would be a sad and tragic world, indeed.
Riley is easily one of porn's biggest stars. Being a huge fan of Jesse Jane (though, how can one not be?), she entered the industry after meeting her. She soon found herself in her first onscreen scene in 2008 in the now classic Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge. Following this, she immediately became a Digital Playground contract girl. In 2010, she made her mainstream acting debut in the aforementioned Piranha 3D insuring her growing fame.
When, I met her at the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo, she had a ton of photographers and media people all over her, yet, as I have said before, she was and remains a very down-to-earth and sweet, bubbly girl. I always say to be sure to go up to her at any show you see her at. You'll be so happy that you did. It's great that she's never let success go to her head.
Combine this with her bombshell good looks and awesome on-screen fucking abilities, and you can see why I and every other true fan of adult cinema is happy that she's still in the skin biz. So, let's raise a toast and celebrate that Riley Steele ain't retired!



Dead Like Me on Chiller TV

Chiller TV airs a lot of old genre shows. Some of I've seen many times over (Friday the 13th: The Series, Monsters, etc), others I never needed to see to begin with (Wolf Lake anyone?!). But, I rarely get excited about them reairing a show. In fact the last time I was excited was they reaired the underrated Harper's Island. Well, I'm real happy to see them showing Dead Like Me a cool, quirky TV show from Showtime. While, I caught a few episodes here and there and liked what I saw, I saw enough of the show, until now.

I actually saw the movie from some years back first. The universally hated film is suppose to tie up the series. I liked it, but bare in mind, I hadn't seen the show, up and until then. It's quite possible, my opinion would change on the film if I saw it now. I then caught a few of the early episodes on SyFy. Sadly that channel is to busy airing shitty movies with bad CGI animals killing people to air more of this show.

Well, their sister channel, the aforementioned Chiller, starting airing them a week or so ago, and baby, I am in like Flynn! It's airing on Tuesdays, which is fine by me, cause I ain't going to classes right now, I rarely go out on that night, and there ain't shit to watch on TV anyways on said night.

Basically the story is this, George (Ellen Muth), a very sarcastic teen, is killed by meteorite and chosen to be a reaper of souls. She doesn't like it, but is taught the ways of reaping by her fellow, well, reapers. Leading them is Mandy Patinkin as a father-figure. It should also be noted that the former Noxzema Girl, Rebecca Gayheart is in it (yes, I know she leaves the show eventually, but...). I mention her, cause well she looks hot and proves to me she can actually act. Something I seriously doubted after seeing her performance in the mediocre slasher flick, Urban Legends.

Muth is amazing in her role. Not only is she really cute, but her she plays her character with a lot of heart. There are moments of real pathos from her, as well as some great moments of humor. The series itself has some wonderfully dark humor sprinkled throughout. 

Like I said, I'm really early into the series, so there is not much more I can say or want to say, at this point. But, I would love to know if any of you guys and girls are fans of the show? Oh, and no spoilers, please! Thank you!


Fuck Yeah! I Got another Liebster Award!!

Last year, I got the Liebstar award from Son of Celluloid and now I have my second Liebster Award, this time from Maynard Morrisey's Horror Movie Diary! This is a great blog, and I'm very flattered to receive it from him. This award comes with the following rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves 
2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you. 
3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to. 
4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post. 
5. Go to their page and tell them. 
So now onto the questions. Maynard did not actually make questions so, I'm gonna choose 11 of my favorite questions he answered, which is pretty cool in of itself, cause I'm always the one interviewing people as opposed to the other way around. 
The questions come from:

1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
It's a chance for me to talk about just about anything that I love. Writing is my first passion, and so this to me is heaven.

2. What celebrity or artist have you have met who has inspired you the most in your life?
Of the artists I've met the ones who inspire me the most were: 
Lucio Fulci- Fulci didn't say much when I met him, but I consider myself lucky to have a met a man whose movies I love so deeply. Fucli Lives!! Still!
Dario Argento- He was so cool when I met him. He signed my Suspiria LD and talked to me a little in Italian. Back then he was my favorite director. He is no longer that, but his work up and until Opera are a huge influence on me.

3. Do you have a nickname?  How did you get that name?
Yeah, I do. It's Gio. Hence my blogger/ writer name Master Gio. Gio came about because most people didn't wanna say my full name, Giovanni.

4. What is your favorite beverage?
Ahh, well I LOVE coffee, Sunkist, beer (Sam Adams & Amstel being my true favorites), Jameson, and vodka. Hmm, this is making me thirsty!
5. Did you ever had a crush on a fantasy character in your teen years? If yes, who?
Yeah, a couple, actually. Taryn (Jennifer Rubin) in A Nightmare on Elm Street pt. 3: Dream Warriors and Nancy from The Craft are probably at the very top. A hot punk chick and a hot goth chick? Come on, you can't fucking beat that!

6. If a movie character out of your fave flicks suddenly appeared in front of your doorstep, who will it be and what'll you do?
Jamie Chung's character in Sorority Row, and we'd sit and have some drinks and have some fun... LOTS of fun, if you get my drift!!

