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Random News & Thoughts for Friday the 27th

I would like to begin this bit of random news and thoughts by thanking Jim Herling for giving my blog a shout out and some props on his blog, Shootin' Straighter than a Stromtrooper. I gave his blog a much deserved Leibster Award a few days ago. I greatly stress that you should be reading his blog. Plus, he gets some major points for writing some cool Star Wars inspired fan fiction. Get your ass to his blog, now, or suffer the whole wrath of the mighty Galactic Empire!!! 

Next, up I would like to give my opinion on what might be the most ridiculous bit of news/ rumor, I've heard in far too long. Due to the huge success of the Hunger Games, it appears the CW have come up with the brainstorm of an indea in the form of remaking the controversial Japanese genre classic Battle Royale for TV. Huh?! Let me restate: FOR TV! Now, I know TV has come along way in allowing more graphic violence, but it's still not cable, so... And, let me remind, that until a few months ago Battle Royale wasn't even legally available in North America! By the way, if you ain't picked up the AMAZING blu-ray, then what the fuck are you waiting for to do so? I suggest to pick up the collector's set with both films (even if the second one is utter filth), just for the amazing packaging and the excellent extra features.

Anyways, getting back to the remake. I seriously doubt that it will occur. I mean do you see a movie full of teens graphically and violently killing each other airing on prime-time TV and being bought to you by McDonald's?! And, if it does actually happen, my God will it ever suck dick and swallow...

Finally, the Adult Entertainment Expo has announced it's fucking AMAZING guest list for next year's hotly anticipated event to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in my beloved Las Vegas, Nevada on January 17-19. Think of how fucking early it is, and look just how GOOD the list is already! Man, I'm already pumped. I'm deeply unhappy about not being able to go this year. That said at that exact time one of my doggies, Bella, wasn't feeling so good. She recovered immediately, but I would've been terribly concerned about her had I been all the way on the other side of the country instead of being with her. I always believe that things happen, or in this case don't happen, for reason. Anyway, getting back to the case at hand follow this link (http://fan.adultentertainmentexpo.com/index.php?&tpl=packages&article=83#!prettyPhoto[]/1/) and prepare to want to get your ass to Sin City in Jan!!

What do you guys think about the Battle Royale TV remake? And, are any of you going to be at the AEEs? I would love to know. So, be sure to leave me a comment!