7. Show us something you bought recently.

8. What was the last film you saw?
I was rewatching some of the excellent The Dark Knight, in preparation for the The Dark Knight Rises. I'll try and finish watching it tonight.
9. What do you do in your spare time other than blog?
I spend way to much time on Facebook, Twitter, and the net in general. I watch a lot of TV, as in my fav shows, wrestling, and MMA. I also watch a shitload of movies (duh), read books and graphic novels, play video games, and go out and hang with my friends, whether it be going to a bar, stores, cons, concerts, or whatever. I also listen to A LOT of music.

10. Favourite monster: Vampire, Werewolf, Undead, etc. Name as many as you'd like or all of them and tell us why you love them.
Zombies are my favorite. I love zombie movies probably cause they usually have the most gore content. I'm also big into vampires, but real blood-suckers not that Twilight shit!!!

11: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
That's easy: my home away from home: Las Vegas, Nevada!!!
I give this award to:
Misti Dawn for Meow Misti Dawn 
The Jaded Viewer for the jaded viewer
Beauty and Rollie for Beauty and the Robeast 
Ann Marie Rios for AnnMarie's Adventures
Son of Celluloid for Son of Celluloid 
Linda "Vampy BitMe" Le for VampyBit.Me 
Ruby Violence for Horror Lovers Spot 
And, my questions for them are:
1. What made you decide to start a blog?
2. What was the first thing you ever wrote about in your blog?
3. What's your favorite place to travel to and where would you must want to travel to?
4. Who do you most look up to?
5. What's your favorite movie and why?
6. Tell me something about yourself that may surprise me and my readers.
7. What's the best concert you ever been to?
8. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
9. If you could have any superpower which one would you pick?
10. What's a typical for you like?
11. If you ruled the world, what is one rule you would enforce?


RIP for June & July 2012

I been meaning to pay tribute to the recent deaths in the genre, but with Sage Stallone's death last night, I knew I had to, now. They say these things come in three and sadly that seems to be the case, here. It's never easy to write these, and it's never something I look forward to. But, alas it's a part of everyone's life.

Richard Lynch-  Lynch passed away last month on the 19th of a heart attack. I was immediately saddened. Lynch was a great heavy and always owned the screen whenever he was on. While Lynch was in countless movies, its two roles of his that remain my favorites:
Invasion USA- One of my all time favorite Chuck Norris movies, Invasion deals with a group of terrorists/ commies invading the US (duh!), and Norris, the resident Florida badass, being the lone man against them. It's fast paced and totally ludicrous. But, then there in lies one of the movie's charms. It racks a ridiculous body count and is righteously violent. But, it's Lynch who really owns the film. His role as the psychopathic leader of the terrorist group ranks as one of action cinema's best villains. The scene where a junkie chick is snorting coke, and then gets her head slammed on to the table, as the pick goes up her nose, and then gets thrown out the window as her criminal boyfriend (played by a young Billy Drago) gets shot in the balls by Lynch (something he does TWICE in the movie!) is brutal and badass. That sets up the movie and, more so, Lynch's character perfectly.

The other role of his I loved is in the enjoyable and underrated Bad Dreams. You'll find my review of that movie here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/abc/baddreams.html His last role is in the upcoming Rob Zombie movie The Lords of Salem.

Ernest Borgnine- Ernest passed away this month on the 8th at 95 of renal failure. I was a fan of his since I was a little kid. Back then I knew from two things, mostly. The first being the 80s TV show Airwolf, a show that probably doesn't hold up much today but inarguablely had a badass copter, the other being John Carpenter's Escape from New York, where he played Cabbie. It's a cool role in one of my favorite Carpenter films. A badass mix of action and sci-fi, I've discussed the movie before here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2008/09/top-5-john-carpenter-films.html
The Wild Bunch- But way before he worked with Carpenter he starred in my favorite western of all time, this classic by Sam Pekinpah. This story about a group of outlaws who go for one final shoot-out is one of the most important and influential movies in the genre, ever. It's ultra-violent and stylized, gory shoot-outs changed cinema forever. Borgnine gives a great performance, as does the rest of the cast. By the way, if you truly want to experience this movie, get the blu-ray. It's a sight to behold and worship!!
Another role of his that I loved was Mermaid Man on Spongebob Squarepants. This fun parody of DC's Aquaman is one of the most endearing character's on one of the greatest toons ever. And, one of the only human (or sort of human) characters in the series. He was so funny in this!

Sage Stallone- Last night it was revealed that the eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, Sage, had passed away. He was only 36 and may have been dead for three days prior. The cause of death is still under investigation. While, most mainstream audiences best remember him from roles in movies like Rocky V and Daylight, horror fans best know him because of his love of the genre. He started and ran Grindhouse Releasing, which put out pristine and remastered releases of films like Lucio Fulci's masterpiece The Beyond (a movie that was previously only available as the butchered Seven Doors of Death in the US), Ruggero Deodato's controversial, brutal, and never before legally released in the US Cannibal Holocaust, and Umberto Lenzi's dumb but nasty Cannibal Ferox (formerly known as Make Them Die Slowly), as well as many other genre films. He never let his last name get to his head and was a true fan. He was one of us.  
May they all RIP and my condolences, thoughts, and prayers go their loved ones.


The First Official Trailer to Soska Twins' "American Mary"!

I been to dying to see a trailer for the Soska Twins the hotly anticipated movie American Mary, the follow up to their amazing Dead Hooker in Trunk. And, after seeing it I am even more pumped for it!! I simply cannot wait to see it. It's great that the beautiful Katherine Isabelle is in it, plus the appearance of the twins themselves in this trailer sealed the deal as a must for me!
By the way, here is the panel for the movie, from their San Diego Comic Con Panel, in case, like me, you weren't there. Oh, and if you do happen to catch them at SDCC, be sure you go up to them, and tell 'em the Master sent ya!


"Spiderman: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero" by Matthew K. Manning

Title: Spiderman: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero
Author: Matthew K. Manning with additional text by Tom DeFalco
Publisher: DK Publisher
$24.99 USA/ $27.99 Can.

A large hardcover guide to the webslinger's life, this book is a must have for all my fellow Spidey fans. Spider-Man has been my second favorite hero ever since I was a kid, with only the Punisher (who began his life in Spidey comics, himself), being the only hero I like more than the webhead.

The book covers the origin, powers, various costumes, friends, and foes of Spider-Man. You get to read on all of the girls he's had (for a nerdy guy he gets some hot ass!), his various non-hero jobs he's held as Peter Parker, and tons more. I've always been a sucker to see him work with other Marvel heroes, whether they be his part in the Avengers, the FF, or teaming with friends like Daredevil or the Human Torch or those he doesn't agree with like the Punisher. His battles with his great villains. Second only to Batman, Spidey's rouge's gallery is classic! The book even covers the lamer villains he has faced like the Grizzly.

There are looks at key stories and issues, like his meeting(s) with the Punisher, the alien symbiote, Maxium Carnage, the Clone Saga, and much more. The timeline in the book is worth the price, in of itself.

Looking through the book, one sees that while, there have been many great Spider-Man stories, there are have also been some awful shit, with garbage like "One More Day" ranking among the worst shit, I have ever read. But, regardless, this book is proof of the enduring quality of this great character. 

Also, the book also mentions other Spideys from other realities like Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, and Ultimate Spider-Man. 

Of course, the artwork in the book is beautiful! I mean so many great artists have worked on Spidey! I could look at the book all day!!

Put out this year this amazing (yes, pun intended) coincides with the release of the big budget movie The Amazing Spider-Man. While, I have not seen that film, and am not in a rush to do so, I did truly enjoy reading this book. I highly recommend it. I devoured this book like Carnage hacking up a victim! A must have for sure!!


Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Angela Sun

It's July and as I write this up, it's hot as hell, here in the east-coast! To best represent this heat level, I picked one of the the hottest, if not in fact the hottest, women to ever host a G4 show, Angela Sun, as the July 2012 Hot Asian Girl of the Month!

This gorgeous beauty is of Chinese decent. She was born in Northern California on October 19, 1982. She has a degree from UCLA in Sociology and Communications.
She would go to compete in pro/am surf events and was a team rider for Loaded Skateboards. This led to her hosting for EXTV, LG Action Sports Championships and ASP Surfing World Tour. She was also sponsored by Roxy, Reef, Vans, and many others.
She would go to cover sports for FOX Sport's Net, FSN West, and ESPN. But, it's her coverage of Underground Chinese Monasteries for Current TV, that earned her a Telly Award.
She would continue to host various sports themed programs including Yahoo Sports. Her work earned her more nominations and awards, including an Emmy nomination for her LXTV First Look work.
All that said though, I didn't know her until I saw her host this, the 4th, season of Ninja Warrior on G4. I was immediately taken by her beauty. It's nice to see G4 hire some gorgeous Asian women, cause other than the long gone Olivia Munn and that chick who did  "Hot Girl Does Stuff" on Attack of the Show, the channel was in desperate need of some Asian beauties. Angela is perfect for the job. Here's to hoping she has even more of a presence on the channel!

Here is a great interview with her on Ninja Warrior.

Further proving that she's not just another pretty face, aside from her athletic and journalistic knowledge and prowess, this stunning beauty also speaks English and Spanish, as well as some German and Mandarin.
If you wanna know more about this goddess, be sure you get your butt over to her official website and check it out.
With a truly a beautiful face, a sexy skin tone, beautiful, long hair, eyes that steal your heart, a great body, and legs to die for, Sun is a woman that will catch your attention as soon, as you lay your eyes on her. She will hold on to that attention with brains and talent, both of which truly match her beauty. Quite simply put this athletic babe is THE hottest woman to ever cover sports. Thank you G4 for bringing her to my attention!